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As the Rebound Unfolds

It’s been an eventful first 9 1/2 months of the year, no doubt about that. Obviously, most of the action has been on the downside, and as page 1 displays, even the very best fund managers are having a horrible go of it this year. We’re thankful to have such a great system that’s gotten us through this historic bear market in good shape. Looking ahead, because of a variety of factors (including the worst, most pessimistic sentiment we’ve ever witnessed), we believe this bear market is likely in its latter stages. The low reached nearly two weeks ago is likely to hold in the short-term, allowing the market to build a meaningful bottom. Thus, we’re using this time to ferret out the best-performing stocks and sectors. The early leader? Medical stocks, which we write about on page 5. We also highlight an old winner that’s reporting earnings tonight on page 4; we think it could reclaim its lost glory. But in terms of action, we’re advising you to remain patient. The best investors have an abundance of patience, waiting for the proper set-up. Patience has not only allowed us to avoid most of this year’s decline, but also positioned us to jump on the next round of leaders when they emerge. See more of our thoughts inside.