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Rick Pendergraft

From this author
You will often hear phrases like “option traders love volatility.” This isn’t necessarily the case.
Proper money management is crucial when using an options buying strategy.
These three factors are: your average win, your average loss and your winning percentage.
Investing in options is different than putting your money in growth stocks.
Check the sentiment toward the stock and measure your risk/reward ratio before making an option trade ahead of earnings.
Data shows that investors are finally realizing the advantages of investing in options.
The current market is not being driven by fundamental, technical or sentiment factors.
How to profit if the United States’ debt is downgraded again.
I use three different types of analysis to arrive at a long-term or intermediate-term stance on the market.
Options let you participate in the market movements with less money exposed to overall market risk.
The resolved Greek debt crisis and the continuing U.S. debt crisis could cause European markets to outperform the U.S.
I see the market in the second half of the year going into an upward move.
How to avoid being overwhelmed by the many technical analysis tools available.
Recent readings on two sentiment indicators indicate that investors are playing with fire in the market right now.
Sentiment analysis is the least-used analysis method, but it may be the most useful.
How to use options as investment vehicles rather than trading vehicles.
Some of the 75% of options that expire worthless are actually designed that way.
There are many ways to use options and some are less risky than stocks.