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Sure Dividend helps self-directed investors and investment professionals find high quality dividend growth stocks for the long run. We specialize in long-term investing for rising passive income over time. Sure Dividend was founded in 2014 and is trusted by more than 100,000 investors who receive Sure Dividend’s free dividend information.

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Real estate investment trusts offer high yields, but not always high returns. These 3 high growth REITs are exceptions, says Sure Dividend.
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Stocks have been a bit wobbly of late. Is a bear market around the corner? Maybe. If so, here are three dividend kings to get you through it.
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In today’s low-interest-rate world, dividend stocks with high yields are the best alternative. Monthly payouts are even better. Try these 3.
AT&T stock is transforming from a safe, slow-growth company into one that combines dividend and share price growth, says Sure Dividend.
In today’s low-interest-rate environment, high yields can be hard to find. Here are three REITs that buck the trend, says Sure Dividend.
Master Limited Partnerships are known for their high yields. The following 3 high-yield MLPs also have secure payouts, says Sure Dividend.
Want income and growth in the new year? Telephone & Data Systems (TDS) is a dividend champion that fits the bill, says Sure Dividend.
After a rough year, REITs are poised to return to growth in the New Year. Here are the three best REITs for 2021, according to Sure Dividend.
Despite a raging global pandemic and uncertain economy, stocks are at all-time highs. If that makes you skittish, try these 3 dividend kings.
Altria (MO) is the rare stock that offers a combination of dividend growth and high yields. And that’s what makes it a dividend king.
Looking for a recession-proof dividend stock that’s actually raising its dividend payouts? Try Verizon Communications, says Sure Dividend.
Want a high-quality energy stock with a very high yield and low valuation? Sure Dividend recommends ONEOK Inc. (OKE).
With a combination of a high dividend yield and a high degree of safety, Realty Income (O) is Sure Dividend’s top monthly dividend stock.
In the search for high-quality dividend stocks, take your cues from legendary value investor Warren Buffett. Here are 3 Berkshire Hathaway stocks to buy.
Want more safety in your portfolio? These three blue-chip dividend stocks should continue to pay - and likely grow - their dividends in a recession.
Want a steady, reliable dividend payer in these uncertain times? Few companies are more reliable than Coca-Cola (KO), says Sure Dividend.