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New Options Trading Advisory Focused on Covered Call Investing Trends Launched by Cabot Wealth

Cabot Profit Booster combines covered call investment strategies with Cabot Top Ten Trader picks to produce higher profits from the market’s best growth stocks

SALEM, Mass. – JULY 6, 2020 – Cabot Wealth Network, an independent source of stock investment advice for the last 50 years, announced today it launched a new advisory service – Cabot Profit Booster – to address the popular rise in options trading and provide growth investors with advice on how to use covered calls trading methods for short-term profits. This new subscription-based service will join forces with its sister advisory, Cabot Top Ten Trader (CTT), to feed Cabot readers the best stocks for covered call trading.

Currently, near-bottom interest rates make it very difficult for growth investors to find stocks with the bigger yields. Options trading and the use of covered calls has become more popular with individual investors given its conservative nature, which requires no margin and is an effective way to create yield and lower the breakeven price on stock positions.


Cabot Profit Booster was created to be an investor’s guide to using covered call techniques to create yields of 3-15% each month based on the best growth stocks recommended by the Cabot Top Ten Trader advisory. Every Monday evening after CTT releases its top stock ideas, Cabot Profit Booster Chief Analyst Jacob Mintz will analyze the list to find the stock with the best covered call potential. The breakdown of the covered call trade idea and its potential outcomes are issued the following morning along with the fundamental and technical analysis from CTT.

“I discovered the secrets of options trading during my time on the floor of the Chicago exchange and figured out what a great strategy covered calls can be to earn quick profits and lessen the risk in your portfolio,” said Mintz. “I’m excited to show our subscribers how these methods can pay off and report on how to best use these techniques to their advantage during these challenging times.”

Cabot Profit Booster subscribers receive weekly issues, special stock bulletins, and daily updates when market developments make it necessary for immediate alert. The advisory also produces ongoing webinar updates and Special Reports and makes its analyst archives accessible 24 hours a day.

“We’ve watched options trading over the years become a big trend within our readership as covered calls have become a more popular method to get those short-term gains a lot of growth investors have been clamoring for lately. So it made sense we could target Cabot’s expertise to that sector given our half-century track record of investment success,” said Ed Coburn, president of Cabot Wealth Network. “Jacob has a high level of expertise in this area and is considered a leading expert in options trading. His readers have the perfect options trading analyst to lead the way.”

Jacob has been a professional options trader for many years, developing his proprietary system during his time as an options market maker on the floor of the Chicago Board of Options Exchange, where he ran several trading crowds for nearly 10 years. After a successful career on the trading floor and setting up a trading desk at a top-tier options trading company, he is Chief Analyst of Cabot Options Trader and Cabot Options Trader Pro.

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