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Worried about upcoming inflation?

How ONE underrated stock investing strategy has led to DOUBLE-DIGIT (and higher) returns.

This often overlooked investing strategy will help you beat high inflation...
...And reach financial independence years, if not DECADES sooner than anticipated.

ONE simple strategy can help you make HUGE profits during every bull run and lock in your gains despite an increasingly volatile market.

Also revealed below:

3 Stocks That Will Thrive, Even During Inflation

How to Squeeze an Extra 50% Out of Each Trade with Time-Tested Methods

I remember an old saying by the award-winning economist, Milton Friedman, “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.”
Nothing in life is free.


This is especially important considering the events of the last year. Record government spending in the form of enhanced unemployment benefits, PPP loans, stimulus checks...

...All to keep our economy afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yes, these helped our country get through one of the worst recessions since the Great Depression. They helped millions of unemployed Americans survive during a difficult time.

But they come with a cost…

More money put into the system means that your dollars become less valuable (i.e., inflation).

Simply put, it will take you MORE TIME AND EFFORT to achieve your financial goals.

The current US economy is has racked up over $28 TRILLION (and growing) in national debt!

We’re already experiencing inflation...

Gas prices have hit record highs (almost $5 per gallon in some locations)!

Used car prices are up over 29%!

And plane ticket prices have increased by 24%!

Bottom line, any type of inflation could postpone your becoming financially independent by years, if not DECADES.

This could be time that you don’t have.

Time and patience needed to ride out large market swings.

Keep in mind that you’d have to stomach seeing your portfolio drop by 20% (or more) during pullbacks if you invested with index or mutual funds.

Markets have recovered since the March 2020 crash.


If you invested at the bottom of the crash, you would have realized 90% with just a simple S&P 500 index fund.

But that return is relatively small compared to some of the returns we’ve helped our members earn.

What if you could realize life-changing returns without excessive risk? Without waiting years or decades?

It’s all extremely possible!

Think making 167% on Carvana (CVNA) over the course of 4 months. Or earning 209% with Novavax (NVAX) in only 2 months.

Even realizing a 255% return on DocuSign (DOCU) in just one year can get you much closer to financial independence.




Translation: you could have turned $10,000 into $30,891 if you invested in Novavax (NVAX)! In just two months!

The Novavax (NVAX) trade’s profit boils down to roughly $10,000 per month! That’s more than what most people make per month at their jobs working 40+ hours per week.

Money that they earned by trading their precious time for dollars.

You could have earned this by just spending a few minutes entering in buy and sell orders.

All with just the click of a button!

2020 was an unforgettable year for numerous reasons. The pandemic, U.S. presidential election, remote work revolution, among others.

Plus one reason many don’t know about...

The U.S. government printed over $4 trillion last year.

Leading to a daunting record below...

21% of dollars in the ENTIRE HISTORY of the U.S. were printed in 2020 alone!


All of this printing means the inevitable will happen ... rapid inflation. Rapid inflation + a gradually recovering economy means that you’ll need higher returns to achieve financial independence.

Returns that are greater than those achieved with a basic index fund or even mutual fund.

Returns that will let you lock in MASSIVE gains during any type of market. Bull, bear or sideways.

Returns that will help you beat inflation and provide for your family.

Imagine what being financially independent will feel like…

No need to wake up with an alarm clock…

No need to check the markets or “talking heads” on CNBC constantly…

No need to put up with stressful, underpaying jobs. Jobs that aren’t as stable as we once thought they were (COVID-19 taught us that).

No need to do anything you don’t want to do.

Instead, you could live life on your own terms with the ones you love.

That sounds like a pretty sweet life to me!

Now, there are many ways to invest your hard-earned dollars (with more coming up by the day).

You might have heard of trending strategies like day trading, forex, NFTs, margin trading, and futures.

Others could be investing in “meme” stocks like Gamestop, AMC, or even Nokia.

Yes, it’s possible to realize massive profits with those methods. But you could also lose your shirt!

Here are a few caveats about these strategies that you should know:

  1. Many of these methods mentioned above are very high risk, high reward. They’re only meant for advanced traders. Even then, these have a high risk of failure. After all, 80% of day traders LOSE money year after year.
  2. There are too many outside factors at hand. Think of international laws, the risk of owing significantly more than what you invested (i.e., margin), lack of regulation, complex trading algorithms.
  3. Many of these stocks, especially “meme” stocks are easily manipulated through social media sites like Reddit and Twitter. A celebrity’s tweets can cause extreme price swings.

The true risk of investing in “meme” stocks is that these companies don’t solve problems. In fact, most of them have dying business models.

More people are gaming online and rarely go to a retail video game store. Others would rather watch movies via streaming platforms like Amazon Prime or Netflix.

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t seen a brick phone since 2008! Seems like most people are either on “team Apple” or “team Android.”

By now, you’re probably wondering… “What is that ONE underrated stock investing strategy?” Is it IPOs, Venture Capital, Emerging Markets?

Not even close…

This straightforward method will let you earn DOUBLE, if not occasional TRIPLE-DIGIT returns. Sometimes in less than a few months!

Without excessive risk or complexity.

The method is “velocity” investing.

My definition of velocity investing is selecting stocks that have above average sales, earnings and profit growth.

These factors lead them to greatly outperform the market over time.

These companies have established business models and aren’t “fly by night” start-ups.

Velocity stocks can be found in small, mid, or large-cap sectors. But many of our most successful velocity picks have relatively larger market caps (greater than $5 billion).

Most importantly, the best velocity stocks have this ONE important trait in common: They offer innovative solutions to solve pressing problems.

An example of this is Teladoc (TDOC):

This stock’s price increased by over 100% in a year since we recommended it back in October 2019 when it was trading at $72 per share.

If you sold it at $194 per share (when it hit our recommended sell range), you would’ve locked in a 169% gain!


Teledoc’s impressive run up makes sense due to the high demand for telemedicine because of social distancing measures.

Another big winner was at-home fitness darling Peloton (PTON). Readers that bought into Peloton when we recommended it back in April 2020 got in at around $29 per share.

Those that followed our precise guidelines could have realized a 245% return by selling at $100 per share. In only 7 months!


Since the pandemic hit, more people were confined to home offices and gyms were closed. Peloton helped many former gym-goers (along with fitness newbies) get in and stay in great shape.

The main offerings are home based treadmills, exercise bikes, and exercise apparel. But its main “x- factor” is the wide variety of guided online workouts, available with a monthly membership.

These online workouts could be accessed on the go, making it even more convenient to stay in shape.

Besides that, Peloton fulfilled an important human need. Connection.

It was very easy to feel isolated during the pandemic. Bars, gyms, restaurants, offices and even schools were closed.

But these simple online workouts allowed users to connect with their friends, family, and other members.

Fostering a sense of community and hope.

Since then, readers have earned over 150% per trade during the course of the year. With just these two stocks.

Companies like Teledoc and Peloton provide innovation to improve our society. With products and services that are easy to understand.

You might think that fast growing stocks are just “high-risk, high-reward” investments. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Yes, there’s risk in ANY type of investing. But you can have uncapped upside while minimizing losses with our “velocity” investing strategy.

Have you ever heard of the old saying “don’t reinvent the wheel”?

Simply put, it means not trying to do everything on your own. From scratch.

Instead, you can learn from patterns that lead to investing success. Like being able to identify institutional investors’ inflows and outflows.

Institutional investors like hedge funds, mutual funds, pension plans and large broker dealers such as Fidelity. Fidelity alone manages over $3.9 TRILLION for retail investors.

Companies that employ credentialed, experienced financial analysts, advisors and traders.

Employees that have dealt with various market conditions.

Employees that are experts in both fundamental and technical analysis.

One of the best ways to time your investments is to follow these institutional investors.

But, this is easier said than done. Yes, you can use indicators like the 25- and 50-day moving averages, trading volume, specific ratios (i.e., P/E ratio), and chart patterns like candlesticks.

Knowing these can give you a basic understanding of inflows and outflows.

Yet, conducting this research can take several hours of combing through charts and financial statements.

Hours that you might not have...

Hours that you’d rather spend on hobbies, with your loved ones, or even just watching Netflix.

That’s where we come in...

At Cabot, we help you identify institutional investor trends AND condense all the important factors into easy-to-understand content.

Let me introduce myself…

My name is Mike Cintolo and I’m one of Cabot’s Chief Financial Analysts. I’ve been in the industry and with Cabot Wealth Network since 1999.

I specialize in finding fast growing stocks that result in AT LEAST DOUBLE-DIGIT returns in short time frames. I personally oversee our award-winning Cabot Growth Investor and Cabot Top Ten Trader advisories.

Besides these, I’ve also helped create our proprietary trend-following market timing system, Cabot Tides. This alone has helped Cabot Wealth Network become a leader in the financial publishing space.

We’ve been featured in Timer Digest, Hulbert Financial Digest and the Specialized Information Publishers Foundation. I was personally featured on MoneyShow in 2018 when I won their award for best stock pick out of the top 3 finalists.


Aside from this, Cabot Wealth Network was founded in 1970 and is one of the oldest, most established financial publishers.

Besides that, we are accredited with the Better Business Bureau and have an A + rating.

Needless to say, we wouldn’t have this recognition, track record and longevity if we weren’t ethical, competent investing experts.

I believe that you must have a “why” if you want to be successful with ANYTHING.

Yes, Cabot is a business and must earn a profit to keep the lights on. But our “why” goes beyond that…

The average investor blindly puts their money in mutual funds, index funds and other “plain vanilla” investments.

There’s nothing wrong with that. But I realized that most of my fellow Americans weren’t investing the best way.

Holding overpriced, underperforming funds for decades on end with occasional premature panic selling was common among my peer group.

I realized that there were better ways. Ways that would let people take control of their finances, so that they can compound their hard-earned dollars much quicker.

Ways that would provide financial security and freedom.

Sharing these ways so that investors like you can live their best lives.

That’s our true “why”!

Over the last 50+ years, we’ve helped quite a few members realize their financial dreams. Studying the markets and realizing high returns is one thing.

But seeing reviews like the ones below is one of my favorite parts of the job:

“I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and send out a very big THANK YOU to everyone, but especially, Mike, Tim, Tyler and Jacob. My portfolio was up 183% for 2019 thanks to the great advice they provided me. I only invest in Cabot Wealth Network recommendations and it has really paid off. Looking forward to seeing all of you in August at the conference.”
-Rod K.

“Dear Mike - This has been the greatest year with you ever. Actually just since March 20 my portfolio has increased 125%. I’ve arrived - under your auspices - at a new investing strategy — Even though my funds are limited, I try to buy at least a small position in most of the stocks you most tout. So, instead of having larger positions in a few, I have smaller positions in many. When I first came to Cabot Wealth Network as a consummate neophyte, I did not know what I was doing ... Your reports and your assistance have been such a mainstay in my life - Your stops are a blessing beyond words - Your instantaneous responses are unbelievable! - I am just so grateful for benefiting from you and your team these past 21 years. Thank you for all of it, Mike - none of it is wasted on me...”
-Susan S.

Legendary investor Warren Buffett, is famous for many accomplishments, namely building Berkshire Hathaway into a $600 billion company!

Bershire Hathway owns 60 famous brands including Geico insurance and Duracell batteries. Warren Buffett, also known as the “Oracle of Omaha” has earned BILLIONS for his investors.


Warren Buffett is incredibly smart and gifted. He also worked extremely hard and took many calculated risks to earn his $110 billion fortune. There are many factors behind his accomplishments.


These two “underrated” investing principles have provided the foundation for his success:

1. Never invest in a business you cannot understand.

Blurred glass jars with multicurrency coins and text on white paper stand - Never invest in a business you can not understand

Blurred glass jars with multicurrency coins and text on white paper stand - Never invest in a business you can not understand

Jennifer Miranda/Getty Images/iStockphoto

My team and I primarily focus on companies that have relatively straightforward products and/or services. We aren’t chasing the next “hot industry” or “fad” stocks.

You’ll be able to easily understand these picks due to our comprehensive research, tools and alerts.

2. Follow 2 Rules: Rule #1, Never lose money. Rule #2, Don’t forget Rule #1.


It’s natural to feel nervous after a stock or other investment dips slightly. But, our loss range is 10-20%.

This simply means that we recommend you sell a stock once it has a finalized loss of 20%. It’s much harder to earn a solid profit (or just break even) when it falls below 20%.

Take a look at our loss curve below:


Losses work like compound interest going against you.

The greater the loss, the higher investment gain you’ll need to simply break even.

If you have a loss of 30%, you’d need a return of 43% to get back to square one.

Losing 50% means that you’d need the stock to at least DOUBLE to recoup your original investment.

And so on.

Cabot Top Ten Trader can help you earn higher returns (and keep them). Especially since we base our strategies off these two simple methods that helped Warren Buffett become a multi billionaire.

If you’re like most people, you might have some of your capital in savings accounts, money market funds or even CDs.

Yes, it’s good to have some money set aside for a “rainy day” event like losing your job or needing to repair your car.

But, if most of your money is tied up in low-yield accounts (like the ones mentioned above), then YOU’RE ALREADY LOSING MONEY!

Let me explain…

The average rate of inflation usually fluctuates around 2% a year. Inflation has been increasing—it was 5% in May 2021.

Assuming an inflation rate of 5%, you’d need $105 next year to be able to buy the same goods and services with your current $100 today.

Basically, your investments need to earn AT LEAST the inflation rate to just break even.

High inflation and other factors have caused national real estate markets to become “red hot.”

Mortgage rates are at record lows and people are moving frequently. This has led to more new home buyers with cash offers becoming common.

Places like expensive California and New York are seeing bidding wars resulting in homes selling over 39.2% of asking price in March 2021.


Some are comparing this time to the real estate bubble of 2005-2007. When the housing market was skyrocketing.

Just before one of the biggest financial meltdowns seen in 2008.

Here’s how we can help your portfolio significantly outpace inflation and minimize risk during market crashes...

1. We’ll show you companies that thrive during ANY market condition

Some of our recent winners have included Five Below and Roku. Our readers realized 139% with Five Below in just 8 months and 95% with Roku in 8 months as well.

Five Below (3/23/20 - 11/3/20)


Five Below has seen higher demand since it provides resources to help people easily and cheaply redesign their homes.

It also offers tools like keyboards and headsets to make remote work easier. These products are especially useful when more people are buying homes and working remotely.

Roku (7/13/20 - 3/29/21)


With stay-at-home orders and not much to do, streaming services became more popular. Roku makes it easier to stream from different apps like Netflix, Hulu and more.

Larger sporting events like football games are becoming more common as the pandemic is easing. Roku makes it easy to watch NFL and other professional sports games without expensive cable subscriptions.

2. We have detailed processes that will help you sit out of major crashes

As the old saying goes, “what comes up, must come down.” Basically, this “red hot” housing market won’t last forever and there WILL be a pullback.

Don’t worry as our team has successfully predicted numerous market crashes with our Cabot Trend Lines approach.

Including the devastating 2008 mortgage meltdown.

Here’s how we do it:

We start by analyzing the intermediate-term and longer-term trends of the market. When trends decline, we sell the worst performers, minimize buying and hold cash. And when trends recover, we start buying again.

My team and I also study the movements of benchmarks like the Nasdaq Composite, the Merrill Lynch Technology Index, and the S&P Small Cap 600 Index.

We use these benchmarks to see if large institutional investors are putting their money into fast-growing stocks.

A buying signal would be if at least two of the three indexes trade above the lower of their 25-day and 50-day moving averages. We also want to see moving averages that are advancing.

Once stocks start to trade below the 50-day moving averages, this means institutional investors are getting out. Simply put, this is a perfect time to sell, locking in your profits.

It’s as easy as that.

Using our Cabot Trend Lines, we were 90% in cash just before the September 2008 Lehman/AIG meltdown.


All while businesses were going under, unemployment was rampant, and other investors lost significant chunks of their life savings.

Bottom line: you’ll never miss a major market uptick, nor will you be heavily invested during prolonged pullbacks.

Pick up bargains, avoid steep losses, and lock in DOUBLE (or even TRIPLE) digit gains with...

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Besides getting award winning research backed by over 50 years of success, you’ll also gain access to the following bonuses for FREE:

3 Stocks To Buy Despite Inflation

  1. 3 Stocks to Buy Despite Inflation

Whether we’re dealing with transitory inflation as the Fed is promising or this is just the beginning of a longer-term trend in price growth, inflation investing is a big challenge.

Some modest inflation is expected, and actually good for higher-growth stocks, but it’s all a matter of degree. Too much inflation is obviously bad for spending power and the broader economy, while at the same time too much Fed intervention could but the brakes on this bull market.

While the markets navigate this tricky situation, we share three stocks that should hold up well in an inflationary environment.

Squeeze an Extra 50%

  1. How to Squeeze an Extra 50% Profit Out of Every Trade

Most investors have rules and tools when it comes to investing, things that they believe put the odds more in their favor and, over time, result in bigger profits.

We’ve been around more than 50 years and have quite a few rules and tools of our own. Use these to help you get as much as an extra 50% out of every trade!

Now, most financial publishers charge AT LEAST $1,000 per year to access similar content.

Content that might not be backed by 50+ years of success.

Content that could be over-hyped and selling false promises. You WON’T find any of those shenanigans with us.

Paying $1,000 (or more) per year for quality content like Cabot Top Ten Trader isn’t unreasonable. Especially since ONE successful trade can pay for your membership dues. And then some!

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I have used several of your recs … and have remodeled our kitchen, paid for three vacations, helped finance a son’s starting business, paid for Texas Rangers season tickets among other things…Thank you for all you do.
-Eddy C., Plano, Texas

Hey guys, I just renewed my Cabot Wealth Network Top Ten for three hundred and something dollars. I consider this the world’s biggest bargain. I “made” thirty eight hundred and something just today alone. Keep up the GREAT work!
-Bill D.

  • You’re looking to substantially improve your investment returns.

You know that having the right partner by your side can make the difference between an 8% or 50% return in the same time period. Even gaining a few extra percent can result in tens of thousands of dollars long term.

  • You like to constantly learn and want to benefit from 50+ years of successful investing experience.

We’ve found that our most successful members are those that embrace an “always learning” approach. Those that eagerly open our weekly emails, ask questions and even attend webinars.


  • You’re looking for ultra-high-risk, unproven strategies.

We primarily cover companies that are growing quickly, have established business models, and have solid financials/charts.

We DON’T cover ultra-risky methods like Forex, penny stocks, or margin (i.e., debt).

  • You expect 100%+ returns on EVERY trade.

Yes, our strategies can result in TRIPLE DIGIT returns in short time frames. But, you WILL have winners and losers. We all do. It’s just the nature of the game.

You could do nothing and be satisfied with mediocre returns or even lose money. As Albert Einstein famously said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”


Don’t settle for mediocrity and spin your wheels!

Spinning your wheels only leads to…

Working into old age.

Missing another dream vacation.

Having to work overtime and forgo even more family events.

If you’re willing to take your portfolio and life into your own hands, you could…

Yes, we’re blessed to live in the age of the internet. Unlike in the past, you could research investments on your own for free.

However, this path isn’t really “free”...

First of all, the average investor has a net inflation adjusted return of just 4.25% per year. This is WAY below the S&P 500’s average inflation adjusted return of 7%.

Common mistakes like panic selling, being emotionally attached to investments, among others lead to lackluster returns. At best.

Some “free” news contradicts itself, is written by inexperienced authors, or can be outright scams.

Secondly, you could waste the ONE thing more important than your hard-earned dollars… your precious time.

You see, time is the ONE thing you can never recoup. The old saying “time is money” especially applies to investing.


Finally, you could rely on myself, my team of accredited analysts, and 50+ years of successful investing experience to help you realize life changing returns.

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Now ask yourself…

Which path will lead to financial independence?

Which is the safest?

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I know which path buys back your time and lets you enjoy your ideal life. With the ones you love. All while providing security.

But you must take action to achieve that life...

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Mike Cintolo

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