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Ian Beaudoin

Ian provides deep insights into emerging disruptive technologies, covering cryptocurrency, blockchain, play-to-earn gaming, fintech, and the venture ecosystem. He has independently invested in and traded cryptocurrencies, securities, and derivatives since 2015 and actively seeks to identify asymmetric investment opportunities in both public and private markets through fundamental research, event driven strategies, mean reversion, and arbitrage.

Ian also serves as the Senior Analyst at Hyperion Capital Partners.

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Artificial intelligence is growing at a breakneck pace, and while imperfect, the algorithms are getting better day by day. They’re coming for traditional finance next.

Deep learning technologies are advancing faster than ever which leaves AI companies primed to disrupt the old guard, like the world of M&A.
Due to changing business conditions, Cabot has decided to end the SX Crypto Advisor publication. I want to personally thank everyone who subscribed and tuned in to our webinars. It has been a pleasure to provide you with this research content, I hope you enjoyed reading despite the tough year in the markets.

You will receive further information from the company regarding this closure process.
During the last bull run, crypto trading led to massive gains. But crypto investing is a different animal that depends on long-term growth.
    -$400 million USD in Bitcoin sent to exchanges for sale (not bullish)-BTC dropped by $1,000 immediately following last week’s CPI data (inflation)-The higher CPI data means a larger rate hike by the Federal Reserve on Sept. 21-ETH Merge was largely a buy the rumor sell the news event as prices ran up ahead of the Merge but have now declined-September historically is not a good month for investors. In fact, since 1950, September has been the worst-performing month of the year for stocks across all major averages.

  • Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is up 7.5% this week while global markets are down
  • FTT, the native token of crypto exchange FTX, surged 7% after a report that payment giant Visa (V) has partnered with the exchange to roll out crypto debit cards. “Even though values have come down there’s still steady interest in crypto,” Visa Chief Financial Officer Vasant Prabhu told CNBC
  • Deloitte predicts 75% of merchants are currently looking to adopt cryptocurrencies as part of their digital payment strategies
While it’s not a pure-play cryptocurrency stock, this financial major is making big investments and signaling its foray into crypto.
Many new crypto projects will turn out to be nothing but “vaporware,” but this Layer Two cryptocurrency holds promise in Q4 and beyond.
Macro environment aside, this SaaS stock has all the hallmarks of a future sector leader and is poised to break out when the market turns.
One major hurdle to cryptocurrency investing is learning the technology that underpins it; with that in mind, let’s explore the blockchain.
Finding the best cryptocurrency means identifying assets poised to perform over the long term and valuing adoption over price momentum.
Although questions remain around inflation and the pace of interest rate hikes, strong earnings and share buybacks paint a bullish picture.
New to crypto investing? You should learn about the technology behind it, such as the distinction between Layer One and Layer Two tokens.
Bitcoin - and other cryptocurrencies - are becoming the reserve currency for the digital age. Here’s what that means - and how to profit.
Ethereum has taken it on the chin of late much like Bitcoin. But a new network upgrade could greatly improve its value. Let me explain.
To identify great companies, there are a number of key factors you need to look for as an investor. Here are five that always catch my eye.