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Options Trader Pro
Basic Strategies for Big Profits in Any Market

Welcome to Cabot Options Trader Pro

Thank you for subscribing to Cabot Options Trader Pro and welcome!

My goal with this service is to show you how to best use one of the most powerful tools in the world of finance. Options trading gives you the ability to magnify gains, minimize losses and create reliable income streams in any market – all with you, the trader in the driver seat.

I want you to have every possible tool at your disposal to profit no matter what’s happening in the market.

What makes options so potentially lucrative is that you can make tremendous profits with little capital at risk.

When I buy options, I risk pennies to make dollars.

When I recommend selling options, I will always do so in a way that has defined risk.

This way, we’re never exposed to catastrophic risk. In the options world, there are many ways to take advantage of opportunities. There will be times when I recommend strategies to hit singles, and other times when I will go for the home run. If a trade I recommended is making money faster than I had anticipated,

I will often recommend taking off half the trade. As the old trading saying goes, “bulls make money, bears make money, and pigs get slaughtered.”

With Cabot Options Trader Pro, I go into more detail and provide more complicated trades than in my other options trading services.

Most people are content to simply buy or sell puts/calls, but with all the various strikes and expirations, there are countless ways to trade options, and we will occasionally use more of these sophisticated strategies to gain an edge. I hope that you will also learn from my experience trading options for over 20 years. I look forward to continuing that tradition by providing you the best and most profitable advice as possible.

Every Monday, you will receive my Cabot Options Trader Pro Issue via email. The Update include my outlook on the market and the status of all our current and recently closed options trades.

You will receive email Alerts whenever there is action you should take. You may also receive these Alerts via text message on your mobile device. To sign up for text messages, simply enter your mobile phone number when editing your account.

All Issues, Buy and Sell Alerts, Special Reports and other resources are also posted on the Cabot subscribers’ website.

You can always email me at if you have any questions or comments.

Your guide to options trading,


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Jacob Mintz

Chief Analyst of Cabot Options Trader Pro