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As marijuana becomes increasingly legal in both the U.S. and around the world, growth-oriented investors have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Using market-tested, proven strategies, Chief Analyst Timothy Lutts’s expert advice will guide you through the best marijuana-related stocks to buy—and when to hold and sell them.

Why “5-ticker” Marijuana Stocks
Could Soar 5x This Year

Buy These 3 Marijuana Stocks Now
(Before Federal Legalization)
PLUS: The cannabis companies you NEED to avoid

A handful of tiny American “5-ticker” marijuana stocks could return 5x thanks to an important catalyst that could be coming soon. That’s why Business Insider wrote, “… the Pot Stock Boom that everyone expected to happen a few years back, is finally happening right now.”

A sleeping giant is about to awaken in the American cannabis market.

The reason? Mass legalization is reaching a tipping point.

In fact:

  • The House of Representatives just passed a bill decriminalizing cannabis for the first time since 1937.
  • More states than ever have legalized recreational cannabis.
  • Local, State, and Federal government officials are desperate to allow cannabis businesses to open up and help re-fill tax coffers emptied by COVID.

But there’s another, much bigger catalyst that is going to send a specific part of the marijuana sector sky-high.

It’s a story most investors aren’t aware of – but it could mean the difference between average gains and life-changing wealth from the next stage in the marijuana bull market.

That’s because not every marijuana company is going to enjoy the benefits of this major development.

Some are already getting crushed…

For instance: Canopy Growth (CGC) is one of the largest and most beloved marijuana stocks in the sector. But it’s been dropping like a stone since the beginning of 2021...

Aurora Cannabis (ACB) soared as much as 300% during 2017’s bull market, but it fell 75% between January 2021 and April 2022…

And Aphria (APHA) jumped over 400% in 2020… but has since been delisted.

But there’s another group of cannabis companies that are soaring…One nearly doubled in March 2022 alone…

Another jumped $4/share in less than a month…

A 3rd company soared 34% in a matter of weeks…

That raises the question:

Why are some cannabis companies getting crushed… while others are soaring?

The answer is going to hand some investors massive, windfall gains in a matter of months…

In fact, the last time we saw an opportunity like this in marijuana stocks, the gains were mindblowing…
This is the story you haven’t heard about American cannabis…

You see, all of the big names in Cannabis have something in common – a factor that’s crushing their stock prices even as American legalization gets closer to reality.

That’s for a simple reason:

There are two, very different kinds of companies in the industry.

No I’m not talking about CBD vs. THC or medical marijuana vs. recreational…

I’m talking about two very distinct kinds of publicly traded companies.

One type is the kind I’ve already talked about: the Canopy Growth types. They’re large, they trade on major exchanges – but even more importantly, they’re headquartered in Canada.

In fact, all of the biggest marijuana companies are Canadian. Canopy… Aphria, Aurora… almost every company on the Nasdaq and NYSE has Canadian headquarters. These are the companies that are getting crushed right now.

Why? Well, right now Canadian companies are largely barred from directly selling marijuana products in the US.

It’s a bit of a Catch-22: companies can either choose to access America’s vast marijuana market… or Wall Street’s significant capital market.

Many of the earliest cannabis companies decided to go public in the US – but to have operations in Canada. They’re grabbing the money from Wall Street – but they are the first companies to lose whenever American legalization happens.

The second type of cannabis company is entirely different…

These companies are American. BUT because cannabis is still Federally illegal, these companies can not get listed on a major exchange.

They can’t get onto a major exchange because of various banking regulations, and listing requirements for the NYSE and the Nasdaq.

Think about it: the NYSE doesn’t want to get raided by the DEA for being in the (currently) Federally illegal drug business…

So instead, this second type of pot stock trades on what are called Over the Counter exchanges.

It’s basically the wild west of American stocks. They also have 5 letter ticker symbols – which is why I call them “5-ticker” stocks. There is little oversight, and it’s way easier to get listed on the OTC exchange.

In fact, it just takes a single piece of registration paperwork to get listed.

They also tend to be smaller compared to the first type.

Most of them have a market cap between $1 billion and $10 billion – which would make them small caps on any major exchange.

And they’re very regional.

For instance, there’s one company that has operations in only Pennsylvania, California and New Jersey. It’s not listed on the NYSE or the Nasdaq… It’s a “5-ticker” company, still under the radar of mainstream marijuana investors.

Right now, this company, and a handful of market-dominating American companies are still legally prevented from being added to the New York Stock Exchange or the Nasdaq…

But that all changes the day the Federal Government legalizes marijuana and marijuana businesses all over the country.

Then: a cascade of companies will rush to join major exchanges…

And they’ll be able to access billions in new investment capital from institutions, mutual funds, pension funds, and American banks…

Think about the wave of investment coming into American pot stocks when every index fund has to buy shares…

Vanguard has over $6 trillion in assets under management.

Fidelity has over $3 trillion.

Schwab has $4 trillion.

If even 1% of this $13 trillion from the top mutual funds ends up in American pot stocks in the next 5 years, that’s over $130 billion flooding into the sector…

And I’m not even adding in what individual investors or pension funds or hedge funds will throw onto the pile…

That tidal wave of cash hitting this select group of “5 ticker” pot stocks will be like nothing we’ve ever seen before in cannabis investing.

America is the world’s biggest cannabis market, and these “5 ticker” stocks are all poised to surge when Congress votes to legalize pot.
“Democratic senators will push to pass pot
reform bill”


As I said, unlike regular stocks on the NYSE or the Nasdaq, these companies all have 5 letter ticker symbols. It’s a feature of all companies selling over the counter…

With one major distinction: most companies trading over the counter are tiny startups. They’re risky, like lottery tickets. Maybe 1 in 5,000 pans out.

They usually sell for less than $10 million. Sometimes shares will sell for LESS than a penny.

You might have heard them called “penny stocks.” And most of the time, penny stocks are a pure gamble.

But these “5 ticker” marijuana stocks I’m going to tell you about today are not your average penny stock.

For one… they’re all established, operating businesses with real profits, employees, and operations.

All of these companies sell for over $1 billion. That makes them giants in the world of penny stocks: and they stand to soar very soon…

That’s because they’re all waiting, like racehorses at the gate, for Federal decriminalization.

As soon as that happens, many of these completely under the radar “5 ticker” over the counter stocks will start the process to get uplisted to a major exchange.

That might not sound like a big deal… but you have to understand:

Getting uplisted to a major exchange is a HUGE payday for early investors.

Take Canopy Growth – one of the largest pot companies on the market.

It traded on Canadian penny stock markets for 4 years… then it announced it would start listing on the NYSE… and look what happened next:


Now, I’m not saying you should wait until “5 ticker” pot stocks announce that they’ll list on a major exchange.

Notice the stock started to move BEFORE the uplisting announcement…

It’s true. If you had bought 6 months before the announcement in December of 2017 when the stock was $15, you could have made 230% instead of 82%.

We’re in that period right now for many of these 5-ticker companies.

But again: if you WAIT until these companies announce, well, your gains will suffer.

Take a look at what happened with another giant Canadian weed company: Aurora after it announced it would list on the NYSE:


Or take Aphria: another company that listed as a penny stock in Canada for years- then on October 18, 2018, it announced it would list on the NYSE…

If you bought it on that date, you didn’t do too well. The stock had already surged. That’s because the writing was on the wall for Aphria. The best time to buy it was in the year leading up to the announcement.

Take a look:


Right now… a small group of American pot stocks are likely within a year of uplisting to a major exchange.

If you wait until Congress decriminalizes pot, you’ll miss out on gains.

If you wait until these companies ANNOUNCE they’re uplisting, you might not see any gains for a while…

But how can you be sure now is the time to get into these American cannabis companies?


I work with a stock analyst named Tim Lutts who has called the last 3 tops in the pot stock sector…

Tim famously called the tops in January 2018, October 2018 and February 2021:


And that’s on top of his stunning track record of finding cannabis stocks:

419% gains from Canopy Growth

1,079% from GrowGeneration

1050% from Innovative Ind. Prop

249% from Curaleaf

149% from Jushi Holdings

219% from TerrAscend…

If you put just $1,000 into each of these six opportunities, you could have earned over $31,000….

And that’s just to name a few. Tim has been at the forefront of the marijuana investments since 2017 as the chief analyst of the Cabot Cannabis Stocks.

It’s one of the first investment research newsletters focused entirely on marijuana, and Tim Lutts is simply the best marijuana stock analyst I’ve met.
Right now, Tim believes we’re about to enter another era of massive gains in the cannabis sector – focused almost entirely on American companies…

That’s why Tim has made a short list of American cannabis companies – all trading on the OTC exchange – all poised to get uplisted as soon as Congress decriminalizes marijuana sometime in the next year…

It’s all in a brand-new report Tim just published called “3 American Cannabis Companies to own BEFORE Legalization.”

Owning these companies today is like buying Canopy Growth before it got uplisted to the NYSE in 2018 and jumped 230%... Or like buying Aurora before it jumped 230%... Or like being an Aphria shareholder before the company got uplisted and jumped 340%...

But it’s actually an even better opportunity…

Think about how large the Canadian cannabis market is compared to the US market…

Canadians bought over $2 billion worth of recreational marijuana products in 2020. Not too shabby…

But the American market is projected to be 12 times bigger…

That means American cannabis companies will sell $25 billion a year by 2025.

Which means American companies could be 12 times more profitable to own BEFORE they get uplisted than their Canadian counterparts.

This is truly a rare chance to get in on a major move in 100% American companies all under the radar… waiting for that day when cannabis is legal and they can jump to a major exchange.

And I believe we’ll see gains that will dwarf what we saw in Canadian companies before they got listed on a major exchange.

We’re just months away…

Right now, many investors are sitting on their hands… waiting for legalization to pass before they pile into American pot stocks – or even worse: many of them will wait until these companies uplist.

By then?

Well, I think it will be too late to see significant profits. The time is now.

Let me tell you a little about these companies so you can see for yourself why now is the perfect time to buy into America’s next marijuana bull market…
American Cannabis Companies to Own Today

All three of the companies in Tim’s new report 3 American Cannabis Companies to own BEFORE Legalization are what I call “market dominators.” They have very specific regions where they are the biggest marijuana game in town.

They’re all poised to become massive household names – like Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Budweiser and Coors.

I believe if you buy these companies today – before they announce that they’re getting uplisted – you will make a killing when Congress legalizes cannabis.

Let me just tell you about two of these companies here…

American Pot Stock #1: this $3 billion market cap company headquartered in Illinois has over 29 licenses in 6 states where it sells recreational and therapeutic cannabis products. This company does everything from growing marijuana, to processing it, to distributing it, to running retail locations. It’s completely vertically integrated so it can manage costs and streamline operations. Today you can buy this stock for less than $15/share… but if you wait 6 months, I’m certain it won’t stay there…

American Pot Stock #2: this New England company has an impressive presence in 23 states, dozens of farms and processing sites. Anyone who has bought legal marijuana in the mid-Atlantic has probably set foot in one of this company’s 100 dispensaries. Recent earnings reports show this company has more than doubled its revenues over the past year. Today you can pick up shares for less than $20 each.

And when decriminalization passes? They’ll be in the driver’s seat to expand to every state in the union.

More importantly: if you buy them today, you’ll be ready for the next leg-up in the cannabis sector.

And even better, I’d like to give you a copy of Tim’s report, today.
How to Get a Copy of 3 American Cannabis
Companies to own BEFORE Legalization

As I said, Cabot SX Cannabis Advisor, is the first cannabis advisory that focuses exclusively on cannabis investment opportunities

Tim’s goal is to get you into marijuana’s best opportunities—before Wall Street takes notice and before the companies grow into the Budweisers and Coca-Colas of the industry…

As a reader, every month Tim tells his readers about North America’s most profitable cannabis companies. He walks you through their grow houses, manufacturing facilities, retail locations, pharmaceutical products and profit potential. Just as important, Tim will help you navigate the cyclical nature of this sector.

Today I’d like to invite you to become a member of Tim’s service. And when you do, I’ll give you a copy of his brand-new report: 3 American Cannabis Companies to own BEFORE Legalization.

This report will not only bring you the full story of all of these stocks but also a complete and thorough analysis of how they’re performing, what the growth trajectory is – and when you’ll know it’s time to take profits.

All three of the companies in Tim’s report are exactly the kind of company that will soar when Congress decriminalizes cannabis. When that happens.. . they can uplist to the Nasdaq or the NYSE and then hand you - gains of 300% , 500%, 900% or more.

And I’ll send you this report right now – all I ask is that you give Cabot SX Cannabis Advisor a try…

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That’s why you can count on us to send you regular updates, as market conditions can dictate immediate changes to your holdings.

  1. You’ll receive complete access to our private website. As a member, you’ll receive 24/7 access to our private website, which features the most recent updates and alerts, your FREE special reports and forecasts, and our archive of our past issues and reports—all fully accessible by you with a click of a mouse.

As soon as I receive your RSVP, I’ll send you login information so you can download your FREE report, read your first issue, and add our two newest picks to your holdings before they breakout.

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The moment you agree to give us a try, you’ll get immediate access to the special report, 3 American Cannabis Companies to own BEFORE Legalization which will give you the full details on the three American companies poised to benefit from legalization.

They’re just the beginning of the financial windfall that is headed your way. That’s why we launched Cabot SX Cannabis Advisor and why I’ve made it possible for you to get in on the ground floor of these opportunities without risk. The big money is being made now. Cabot SX Cannabis Advisor makes it so easy, convenient, inexpensive and risk-free to profit from this boom that there is nothing to stand in your way.

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If you have read this far, you can tell that Cabot SX Cannabis Advisor is a different kind of service—one that not only focuses squarely on this $50 billion-a-year industry but also brings you institutional-level research that’s doubled readers’ money 16 times since we started publishing it—with average gains of 324% per recommendation.

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  • A free copy of 3 American Cannabis Companies to own BEFORE Legalization
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So what are you waiting for?

We know Congress is going to decriminalize… We know these American companies are just waiting for that day to come so they can uplist…

And then we’ll see an American cannabis boom that everyone will pile into.

Cabot SX Cannabis Advisor will show you how you can get in front of the tidal wave of investment. I just can’t make it any easier, more convenient, more affordable, or more profitabe for you to try Cabot SX Cannabis Advisor. Just click the button below to lock in your savings and secure your spot before all the spaces are taken.

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