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Conservative investing. Double-digit income.

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Learn about conservative investing strategies that deliver you double-digit income to boost your retirement. Tom Hutchinson’s Dividend Multiplier Strategy will supercharge your income. If you’re attracted to the prospect of generating an extraordinary income stream in today’s tumultuous market—safely—this is the advisory for you.

Retirement-Minded Investors: Don’t Despair Over Stock Market Volatility!

In truth, today’s financial turmoil creates an amazing opportunity for you to prosper.

Let me ask: What if you could generate an income that lets you enjoy a worry-free retirement—in utter comfort—despite stock-market ups and downs …

What if you had a dependable system for profiting from super-low valuations and soaring dividends?

While other investors cower, paralyzed with fear, I urge you to discover Tom Hutchinson’s Dividend Multiplier Strategy.

Dear Investor,

I believe the 2020 stock market crash was a great opportunity. Thousands of investors have become millionaires because of it. And the current market continues to bring us big opportunities.

Does that surprise you?

Sure, this market turmoil has thrown many retired investors into deep despair, but others—perhaps you—are poised to profit as never before.
It’s true: If you want to support a prosperous, worry-free retirement, this market gives you the perfect opportunity.

Unfortunately, most investors—out of fear—will wait too long before they start trading again.

By then they will have missed out on their share.

Here’s the good news: By using Tom Hutchinson’s Dividend Multiplier Strategy, you can begin profiting—immediately.

Let me give you an example: What if you could execute a market trade that delivers an 8.5% return in just 12 weeks . . . without spending—or risking—a penny of your money?

What if you could make that same trade four times a year—for a 34% annual return?

Think about it: A single, existing investment of $100,000—in ultra-safe, high-quality stocks— could deliver you returns of $8,500 every quarter.

That’s an extra $34,000 a year in extra retirement spending money—and you’re just getting started.

Best of all, this stock market trade is perfectly simple and easy—it will require no more than 15 minutes of your time for each transaction.

I’ll give you details on how this strategy works to generate exceptional income streams in any economy in just a minute, but I think Tom Hutchinson’s words best express how it can accelerate your earnings:

“Investors who follow my Dividend Multiplier Strategy can expect to boost their retirement income by 400%-500%—or more during the coming recovery—all while increasing their portfolio’s asset value.” Tom Hutchinson, Renowned Investment Manager, Market Analyst, Financial Editor and Founder of the Dividend Multiplier Strategy

The beauty of Tom’s Dividend Multiplier Strategy is that he does all the work—all the research, all the analysis, all the instructions—for Cabot Income Advisor subscribers.

All you have to do is execute the trades . . . then pocket the profits.


Let’s be honest: Retired investors were in a world of pain even before the Coronavirus stock market crash.

Above all, if you’re like most retired investors, you had to be alarmed about the increasing impossibility of fully funding your retirement.

In fact, if you were thinking ahead, you had to be worried about the ultimate disaster—running out of your retirement savings . . . years before your retirement ends.

That fear is now haunting millions of retirees—for good reason.

Because the danger of running through your nest egg is 100% real. It even has a name: “The retirement income crisis.”

I know the horror that can devastate people of retirement age when they run out of money.

A member of my family—call him Cousin Bill—had a stretch of bad luck later in his life: He suffered a stroke, a messy divorce, and an unexpected drop in his home’s value.

In short, Bill was still a young retiree when he burned through his entire savings and investments. With only his VA benefits and social security to support him, he was soon destitute, couldn’t afford food or gas for his truck, and died tragically alone at age 72.

I wouldn’t wish Bill’s fate on anyone. And that was before the coronavirus.

Here’s good news: You don’t have to be like Bill . . . or like countless other retirees, who run out of money.

Tom Hutchinson’s Dividend Multiplier Strategy can help you escape the impending income disaster that will decimate the savings—and ruin the golden years—of countless older investors.

As I mentioned, Tom’s strategy is proven to boost dividend income returns to double digits—capable of yielding you 10%-15% per year—or more, plus value appreciation, with no increase in risk!

In truth, Tom Hutchinson was NOT thinking about the recent market disruption when he invented the Dividend Multiplier Strategy.

(Who among us expected anything as disruptive as this?)

Rather, Tom developed this system to beat the retirement income crisis—to help older investors supercharge their investments to double, triple, even quadruple their cashflow—without increasing risk.

The best news is, Tom’s Dividend Multiplier Strategy works even better in a market crisis.



As you know, 40 years ago most seniors could count on a sweet retirement . . . with a pension, social security and yearly returns of 7%-9% on ultra-safe dividend investments.

What’s more, most retired people didn’t live past 70-80, so their nest eggs lasted their entire lifetime.

Now, all that’s changed . . . for the worse.

Today, you’re lucky to even have a pension. Social security provides little more than lunch money. And average dividend investments have yielded no more than 2%-3%.

Scariest of all, we’re all living longer—and some retirees are outliving their savings! (There’s nothing wrong with living longer—of course—but many just can’t afford it!)

Fact is, millions of retirees will be forced to rob their own retirement savings just to stay alive. Tragically, many, many, like Cousin Bill, will run out of money before they die.

historical dividend yield

Chart:Average dividend yield plummets

Fortunately, income investors—as of today—have a new way to dramatically increase their dividends.


Instead of settling for low, single-digit stock market returns, how would you like to turn your retirement portfolio into an income generator for the rest of your life?



As you know, nothing spurs innovation like a burning need.

And the income needs of retirees today are huge . . . and growing. More and more retirees are running out of money with many years yet to live.

That’s why Tom Hutchinson—renowned portfolio manager, dividend stock expert and widely published investment analyst—developed the Dividend Multiplier Strategy.

Tom says it best himself:

“I saw my conservative-investor clients getting hammered by the income crisis. Many were going cash negative! I had to help them get more—much more—from traditional income investments. By focusing on this problem, I found a proven way to generate double-digit investment income, while growing principal savings at the same time.”

Here’s the beauty of the Dividend Multiplier Strategy: It’s built on four trusted investment techniques, most familiar to retired investors . . . but Tom takes those techniques to the next level of sophistication and yields.

These simple—I believe, brilliant—approaches, when used together, can skyrocket your cash flow:
1) High-Yield Dividend Stocks

2) Tax-Advantaged Securities

3) Extraordinary Dividend Capture

4) Income Supercharger (Tom’s “secret weapon”!)

Let me explain quickly how each of these approaches fits into Tom Hutchinson’s Dividend Multiplier Strategy and how each builds income:

  1. Boost your income with exceptionally High-Yield Dividend Stocks.

Are you still buying-and-holding low-yield dividend stocks—delivering a paltry 1%-3% annually?

These may be great stocks—for somebody . . .

But they don’t pay most retirees’ bills!

How would you like to discover those rare income stocks that pay 6% or 7% a year? How about the few great dividend issues that are even delivering 8% or 9%?


More good news: Today’s market turmoil and depressed share values have caused dividend return percentages to soar.

But a word of caution: You have to know which dividend stocks you can count on, especially since many have been compromised by the new Coronavirus-economy.

Tom Hutchinson is an expert at finding and recommending these premier, high-yield income stocks to clients . . . all while aggressively monitoring risk factors,

In short Tom’s Dividend Multiplier Strategy keeps you miles ahead of the market, so you avoid undue losses.

2) Invest in Tax-Advantaged Securities to pump up cash flow and build value.

The U.S. government favors several classes of stocks—by giving them massive tax breaks . . . and forcing them to distribute their tax savings to investors.

Tom Hutchinson is a master at evaluating these high-yield dividend opportunities—choosing those that consistently deliver exceptional returns . . . and that ensure your asset-value security.

In Cabot Income Advisor, Tom guides you to three special categories of tax-advantaged securities that generate extraordinarily profitable distributions.

(Even better, these special, tax-favored investments also give investors tax advantages on your earnings.)

Tom’s recommendations give you the opportunity to participate in some of the most exciting growth—and income—industries in the U.S. economy:

Master Limited Partnerships’ (MLPs) Breakout Distributions: Most investors know little about these amazing income investments—usually in gas, oil or real estate—yet their outsized distributions can generate a massive increase in your income.

Instead of paying corporate taxes, MLPs distribute cash flow to investors—making their dividends extremely high—often 7%-9% or more. Investors also receive extremely favorable tax advantages, which further increases their gains.

MLPs vs common stocks


Tom Hutchinson recommends only the most reliable high-yield MLPs to his subscriber clients. He targets MLPs for his subscribers that pay dividends of 7% per year or higher.

And consider . . .

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS): Income Plus Growth. Most investors have little experience with REITs, but they offer outstanding income opportunities, as well as value appreciation—if you choose the right stocks.

To seize just such a double shot of income, plus profit on share growth—is exactly why Tom Hutchinson recommended Realty Income Corp. to his clients.

Realty Income REIT delivered a 5.56% yield—more than double the S&P 500 average—and investors pocketed a neat 77.97% profit when they sold just three years later.

How much more comfortable financially would you feel reaping regular returns like this?

Read on to learn about even more profitable investments in Cabot Income Advisor using Tom’s Dividend Multiplier Strategy.

Business Development Companies (BDCs): High Dividend Yields. Because of their tax-advantaged status, BDC’s allow investors to collect exceptionally generous distributions—as well as fatten their net worth from value appreciation.

You see, BBCs invest in small- and medium-sized businesses that show remarkable potential to deliver growth and profit to investors.

That’s exactly what Tom Hutchinson’s clients received when they took his advice to buy BDC Main Street Capital at $29.21 . . . with distributions at a dizzying 7.05%.

Tom’s clients sold Main Street last August for $43.47—realizing a stupendous total gain of 140.10%!

Like all tax-advantaged investments, BDCs are not created equal—some deliver reliable distributions, some not. Some appreciate in value, some decline.

Tom Hutchinson has been investing in—and helping conservative investors profit from—tax-advantaged securities for a decade.

He knows how to avoid flashes in the pan and pick long-term reliable winners. Above all, he knows how to protect investors’ funds.

Let me tell you about another remarkable technique you’ll profit from by using Tom’s Dividend Multiplier Strategy:

  1. Use Extraordinary-Dividend Capture to double your income yields . . . or more!

The best dividend stocks often issue extraordinary annual or semi-annual distributions—which can skyrocket investors’ income by 100% or more.

The beauty of Tom Hutchinson’s Dividend Multiplier Strategy is, you don’t have to own a stock for a long period to receive the bonus dividend!

Example: Cracker Barrel pays a special dividend every year: One year, the company distributed an additional 2.5% above its regular 3% annual dividend—giving long-term investors a total annual dividend of 5.5%

But what if you had purchased Cracker Barrel just prior to the special distribution, then sold it shortly afterwards? You’d pocket a 2.5% profit in, say, just one week, then move on to other investments—while realizing a cool annualized return of 130% (52 months x 2.5%)!

While these returns are 100% legitimate and extremely low risk, they are sufficiently complex that most investors require guidance from an expert like Tom to execute them successfully.

As a subscriber to Cabot Income Advisor, you learn from Tom
1) which stocks will be delivering extraordinary dividends,

2) the exact time to purchase the stock to qualify for the bonus distribution . . .


3) when to sell the stock to free up your investment funds.

Voila! You walk away with exceptional profits, time after time.

Don’t worry about the Covid effect on special-dividend capture: This technique works in virtually any economy . . . except that your returns can be even higher when stock prices are lower than normal, as they are now.

Dividend percentage

Chart: Effect of lower stock prices on dividends

If you’re a retired investor who wants to substantially boost your income yield, you’re ignoring a huge opportunity by not using use the powerful leverage of Extraordinary Dividend Capture.

Tom’s advice in Cabot Income Advisor helps you master this high-profit approach.

As I’m sure you realize by now, any one of these three Dividend Multiplier techniques can easily double or triple your current income from traditional dividend stocks.

But Tom’s not content with merely doubling your income to 7% or 9% (and you shouldn’t be, either)

His fourth Dividend Multiplier technique—the Income Supercharger—can safely push your return on investment into the double-digit range.

Read on to see how the Income Supercharger can triple your income—from $40,000 to $120,000 . . . from $80,000 to $240,000 . . . from $120,000 to $360,000 and so on.

  1. Tom’s Secret Weapon: How the Income Supercharger pushes yield to 10%-15%

What if you could make money—a lot of money—based on stocks you already own?

Here’s how Tom’s secret Income Supercharger works: Let’s say you own $10,000 in Comcast shares at $35 and you offer to sell those shares in one month if the price rises to $37.

This trade is called a covered call—because your offer is completely “covered” (or secured) by the shares you already own. This reduces your risk dramatically.

But here’s the “magic” of the covered call: No matter what happens to the price of Comcast shares in that 12 weeks, you make money—it’s called a premium.

In this case, a realistic premium might be 5%—which means that if Comcast’s share prices do not rise . . . or even if they fall . . . you collect 5%.

You just made $500 (5% of $10,000) for essentially doing nothing.

If Comcast’s share price rises to $37 (or higher), you will sell your $10,000 worth of Comcast for $10,570 (at a profit of $570), plus collect your premium of $500.

In this case, you just made $1,070—or 10.7%—in just 30 days. That’s an annualized gain of 128.4% (12 months x 10.7%)!


Here’s the best part: It’s possible—if the market conditions are right—for you to repeat this trading maneuver three or even four times a year. And that’s just with one stock!

I think you can easily see how—with Tom’s guidance—you can use covered calls to dramatically turn a modest income using conventional investing into a tidy profit.

Using the Comcast example above—and assuming you invested (and sold) $100,000 in four trades of $25,000 each—you would have earned $10,700 and still have your principal savings of $100,000 fully intact.

If you were using investments worth $1 million, you would have generated $107,000 in income—you’d have risked virtually nothing, and you’d still have your principal amount.

Obviously, if you use investments of $2 million for your covered calls, you could earn $214,000 in retirement income.

This profit would not include income from Comcast share appreciation of dividends—which on $2 million could be another 5% . . . or $100,000, for a total of $314,000 (or 17.7%!!!) in one year.

Compare your income using traditional dividend investing—and let’s assume you’re your share growth plus dividends equal 5% per year. Your $2 million invested in Comcast would give you only about $100,000 per year.

You deserve more.

Income supercharger

Chart: Comparison of traditional dividend returns vs. Income Supercharger approach

So, let me ask you: How attractive is your current traditional return compared with the potential of more than tripling your income using Tom’s Income Supercharger technique?




As you know by now, it will be virtually impossible for most retirees to fund their retirement fully without dipping into their principal savings.

— Bond yields are at record lows

— Dividend payments have been averaging around 2%

— CDs and money market accounts pay below 1%

— Social security barely pays the rent (and who knows how long it will last?)

The COVID-19 pandemic only increases the threat for most older investors.

It means millions of retirees risk the nightmare of running out of money before their time.

I’m confident you don’t want to experience that outcome—nor do you want to force your children to support you in your later years.

I think the solution is clear:

Changing times require new strategies.

The smart money today will seize safe opportunities to capitalize on today’s low share prices—and rising dividend yields—as well as sophisticated, little-known methods of turbocharging income.

But let me alert you to one major danger: Stocks will not recover uniformly from the bear market—and some will not recover at all.

In other words, this is not the time to gamble—it’s the time to make wise investments in solid companies that will soar back to previous values—and as they do, allow you to profit . . . and fund a princely, dream-come-true retirement.

If you’re attracted to the prospect of generating an extraordinary income stream in today’s tumultuous market—safely—I urge you to put Tom Hutchinson and Cabot Income Advisor to work for you.




I think you’re going to like working with Tom Hutchinson. He has a brilliant mind for investing . . . and his passion will inspire you.

For more than 15 years, Tom actively managed 7- and 8-figure investment portfolios at UBS, a leading global financial firm . . . so he’s a stock market heavyweight.

As their portfolio manager, his clients depended on him to make daily investment decisions on trading stocks, bonds, mutual funds and annuities for them.

You’ll appreciate especially that Tom focuses on creating high-income strategies—and he’s literally obsessed with preserving and growing his clients’ principal.

The result: Tom has racked up a long, stellar track record of helping private investors and corporate clients increase their assets by tens of millions of dollars.

In fact, Tom is himself a self-made millionaire, and he’s helped scores of others achieve the same level of wealth.

In addition, Tom Hutchinson is renowned in financial media.

    • He is Chief Analyst at Cabot Dividend Advisor.
    • His byline has appeared in the Motley Fool, StreetAuthority, NewsMax and others.
    • He has written newsletters and articles for several of the nation’s largest online publications, conducted seminars and appeared on national financial TV programs.
    • For the past seven years, Tom has authored a highly successful dividend and income portfolio with a stellar track record of success.
    • At Cabot, Tom authors monthly Cabot Dividend Investor issues, including regular weekly updates on every portfolio position and a weekly podcast discussing market trends.
    • In response to the emerging Retirement Income Crisis, Tom invented his proprietary Dividend Multiplier Strategy to help retired investors create substantial six-figure income streams while preserving retirement savings.

Tom’s in good company—and you will be as well—at Cabot Wealth Network.

Rest assured, knowing that for over 50 years now Cabot has helped investors take control of their financial assets and achieve uncommon investment returns—even in tumultuous market conditions like these.

You can take added confidence, since the advice in Cabot Income Advisor is produced by the same advisors who today provide investment wisdom to more than 200,000 individual investors in 141 countries—through more than 20 investment advisories.



I’m sure you realize by now that no other investment advisory offers a technique as powerful—and proven effective—as Tom’s Dividend Multiplier Strategy for safely growing your retirement income.

The great thing about this investment technique is that it’s virtually turnkey—in each monthly issue of Cabot Income Advisor, Tom will tell you exactly what to do:
— He explains each income-generating technique, so you understand it completely.

— He makes specific stock recommendations, so you know exactly what to buy.

— He tells you exactly when to buy.

— He advises you on precisely when to sell your position or shift strategies to take maximum profit.

— He maintains a model portfolio—and performance scorecard—in each monthly issue of Cabot Income Advisor . . . so you see how all his recommendations are paying off over time.

— He sends out a podcast every week, so you can hear him personally—and passionately—explain the reasoning behind his trade recommendations.

In short, Tom guides you step by step on:

- how to start doubling your dividend income by increasing returns

- how to add income premiums of 20%-30% using Tom’s Income Supercharger, which can add several hundred thousand dollars a year to your cash flow

Best of all, if you wish, you can start using Tom’s Dividend Multiplier Strategy gradually—there’s no requirement that you jump in with your entire portfolio.

Even with small initial trades, you’ll soon see how Tom’s approach translates quickly to increased income.

Are you ready to start building your cash flow and upgrading your retirement lifestyle?

Now, as the stock market begins its recovery—but before share prices return to their highs—is the perfect time to start your journey to higher income with Cabot Income Advisor.



I’ve given you a quick summary of Tom Hutchinson’s Dividend Multiplier Strategy, but this brief letter just doesn’t do justice to the methodology behind his revolutionary approach.

To get you kick- started on really understanding how Tom exploits hidden dividend opportunities, as well as how his Income Supercharger technique works, I urge you to review these two free reports:


“Off-the-Radar Cash Generators”: This report reveals Tom’s secrets for locating stocks and other securities that generate high-yield dividends and distributions—safely and reliably.

In it, he discusses the dangers of “chasing yields” and how he recommends investors avoid them—while still profiting from extraordinary pay-outs. The report specifically covers Tom’s approach to high-yield dividend stocks, tax-advantaged securities and extraordinary dividend capture. It’s a $52 value—but yours free with first-year subscription to Cabot Income Advisor.

Covered Call Income Machine

“Income Supercharger: The Covered-Call Income Machine”: Learn about Tom’s ground-breaking—ultra-safe, high-return, but little-known—technique of writing covered calls.

Discover how Tom’s covered-call technique can consistently deliver hefty two-digit, even three-digit annual returns to retirement investors with virtually no risk. A $52 value—it’s yours free with first year subscription to Cabot Income Advisor.

These two reports—a $104 value—are yours with my compliments, at no charge, as a first-year subscriber to Cabot Income Advisor.



As you know, today’s changing global economy and stock market mean opportunities that exist today—because of depressed share prices, increasing dividend yields and extraordinary distributions . . . are fleeting.

Today’s precise conditions for increased income are only available now.

Likewise, my extraordinary offer for you to subscribe to Cabot Income Advisor:

If you subscribe today I can make you an unprecedented offer of value:

— You will receive free two special reports: “Off-the-Radar Cash Generators” and “Income Supercharger: The Covered-Call Income Machine” (a $104 value)

In addition, to help make your decision to subscribe easier,

— You will not pay our regular price $797 for Cabot Income Advisor. Instead, I can offer you a Charter Subscription price of just $497—saving you $300 up front.

But that’s just for starters . . .

For a limited time, I’m willing to extend an extraordinary additional $100 savings to you. You’ll pay only $397—a total of $400 off the regular subscription fee.

After that, we reserve the right to return the subscription price to $797.



Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed: I’m so confident that Cabot Income Advisor will make you a more skilled investor, that I’m willing to guarantee your satisfaction 100%.

If for any reason during your first 30 days as a subscriber, you don’t believe Tom’s advice is helping you increase your investment returns, just let us know. We’ll refund every penny of your subscription fee. No questions asked, no delays.

Income Increase Guaranteed 100%: The entire purpose of Cabot Income Advisor is to increase your investment returns and your income.

If for any reason over the first year of your subscription you do not realize consistent double-digit dividend and distribution returns by using Tom’s advice, we’ll extend your subscription for an additional year.

Free Reports Yours to Keep: Of course, the reports on “Off-the-Radar Cash Generators,” and “Income Supercharger,” are yours to keep in any case.


If you’re serious about combating this crisis by taking action to dramatically boost your income . . .

I hope you’ll seize this opportunity to double or triple your income using Tom Hutchinson’s exciting Dividend Multiplier Strategy.

Start today by saving $400 on your subscription, reading your two free reports and getting Tom’s five hottest tips for boosting your income in 2021:

Best regards,


Ed Coburn
President, Cabot Wealth Network

P.S. Let me make perfectly clear my offer to help you dramatically increase your income in the coming 12 months. Here’s what you receive as a first-year subscriber to Cabot Income Advisor:

— You receive free Tom Hutchinson’s special report “Off-the-Radar Cash Generators” (a $52 value)

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I urge you to act now to boost your income, upgrade your lifestyle and give yourself greater peace of mind.