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July 2022
The Best Strategies to Keep Inflation from Draining Your Wallet
A strong dollar has helped cap some inflationary pressures in the U.S., but with the arrival of volatility in currencies you should consider these investments as hedges against an uncertain dollar.
Electrifying more of our economy will help address climate needs while possibly heralding the arrival of a new commodity super-cycle. These copper investments can help you profit from it.
We’re officially in a bear market, but this options strategy can help you take advantage of higher premiums and make profitable trades.
Instead of simply trying to wait out this bear market, consider adding inverse ETFs to your portfolio to boost and smooth your returns.
Small-cap stocks have been lagging their larger peers for months, is that enough to make them bullish in this bear?
Tech stocks have taken it on the chin for much of this year, but that’s turned these tech stalwarts into high-yielding bargains.
On an absolute basis, cannabis stocks have become incredibly cheap, but does that make them good value buys here? Let’s compare them to other “sin” stock industries and find out.
Cannabis legalization is spreading but cannabis stocks are trading near all-time lows, which leaves these four industry leaders poised for a rebound.
The investing environment is tough, and macro events are largely outside of our control, so keep these tips in mind to preserve both capital and sanity in the turbulent market.
You may not be familiar with market anomalies, but one type in particular regularly outperforms the market, at times by as much as 5-to-1.