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November 22, 2022

Today I am adding $40,000 of our cash to AdvisorShares Pure US Cannabis (MSOS) with a buy limit of 11.45. This represents 73% of our cash on hand, and it takes cash levels down to $15,360 from $55,360. This takes MSOS up to about a 23% position in our portfolio. I’m also putting in a standing limit order to buy $10,000 worth of MSOS at 11.25. This would get us nearly fully invested at a slightly lower price.

The reason for this change: I want to take advantage of the recent weakness in the cannabis sector to position ahead of headlines and possible action on SAFE banking between now and year end. We continue to get signals from the political world that this is possible. For the moment, this is in the trading position category.

Michael Brush is an award-winning Manhattan-based financial writer who writes a stock market column for MarketWatch. He is editor of Brush Up on Stocks, an investment newsletter. Brush previously covered the stock market, business and economics for the New York Times, the Economist Group, MSN Money, and Money magazine.