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Cabot Prime Pro Week Ending April 22, 2022

We are making the first issue of Cabot SX Crypto Advisor available to Prime Pro members with our compliments. You can download your free issue here.

Stock Recommendation Tracker

The Stock Recommendation Tracker is a table that features all of the current recommendations in all of our portfolios. It’s a quick way for you to see what stocks are currently in our portfolios and will highlight new additions or any changes to our recommendations over the previous week. We include this table at the bottom of the Weekly Summary, and provide a link here at the top to the Stock Recommendations Tracker.

Cabot Weekly Review (Video)

In this week’s stock market video, Tyler Laundon maintains a cautious outlook in the face of a market where sellers come out of the woodwork to chop down every rally. That said, he notes we are in earnings season and things can change quickly. Tyler talks about what sectors he’s looking forward to hearing earnings reports from next week then covers a number of small and mid cap banking stocks that have reported solid results and which are poised to benefit from rising interest rates.


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Advisory Services

Cabot Growth Investor

Alert April 20: The bleeding out among growth stocks is continuing today thanks in part to Netflix’s (NFLX) implosion, with the Nasdaq and most growth funds under pressure. There are some positives secondary signs out there from a market-wide perspective, but overall, the sellers are still in control and we’re cutting things that crack support. Today, that means ditching CarGurus (CARG), which has a lot going for it, but not enough to resist the broad selling pressures. We’ll sell today, leaving us with around 60% in cash.

Bi-weekly Update April 13: Remain cautious. The Cabot Tides buy signal has fallen by the wayside, and bigger picture, few growth stocks have been able to punch out to new (or multi-month) highs without selling off—thus, we remain cautious, holding plenty of cash and not allowing anything to run away on the downside.

Bi-weekly Issue April 7: The market’s evidence improved under the surface for much of February and early March, with the strong rally last month only adding to the good vibes. A pullback wasn’t unexpected, but so far, the way things have retreated hasn’t been encouraging, with a lot of potential leaders taking it on the chin and our nascent Cabot Tides buy signal back on the fence.

Cabot Top Ten Trader

Movers & Shakers April 22: For the major indexes, it hasn’t been a bad week—the big-cap indexes are down a bit, while some of the broader indexes are up a tad—but the story of the week has been under the surface, where growth stocks were taken apart (ARKK down 9% through Thursday) while even some leading areas (XME down 6.5%) also took hits.

Weekly Issue April 18: The environment remains essentially the same this week, as we have a broad market that continues to struggle, major indexes that are back in intermediate-term downtrends and commodity and defensive stocks about the only two areas that are doing decently.

Cabot Options Trader and Cabot Options Trader Pro

Note that the current week’s Weekly Update, earnings updates, position updates and stocks on watch are posted on the website in the Market Update section, which is deleted each week.

Cabot Options Trader Basic Alert April 22: Sell a Third of your Marvell (MRVL) September 75 Calls for $2.50 or more.

Cabot Options Trader Basic Position Update April 6: After a nice start to the week, the market is yet again under pressure as the S&P 500 fell 1.25% yesterday, and is down another 1.35% in early trade today. The “reason” for the selling is being attributed to the sharp moves in the bond market, and growing fear of a recession at some point next year. Though really, the reason doesn’t truly matter.

Cabot Undervalued Stocks Advisor

Weekly Update April 13: In a market that is transitioning from 10-year Treasury yields of below 1% (essentially zero) to “not zero” and perhaps 10-year Treasury yields that could reach 3% or higher, valuations increasingly matter.

Monthly Issue April 6: The first quarter was kind to our stocks, as they rose, on average, +8.8%, while the broad market fell. We comment on the sources of the gains and any recent news on our recommended stocks.

Cabot Stock of the Week

Weekly Issue April 11: Today’s recommendation is a well-known pharmaceutical giant whose stock recently broke out above the high it hit in 2000, 22 years ago! But that’s not why it’s recommended today. Today’s story is all about new drugs and renewed growth.

Cabot Explorer

Bi-weekly Update April 21: Markets searching for direction received a boost yesterday as Tesla left earnings estimates in the dust. Quarterly profit was $3.3 billion on revenue of $18.8 billion. Despite the shutdown in China, Elon Musk said the company likely would produce more than 1.5 million vehicles in 2022, up 60% over last year.

Bi-weekly Issue April 14: Explorer recommendations were pretty flat this week but demonstrated some strength as well. JPMorgan led the banks, reporting a first quarter with a net profit of $8 billion on over $32 billion of revenue. Keep your perspective and play defense and offense. Emerging markets offer you both and we will be adding to the portfolio selectively. This week I highlight a defensive healthcare play of the highest quality.

Cabot Small-Cap Confidential

Update April 21: It’s been another week of choppy trading action as more earnings reports pour in. We received a solid earnings report from Silvergate Capital (SI), and that stock has perked up. Next week we will hear from two more companies as Shutterstock (SSTK) is set to report Tuesday and Repligen (RGEN) is on deck for Wednesday.

Alert April 20: Silvergate Capital (SI) reported Q1 2022 results yesterday morning and held a conference call later in the day. Digesting the results took some time but at a high level the trends are very solid, despite a somewhat messy quarter for crypto markets.

Monthly Issue April 7: Tyler’s new recommendation Silvergate Capital (SI) is a commercial bank located in La Jolla, CA providing financial infrastructure and services to the digital currency industry. It has a market cap of $3.6 billion.

Cabot Dividend Investor

Weekly Update April 20: Earnings are saving this floundering market. The market was turning south again after a big rebound. But a promising earnings season stopped the slide.

Monthly Issue April 13: The market situation is changing. Amidst persistent high inflation and concerns about future economic and earnings growth, investors are adjusting. Energy is up nearly 40% YTD as that sector benefits from inflation. Utilities and Consumer Staples are also thriving as investors focus on value, defense, and income in the market uncertainty.

Cabot Early Opportunities

Alert April 22: The market got off to a decent start to the week, but things have deteriorated for many names over the last two days. There are a few stocks that I had anticipated selling relatively soon, hopefully into some strength.

Monthly Issue April 20: In the April Issue of Cabot Early Opportunities, we take a look at the earnings calendar for our current portfolio and spread new research around by covering a diverse group of small-cap companies. We have a newly public (again) pet retailer, a leaner and meaner defense and aerospace company, and a rising star in the fitness studio space. We also upgrade two stocks from our Watch List (and ditch a few others), including a key supplier for the EV market and a rapidly growing IT services company.

Cabot Profit Booster

Weekly Issue April 19: Before we dive into this week’s idea, we have some housecleaning to discuss from April expiration. First, we are going to sell our ON Semiconductor (ON) stock this morning. This will leave us without an ON stock or option position, and with a profit of approximately $505 per covered call, or a yield of 10.11%.

Alert April 14: Today is the expiration of April options. Because I am on vacation this week I won’t dive deep into the profits, and one potential loss, for these positions until next week. However, most importantly, for today the “headline” is that you don’t need to act on any of our April positions.

Cabot Micro-Cap Insider

Weekly Update April 20: This week, I’ve received several questions about Liberated Syndication (LSYN), so I want to bring everyone up to speed in my intro.

Monthly Issue April 13: The company that I’m recommending today is a perfect example. It provides the “picks and shovels” to the massive Alzheimer’s market. It is growing revenue at a 20%+ clip yet trades at only 33x earnings (not revenue!). An opportunity like this would not exist in the large-cap market. With that, with that, let’s dive into my latest idea, Cogstate (COGZF).

Cabot Income Advisor

Weekly Update April 20: Earnings might be saving this market. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the market needs saving, and for good reasons.

Monthly Issue March 23: Sure, the rally in the overall market may not last, but this unusual environment is still creating great opportunities in certain pockets if you know where to look. One such opportunity exists in the new and rapidly growing marijuana industry.

Cabot Turnaround Letter

Weekly Update April 14: This week we review earnings from one of our recommended companies and provide updates on three other recommended companies. We share some thoughts on why what produced the remarkable bull market over the past decade and longer may not lead to investing success over the next 5-8 years.

Monthly Issue March 30: All companies are collections of assets. When companies are struggling, a new CEO can redirect how those assets are utilized – a valuable catalyst for a turnaround. We highlight three recent CEO changes and how they might help drive up the value of their companies.

Cabot Money Club

Monthly Magazine April 1: No matter where you are in your investing journey, this comprehensive list has a saving, spending, or investing app that can help you reach your goals.

Stock of the Month March 18: Clif Droke, Chief Analyst for Cabot’s SX Gold & Metals Advisor, advised me that he had traded out of our latest recommendation, the iPath Series B Bloomberg Tin Subindex Total Return ETN (JJT). But he also noted that he would be looking to trade back into the investment in the near future. This is what Clif had to say:

Cabot ETF Strategist

Monthly Issue April 12: In this month’s issue, we focus on the smaller, and lesser known ETFs featured in the undiscovered portfolio. While asset allocation is a tried-and-true method for longer-term investing, you can boost your return with ETF trading. That’s what the undiscovered portfolio is designed to do. With market volatility remaining, this portfolio gives you an opportunity to capture excess returns from asset classes outperforming the broader market.

Weekly Update April 5: Today, I want to address some questions about the Cabot ETF Strategist. I’ve had a few readers ask about trades. The ETF Strategist features two categories of portfolios.

Ask the Experts

Cabot Top Ten Trader

Question: Question about managing partial positions. What are some key things you look for that gives you conviction to fill out partial positions? And when you do increase the position size, would you move up stops to manage risk?

Mike: Thanks for writing. Well, first, we want to see profits – we don’t want to average down. Yes, sometimes it can work, and if you did it here or there it’s not a sin – but the idea is to use these positions and the market as a feedback mechanism, and so far, the market hasn’t rewarded these things.

Thus, a stronger market and some profits would have us averaging up. And yes, if we did that, we’d look at where our average cost is and would figure a stop somewhat based on that and the chart (but the stop would be higher than the initial loss limit, which we usually keep loose on half positions, especially in these markets).

Quarterly Cabot Analyst Meeting

The recording of the Cabot Prime Members Meeting with the Analysts from January 12, 2022 is now available for you to listen to at your convenience—click here for access. This private call with our analysts is one of your exclusive Cabot Prime Pro member benefits.