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The World’s Best Stocks
Centrus Energy (LEU) shares were largely unchanged as the company is well positioned to benefit from growth in next-generation nuclear technology, helping provide reliable and carbon-free electricity. This is still a buy for aggressive investors.
One of our stocks surprised markets on the downside with poor third-quarter numbers while two others were up 15% and 16%. Crypto hit heavy turbulence as the stock market slipped rather than soared on the midterm election results of an underwhelming GOP wave, uncertainty, and expected gridlock over the next two years. Elsewhere, the United Nations projects that next week, the world’s population will exceed 8 billion, and this leads to a new Explorer, recession-resistant, agribusiness idea this week.
Ford (F) reported a down third quarter, but Explorer stocks had a good week with all positions in the black. MP Materials (MP) and Oracle (ORCL) were up 11%, and SQM rose 8%.

The headline of today’s GDP report will likely be more upbeat than the two previous negative growth numbers, instead showing that third-quarter GDP grew at about a 2% annualized pace.

But beneath these numbers, investor sentiment, economic trends, and geopolitical risks are not all that encouraging.

How should investors take all this in and execute a strategy to exploit the situation?
A tough week for markets as concerns over recession, persistent inflation, and geopolitical tensions grow. Explorer stocks were not spared as they all pulled back with exception of Oracle (ORCL) and micro-cap Kraken Robotics (KRKNF). New restrictions on chip-related sales to China hit semiconductor stocks. An almost $8 billion deal by Brookfield Renewable Partners and uranium producer Cameco to buy nuclear services firm Westinghouse is the latest sign of revival in nuclear power after years of decline. The matchup would create something of a Western nuclear powerhouse, pairing a key nuclear power service provider with the largest publicly traded uranium company and one of the world’s biggest owners of wind and solar projects.

This week we sell two positions and go to Japan for a conservative, high quality play on an overlooked but critical part of the electric vehicle revolution.

All three major U.S. indexes were up around 2% yesterday as the Bank of England stepped in to stabilize the pound, but the recovery looks fragile as sentiment remains mixed at best in the short term. Explorer stocks drifted lower this past week and we remain defensive looking for asymmetric plays where the upside potential exceeds downside risk.
Explorer stocks held up pretty well during this turbulent week as almost all were steady or up, with Chile’s SQM up five points. Stocks stabilized yesterday after a sharp pullback on Tuesday. While prices of gasoline are down, prices of most of other things like food, rent, and medical care are still rising. This week we dive into semiconductor stocks with a return to Taiwan for a new recommendation.
This was a tough week and major indexes slid between 4% and 5% in August, their worst monthly performances since June. Nuclear energy play Centrus Energy (LEU) was a standout Explorer stock, up 56% over the last month. Today, we go to Canada for an interesting and speculative maritime robotics play.
Explorer stocks had a mixed week due to weaker market and some profit taking as SQM reported another strong quarter with earnings up 857% year-over-year. Positive second-quarter corporate earnings reports and the flattening of still-high inflation seemed to settle investor nerves and despite this week’s pullback, the S&P is up 17% from its June lows. This week we go to a big resource play on a strategic growth trend that is powered by Dr. Copper.
Explorer stocks had a great week as Centrus (LEU) is up another 10%, Cloudflare (NET) adds 20%, Infineon (IFNNY) reports revenue jumping 33% and Ford (F) reports eye-popping sales results for July. Data and analysts are divided so stay cautiously optimistic and consider today’s new recommendation at the heart of U.S.-China rivalry.
Stocks are on track to post gains for July as Explorer recommendations have a good week with new pick Centrus Energy (LEU) up 20% followed by Cloudflare (NET), up 15%. Now, we head to Germany for today’s pick.
No question this is a challenging market but Explorer stocks held their ground. Cloudflare (NET) had a good week up five points, and Ford (F) remains my favorite pick on risk/reward basis. This week we move to a surprising trend that will benefit America, the climate, and your portfolio.
Nio (NIO) was up 22% this week though markets face headwinds of inflation and increasingly loose talk of recession by many including Fed Chairman Jerome Powell. With regret, we let go of Sea (SE) but add another favorite selling at a sharp discount to its high—and in the middle of the unstoppable trend of cybersecurity.
Centrus Energy (LEU) shares recovered five points this week to reach 35 as the Department of Energy announced that it and Centrus Energy’s American Centrifuge Operating, LLC will share the $150 million cost 50-50 to demonstrate production of a fuel called high assay low enriched uranium. This is still a buy for aggressive investors.
Centrus Energy (LEU) was steady this week as Congress seeks another $1.5 billion in a government funding bill to boost domestic supply of uranium to offset lost Russian fuel.

Ford (F) shares rose 7% this week as its October U.S. sales declined by 10% but electric vehicle (EV) sales rose nearly 120% year over year. It now claims to be the #2 EV seller in America behind Tesla.
Explorer stocks were all up this week though it is not clear we are out of the woods yet. Sociedad Química y Minera de Chile S.A. (SQM) jumped from 83 to 90, Infineon Technologies (IFNNY) shares had double-digit gains, and Kraken (KRKNF) was up 8% yesterday and almost 20% over the last two weeks as smaller stocks are in favor.
Stocks struggled back from early losses yesterday after blue chips posted their biggest two-day gains in more than two years.

Explorer stocks had a good week with most up nicely and Infineon (IFFNY) up about 18%.

Perhaps the best indicator of where the U.S. and global economy is going are commodity prices. For example, copper prices are gaining ground though they are still far from highs reached earlier this year.
FedEx (FDX) reports earnings later today and all will be watching as its shares tumbled last week after it issued a sales warning. The Federal Reserve issued its fifth interest rate hike of 2022, and it certainly won’t be the last one, warned dove-turned-hawk Fed Chairman Jerome Powell. This brisk run-up in rates, which should have been earlier and faster, is hitting growth stocks hard since those are mostly high revenue growth companies that are not yet profitable. The market is punishing this group to levels that tempt longer-term investors.
Markets continue to at best tread water. Yesterday, markets performed better as the Nasdaq Composite ended a seven-session streak of declines.

Kraken Robotics (KRKNF) shares were up 20% in their first week as an Explorer recommendation as the company signed a follow-on contract to supply additional KATFISH™ for the NATO Navy’s new mine hunting vessels.
This rise of the U.S. dollar against the yen, euro and pound as well as most other currencies in the world is a mixed blessing for investors. You can take your capital gains and head to Europe or Japan for a trip and imported goods will be cheaper. On the other hand, American companies and stocks will be hurt by their exports being more expensive to overseas buyers and their overseas earnings will be worth less in U.S. dollars when brought back to America.
Also this week, President Biden signed the $280 billion CHIPs and Science Act. American companies such as Intel and Micron Technology have announced substantial investments in chip manufacturing in an effort to lobby for these subsidies but now announce that they are pulling back as demand for chips used in electronics such as laptops and cell phones is weakening.
As expected, America’s central bank, the Federal Reserve, raised its benchmark interest rate 0.75% for the second straight meeting in an effort to beat down inflation that’s been running at a four-decade high.
There are a lot of high-quality stocks trading at value prices out there. For next week’s recommendation, I’m looking at semiconductor companies worldwide and will try to pick the stock with the most upside and lowest downside risk. This is as Congress wrangles over the $52 billion CHIPS act to support the domestic semiconductor supply chain.
Explorer stocks held their ground this week as we move two positions to a hold. Don’t be too discouraged. S&P 500 stocks struggled in the first half of this year, roughly equal to that of 1970. That year the S&P 500 fell 21% in the first half and then gained 27% in the second half. Let’s hope 2022 follows a similar pattern.
Legendary investor J.P. Morgan was often asked what the stock market would do. “It will fluctuate,” replied the taciturn Morgan.

The psychology of the markets can be puzzling. On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve, America’s Central Bank, raised its benchmark interest rates 75 basis points, the most since 1994. And the market liked it because it was way overdue and will hopefully help stem inflationary pressures in the economy. Will it slow growth, housing sales, consumer spending, and raise the carrying cost of U.S. debt? Yes, of course.

Based on market conditions and to limit losses, I suggest you sell the following two Explorer recommendations:
Due to escalating regulatory risk by Chinese authorities, please sell Pinduoduo stock. I will have more in this Thursday’s update but, in short, the Chinese are exerting their authority on Chinese companies that have used offshore entities to list on U.S. markets. China wants these companies to list in Hong Kong or Shanghai. There may be some trading and arbitrage opportunities developing, but the risk for Pinduoduo is now too high.
To follow up on today’s issue and new recommendation of Fisker, Inc.
Based on the below press release highlighting the agreement for Australia’s Lynas to build a rare earths refinery in Texas, I recommend you sell your MP Materials (MP) position.
Two portfolio stocks reported earnings yesterday and both remain Buys.
This portfolio stock was up 18.3% yesterday in anticipation of earnings that were released after the market closed.
Sell half your position for a 142% gain.
As I mentioned in yesterday’s issue, we got some bad news on this portfolio stock before the market opened regarding an internal investigation of fraud by the company’s COO and several other employees who apparently significantly overstated sales in 2019.
I had already sensed an opportunity in big oil over the weekend and wrote an article that will appear on the Cabot website in the coming days.
Carl will update the market and our portfolio on Thursday.
To follow up on last Thursday’s issue that highlighted the worsening China virus, I believe it is appropriate for us to hedge China risk and volatility with an inverse China exchange-traded fund (ETF).
This is a short week but I wanted to give you some news on a couple of my recommendations that have been making news.