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Early Opportunities
Get in Before the Crowd

February 17, 2022

Cloudflare (NET) reported Q4 results yesterday that surpassed expectations. Revenue was up 54% to $193.6 million while adjusted EPS came in at $0.01. As compared to some other software stocks that have beat expectations, Cloudflare reinvested the surplus cash in growth initiatives, so it didn’t flow to the bottom line.

Sell Allbirds (BIRD)
Today is another challenging day in the market, and Allbirds (BIRD) has slipped below the 10.8 level that I’ve been watching as a breaking point for the stock. As a result, I’m moving the stock to sell today. SELL

Despite the broad market action today, it’s not all bad news out there. Recent reports from (BILL), Endava (DAVA), Airbnb (ABNB) and Fisker (FSR) have helped those stock move higher. Still, it’s just one of those choppy markets where it’s hard to make any real progress across even a well-diversified portfolio of stocks.

I think I speak for us all in saying the three-day weekend can’t arrive soon enough! I hope you have a good one. My family will be in Vermont skiing in what will probably be extremely firm conditions. Rain turning to snow tonight then freezing tomorrow should make things very interesting over the weekend.

I’m still looking forward to it though. Maybe the conditions will keep the crowds down. And good gear can make iffy conditions pretty fun. If not, there’s always hot chocolate, pizza and alcohol!