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Early Opportunities
Get in Before the Crowd

May 13, 2020

Tyler is locking in profits on three stocks.


Taking More Profits

Growth stocks have defied gravity lately. Who knows if this afternoon’s retreat is going to send them back to earth, but I don’t want to wait too long to lock in some of our hard-earned gains. Today, let’s take the following actions:

Livongo (LVGO) has been a rocket ship, rising well over 110% since we jumped onboard in November. Let’s sell HALF of our position to lock in a partial gain. SELL HALF

Deciphera (DCPH) has also been a strong performer but has just broken down after getting going in late-April. Sell the entire position for a roughly 45% gain. SELL

Five9 (FIVN) looks great and we’re up over 60%. Take partial profits by selling one QUARTER position. SELL A QUARTER