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Tom McClellan

Tom McClellan has been the editor of The McClellan Market Report newsletter since 1995, and works with his father Sherman McClellan who created the McClellan Oscillator and Summation Index. Tom has been recognized by Timer Digest as a consistently high-ranking market timer, earning the designation of Long Term Timer of the Year for both 2011 and 2012. As of Timer Digest’s Aug. 24, 2015 issue, Tom is their #1 gold timer for the prior 12 months. Tom is a 1982 graduate of West Point, and served for 11 years as an Army officer and helicopter pilot before starting his career in market analysis. Tom also publishes a separate Daily Edition every trading day, plus a free weekly Chart In Focus article that anyone can sign up to receive. Tom got some notoriety recently by being featured in a article detailing how he has been seeing the 2015 market top coming for almost a year ahead of time.

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The McClellan Market Report covers the stock, bond and gold markets, and is published twice a month. The report utilizes the unique indicators they have developed to present their view of the market’s structure as well as their forecasts for future trend direction and the timing of turning points....