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Todd Johnson

Todd Johnson’s passion, which he has realized through DividendLab, is helping people make the best investments. He analyzes companies’ financial statements, as well as other market research, to asset investors in making good decisions in the market. In fact, he doesn’t make any investment recommendations without committing some of his own funds, the purest form of accountability. Johnson’s interest in investing began after he moved from Denver (where he received a MBA from Regis University) to Seattle, where future stock behemoths such as Microsoft, Starbucks, Coinstar, and Amazon were growing, the beginning of his journey into absolute return investing. As an investor, Johnson concentrates on spin-off, high-yield trusts, micro-capitalization stocks, warrant offerings, closed-end funds, and hedging. Currently, Todd is helping other investors by sharing his strategies and knowledge of absolute investment through his online publications (found on and his management of DividendLab.

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DividendLab offers portfolio based on conservative ideas in order to assist investors in maximizing dividend growth and at the same time, produce better returns despite any economic condition of any market that they try to invest in. DividendLab provides investors with different strategies and techniques for hedging portfolios in order...