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Michael L. Burke

Michael L Burke has edited Chartcraft publications and Investors Intelligence since 1982. He majored in finance at CCNY Baruch School in New York where he studied under the fabled Leon Levy. He taught fundamental and technical analysis at the New School, New York from 1978-1990 and has been a columnist and contributing editor of the Moneypaper since 1985 providing a column and model portfolio in each issue. Mr. Burke is author of The Three Box Reversal Method of Point and Figure Construction and Formations, published by Chartcraft. He developed Point and Figure Relative Strength analysis for stocks and in 1981 created the Broad Industry Group Bullish %’s technique for finding depressed stock market sectors about to rally. He has inaugurated a number of different model portfolios over the years, including the Fidelity Switch Fund concentrating on equities, Fidelity bond and international funds and three portfolios of individual stocks, the “Low-Priced,” “Long-Term” and “Income & Appreciation” portfolios.

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