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Kenneth Coleman

Kenneth Coleman is author of Investment Tracker Newsletter, specializing in domestic and global money flow analysis. Mr. Coleman brings to market analysis a unique perspective—money flow analysis. Experience has taught him what drives stocks, bond and commodity markets, and thus the economy. Mr. Coleman’s analysis of monetary liquidity made it possible for him to call the kick-off of the world’s great bull market in 1982 in a book he wrote in 1981. Mr. Coleman’s ability to determine what effect monetary liquidity has on the economy makes it possible for him to know where we are in the business cycle, thus what is best to buy and sell. He has called every business cycle correction since 1979. Mr. Coleman has appeared nationally on radio and television. He co-hosted “Invest In America” with Morton Downey Jr. on CNBC TV, and also hosted “Talk Radio,” an Internet talk radio show. He speaks at numerous seminars and financial conventions around the country.

From this author
Kenneth Coleman’s Investment Tracker Newsletter provides an in depth analysis of the geopolitical, economic and monetary issues that influence and drive our domestic and world markets. In addition to six pages of editorial is Coleman’s small-cap stock portfolio that has maintained at least double-digit profits over the last 20 years...
RHB is currently above its 50-day moving average of $28.46 and its 200-day moving average of $22.94. The stock has been under heavy accumulation for the past three months. The company, RehabCare Group Inc. (RHB, NYSE) provides rehabilitation management for over 1,200 hospitals, nursing homes and other long-term care facilities....