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Jon Markman

Jon Markman, editor of Tech Trend Trader, is the only financial analyst we’ve ever known who has BOTH a proven ability to help make investors millions AND has received the world’s most prestigious awards for writing about it. For the evidence, just consider his unusual credentials: * Inventor of the first-ever online stock screening system — Microsoft’s renowned StockScouter. * Founding Managing Editor of MSN Money. * Winner of the Loeb Award, the most prestigious honor in business journalism. * Winner of two Pulitzer Prizes (as part of a team). * Author of the world’s first bestselling book about online investing, introducing millions to a world that has now become so familiar to us all. * Former hedge fund manager who has spent the past 25+ years helping everyday investors profit with technology stocks. And most important … * Co-creator of the model used exclusively in Tech Trend Trader, which could have helped investors transform $10,000 into more than $2 million since the year 2000.

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Jon Markman — the award-winning investment analyst who co-founded Microsoft’s MSN Money and created MSN Money’s StockScouter system — has a proprietary tech-sector strategy designed to help you turn megatrends into money in the bank. This ground-breaking service enables you to maximize your profit potential and minimize risk in...