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Janet M. Brown

Janet M. Brown is President of DAL Investment Company, a San Francisco based RIA that pioneered the use of no-load mutual funds to manage large separate accounts. Ms. Brown is also Managing Editor of NoLoad Fund*X, a no-load fund and ETF investment newsletter, and Portfolio Manager of The Upgrader Funds, a series of no-load funds. Since joining DAL in 1978, she has developed the successful Upgrading investment strategy that is the foundation of all three—a quantitative discipline that leads investors to top performing funds and ETFs, whether for growth or safety. Ms. Brown frequently speaks at investor events and is interviewed by the media on investment and mutual fund issues.

From this author
NoLoad FundX provides a simple and effective system called Upgrading, which helps investors keep assets invested in the best performing funds and ETFs. Upgrading evolved from the observation that few, if any, funds or professional money managers have been able to sustain good performance over long periods of time. That’s...
“At the beginning of the year, Matthews Asian Growth & Income Fund (MACSX) was my top dividend pick. MACSX gained in the first half of 2013 (and held up far better than other Asia Pacific funds), but currently other funds, like TCW Dividend Focus (TGIGX), are doing appreciably better. TGIGX...