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Gene Inger

Mr. Inger’s career began at a major Wall Street firm, where his selections easily outperformed others. Leaving New York, he anchored KWHY-TV in Los Angeles, the Nation’s first financial television station, and later began portfolio management, the Inger Letter and new financial television programs in several cities, including San Francisco, Ft. Lauderdale and his own station in New York/New Jersey. His West & East Coast Stock Market Today shows later became FNN affiliates, which merged into CNBC. Now retired from portfolio management, Mr. Inger publishes his popular Internet Daily Briefing commentary and updates its companion, MarketCast, several times daily. He has been quoted over the years in Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, major papers, financial sites and radio programs. He’s been a guest on CNN, PBS and was one of the original CNBC market mavens. As financial television matured, Mr. Inger also pioneered internet text and audio market analysis, and initiated an audio-video ‘technical corner’ perspective within the Daily Briefing.

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Gene Inger’s Daily Briefing™, is a nightly web-based audio-video perspective providing daily analysis and forecast of both short-term and macro market conditions. Posted at 9 p.m. ET each evening, the Daily Briefing focuses on significant events; interrelating monetary and geopolitical factors to project impact on market psychology, and projected effect...