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Alan B. Lancz

Alan B. Lancz is a director of research at LanczGlobal LLC, an independent investment research firm. For three decades Mr. Lancz and his research team have been the source for risk management and “outside the box” insights especially during volatile global markets. These insights have been published in prestigious papers throughout the world including The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, The New York Times, CNBC, BBC, Nightly Business Report and Bloomberg among others. Mr. Lancz also is president of Alan B. Lancz & Associates, Inc. a fee-based registered investment advisory firm that operates separately from LanczGlobal LLC.

From this author
The Lancz Letter has become one of the most respected and recognized investment publications in the country. Many of LanczGlobal’s investment disciplines were developed from a 20-year relationship built with legendary investor Sir John Templeton. The Lancz Letter gained prominence by recommending a 70% cash position into the summer of...