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Welcome to Cabot Micro-Cap Insider

Thank you for subscribing to Cabot Micro-Cap Insider and welcome!

Simply put, the goal of micro cap investing is to earn better returns than you could elsewhere. Over the long term, investing in stocks has been a good decision. Historically, stocks have returned about 10% per year. That is an excellent result and is good enough for most people.

However, some people want to make more than 10% per year. That’s where Cabot Micro-Cap Insider comes in.

Your Cabot Micro-Cap Insider subscription includes monthly issues, weekly email updates, special bulletins when appropriate, and direct access to me with any questions. I recommend that you reach out to me directly at with any questions.

In a typical Cabot Micro-Cap Insider issue, sent the second Wednesday of the month you can expect to see:

1) New Idea

A new micro cap investment idea with a detailed investment case.

2) Recommendation Updates

Updates on all current recommendations. These updates will be brief, but if there is news that requires a more substantial analysis, we will publish a separate alert.

3) Watch List

We will include a few names that are on our watch list and may be included as recommendations in future months.

4) Stocks Ratings

We will provide updated ratings on all open recommendations.

You’ll also receive weekly email updates from us every Wednesday, with updates on any portfolio stocks that have news since the last update.

We may also send out alerts when appropriate.

Current issues, past issues, alerts, updates and educational resources are always available on, and if you still have questions, you can email me any time at and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

And if you’re new to micro-cap investing, I encourage you to download my guide so you can make the most out of your subscription to Cabot Micro-Cap Insider.

That’s everything to get you well on your way in the micro-cap world. So good luck, and have fun!

Yours for breath-taking micro cap profits,


Rich Howe, Chief Analyst, Cabot Micro-Cap Insider