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The green energy revolution is here. Most investors are missing this story, but greentech is disrupting the energy market in a way that has NEVER happened before. And the new and emerging technology—electric vehicles, batteries, solar, wind, green manufacturing, recycling, and more—are seeing unprecedented growth. Chief Greentech Analyst Brendan Coffey has been a successful green-energy investor for nearly 20 years, and he will show you how to grow your wealth with green and ESG investments.

“More Money is Flowing Into Green Energy Than Ever Before. Here’s Why.”
The Wall Street Journal, 2021

The Green Energy Story You Haven’t Heard:
American Companies Poised for a Decade of Growth

Dear Reader,

The green energy revolution isn’t coming. It’s already here.

Most investors are missing this story, but green tech and energy are now quietly taking market share from fossil fuels in a way that has NEVER happened before.

Already, a handful of companies have returned 100%... or more… as the “old” energy markets are showing signs of weakness.

EV charging company Blink Charging (BLNK), out of Miami, has surged a jaw-dropping 590% the past two years. Why? Deloitte sees EV sales rising 950% by 2030, to fully a quarter of world auto sales. That means we’re going to need a lot of charging points for all the EVs Ford, GM, Volkswagen and Mercedes have committed to selling.

The NASDAQ Clean Edge Green Energy Index Fund (QCLN) tripled in 2020 alone…

And it’s easy to see why green tech investments are outperforming: people are working from home, driving less…

More electric cars hitting the road week after week…

Those are the obvious trends that everyone can see.

But what you’re not seeing is even more exciting:

Technology advances in batteries, solar panels and grid management have completely changed the game.

What it means: the end is near for the age of fossil fuels.

That’s why BBC News recently predicted a “massive green energy switch…”

A Forbes story published in April 2021 says “The snowball has begun to roll, and renewable energies like wind and solar are increasing rapidly.”

This move from fossil fuels to green energy tech represents a huge, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest in the NEXT energy now…

And here’s the best news: it’s entirely because these technologies are just now, for the FIRST time, becoming cheaper than their fossil fuel alternatives…

That’s the real death knell for oil and coal: they’re becoming obsolete…

But how can I be so sure that green energy and green tech are finally overtaking their fossil fuel predecessors?

And more importantly—what kinds of companies will benefit from this energy revolution?

To answer these questions, I’ve prepared this insider’s report about the current state of green energy and green tech—and their bright prospects for the future. I’m going to show you exactly why this is all happening now… and how you can start profiting immediately.

The most obvious trend happening right now? Like I said—it’s been largely unseen – which means the opportunity is still hidden from the investment public…

I’m talking about energy solutions that are making the world’s largest electricity commodity obsolete…

That’s right: coal is done for.

The 3 Companies to Own Today So You Can Profit from the End of Coal

It’s easy to notice a trend like electric vehicles taking off. Teslas tend to stand out.

But there’s a green energy trend that’s much less obvious… and much further along than EVs…

I’m talking about the massive shift in the American electric grid – away from coal. Very quietly, we’re looking at the last days of coal in the West.

Consider a recent story from the Los Angeles Times

The Times reported:
“There are just 20 coal plants in the continental West whose owners haven’t committed to fully retiring them by specific dates, data compiled by the Sierra Club and additional research by The Times show. That’s compared to 49 coal-burning generating stations with units that are slated for closure or have shut down since 2010.”

But it’s not just out West…

New Jersey only has TWO coal power plants… and reports:
“N.J.'s last 2 coal power plants could soon close.”

In fact, since 2010, nearly 300 coal-powered plants have closed in the US alone… and dozens of plants are scheduled to be closed within the next couple of years.

According to the Sierra Club, 50 coal-fired power plants closed during the Trump administration alone. Coal’s share of the US electric grid has fallen nearly by half…

The key takeaway: this isn’t happening just because people are fed up with carbon emissions…

It’s also happening because green alternatives are cheaper and more efficient than ever. Everything from a few solar panels on your roof to a massive wind farm are doing more of the job.

The great coal replacement isn’t coming…

It’s here!

And keep in mind: every dollar taken away from coal is going towards alternatives…

It’s a $66-billion market, which means there’s going to be a flood of coal dollars moving into green energy – not just for the next year, but for the next 10+ years.

“The cost of renewable products from wind turbines to electric-vehicle batteries is rapidly falling” – Barron’s, April 2021

As for what’s replacing coal, it might seem obvious… but the story is not as straightforward as you think.

The obvious answers: wind, solar, and geothermal.

And it’s true: these green energy sources ARE at the root of the move away from coal.

But the real growth story from an investment perspective is not quite as obvious.

Wind and solar require integrated solutions… and these solutions are what makes them competitive with coal.

Notably, these solutions weren’t in place 10+ years ago during the last boom in green energy.

Integrated solutions are the key that unlocks green-energy dominance…

On top of reducing emissions… smart integrated technology and solutions actually make the American electric grid MORE robust.

I’m going to use a phrase now that might sound familiar to you if you follow green energy at all – but I guarantee you, it’s a word you’re going to be hearing more often in the months to come:

Micro-Grid Technology

There’s no such thing as a “small” coal-fired power plant. They almost can’t be very small. That’s because they get an enormous economy of scale burning lots of coal to move massive turbines and create many megawatts of power every day.

In fact, the smallest coal-fired plant in the US is a 5-megawatt plant in Nebraska- but it’s an outlier.

Most plants in the US generate much more power – with some making over 3,000 megawatts.

But consider that the average wind farm generates just 288 megawatts. The largest is rated to generate 1,500 megawatts at peak…

Solar farms are even smaller… the largest American solar farm is only rated at 580 megawatts.

And almost half of all solar power in American is from rooftop installations…

And it might seem like I’m talking green energy down here…

After all, if coal power plants are so much bigger, why is it a good thing for green energy?

Why would smaller output solar and wind generation be better than large output coal?

(Well, besides the obvious reason – that wind and solar are green energy…)

It’s because many smaller power plants provide a more reliable, safe and less fragile power grid.

It’s helpful to think of the power grid as a large interconnected system of waterways.

If you only have one large river providing water to a town, it’s extremely susceptible to failure. One upstream event can shut down 100% of the water supply for the town.

But if you have a half dozen smaller rivers all feeding water into the town, it would take 6 simultaneous events to shut down all water to the town.

It’s obviously superior to have MORE and smaller electricity generation from green sources than to have fewer and larger generation from fossil fuels…

But don’t take my word for it…

Johns Hopkins University published a paper on the advantages of decentralized power grids. They write: “Decentralized energy schemes such as microgrids and distributed energy generation can play an important role for developed countries in mitigating risk and security threats to the electricity sector and ensuring continuous electricity delivery even in times of natural disasters or terrorist attacks.”

In other words: the strength of coal power plants to generate large amounts of power is also a massive weakness in a modern power grid: it can be a single point of failure that completely shuts down the grid.

Large scale coal plants are fragile. Decentralized wind and solar microgrid technology are robust.

Couple the strength of wind and solar with the lack of carbon emissions, and it’s easy to see why coal is on the decline… while specialized integrated solutions firms are dominating…

The exciting part: the time could not be better to profit from America’s top integrated solution green energy companies.

That’s because the growth story is just beginning for this sector – and coal plants are still closing at a record pace.

The Scientific American magazine recently wrote “America is continuing its exodus from coal.”

Which means this: years to come of coal plant closures and ensuing opportunity for growth in green energy…

This market is just growing. It’s not “about to grow.” It’s absolutely skyrocketing now.

And today, you can still buy a handful of these companies benefiting from ongoing coal plant closures.

In a second I’m going to tell you about some of the best integrated green energy companies to own now.

But first, I’d like to introduce you to the man who brought this new growth story of green investment to my attention.

His name is Brendan Coffey, and he’s been a green energy investor for nearly 20 years.

He’s the analyst who alerted me to Ameresco: the green energy solutions company that returned over 200% in one year.

Brendan has been featured in Forbes Magazine:


As well as


He wrote a paper for General Electric about their green-energy fuel cell technology:

General Electric

Brendan has also been published by The Wall Street Journal and Business Week and dozens of other outlets…

Oh, and he’s a Certified Financial Technician (CTE) – meaning he’s an expert at picking entry and exit points to buy and sell stocks.

Like when he recommended shares of EnPhase Energy on February 9th, 2020. The stock was mostly flat for the previous 6 months, but one year after Brendan’s recommendation, it soared more than 357%:


EnPhase jumped from $38 a share to over $212 in less than a year.


To put it mildly, Brendan is fully steeped in green investing. No one is tapped into the ins and outs of the opportunities in green energy and technology like Brendan.

And right now, Brendan just published a brand-new report on how to profit from the fastest growing sector in the energy world: integrated solutions.

His report is called Profiting from the End of Coal with 3 Integrated Green Energy Stocks.

It gives you all the information you need to understand this growth story – including when to buy and sell these companies for the largest profits.

That includes full write-ups on the companies that are disrupting the market for coal, right now.

Listen… all energy markets are cyclical… and right now, coal is cycling down, possibly forever. Green energy solutions are cycling up. Investing in green integrated solutions companies gives you the safest way to profit from the ongoing demise of coal - which could take a decade or more to fully play out.

That’s a decade of growth and profits from American companies poised to benefit from coal’s demise.

I’d love to send you this report right now. And in a minute, I’ll tell you exactly how you can claim your copy.

But first I have to tell you that “the end of coal” is just one green tech opportunity that Brendan is excited about.

The second opportunity might be even bigger…

And you can probably guess what I’m talking about:

How to Profit from the Decline of Oil

“More Money is Flowing Into Green Energy Than Ever Before. Here’s Why.” – The Wall Street Journal, 2021

Most investors are under the illusion that oil is a permanent structure in the global economy. But signs of weakness are starting to pop up in the oil markets. Like when the price went negative(!) in April 2020.

That’s not a sign of a robust and healthy market!

And as with coal’s fall, every dollar not spent on oil goes to an alternative.

The opportunity is not clear to many investors, but that makes it an even bigger story…

Just consider a few key facts:

You might have heard that China plans to ban gas powered vehicles…

That’s just the beginning.

Here’s a list of countries that are hopping on board the ban:


The Netherlands

India (the world’s second most populous nation, after China)

The United Kingdom


And in the US, 9 states are also lining up to announce gasoline powered car bans in the coming years:

Washington, California, Rhode Island, New York, Connecticut, Maryland, and Massachusetts, Oregon and Vermont have all pledged to ban gas powered car sales…

Think about that: China and India are the most populated countries in the world, and they’re slowly turning their back on oil just as the population of middle-class Chinese and Indians are starting to swell…

Add in G7 economies like France and the UK and the growth story for green alternatives to the internal combustion engine is so big that it’s hard to imagine…

If just 10% of cars sold in the next few years are EVs, it’s a potential 10x win for the sector.

And we’ve already seen 100-fold growth from a company like Tesla – proving that EV companies will certainly benefit from the shift from oil to electric solutions.

However, as with the coal story, most people are missing the real growth opportunity for the end of oil.

Sure, companies selling EVs should do well… but according to Brendan, the real investment opportunity is behind the scenes.

That’s because all of these new EVs are going to require a massive infrastructure change.

Former Treasury Secretary and Goldman Sachs CEO Henry Paulson recently addressed this change in Barron’s Magazine, saying: “There’s massive change coming, and we’re going to rewire society.”

What does “rewiring society” even mean?

For one example, consider the added necessity of EV charging stations being built at existing gas stations… and downstream from those charging stations, the added electricity infrastructure to make those stations possible…

President Biden just announced a $2 trillion infrastructure plan that in part will pay for the buildout of EV charging stations…

Charging System

Industry research group Market Digits projected the EV charging station market will grow by 10-fold between 2019 and 2027, from $2.5 billion to over $27 billion…

If you’re not putting your money into companies that will profit from EV charging station growth, you’re going to miss out on one big part of oil’s decline…

And that’s just one small part of this rewiring.

Consider the electric vehicles themselves…

Research group Wood McKenzie projects that America alone will increase its EVs sold by 5-fold in the next decade…

That will add an additional 3 million cars PER year by 2031.

Combined with projected global demand, we’re looking at over 15 million EVs produced a year…

Again: these numbers are so massive, it’s hard to put to wrap your head around - but according to Yahoo Finance, that means we’ll see ANNUAL growth of 25% over the next few years in battery production…

But just to put this growth into perspective: Wood McKenzie also predicts that oil demand will start to dip by 2025…

The winners here are clear: EVs… EV charging stations, battery producers.

The losers? Oil companies. Gasoline car manufacturers.

And again: this isn’t “coming.”

It’s here. The growth has already begun.

And to help you take advantage of the growth of EVs, Brendan has put together a brand-new research report.

The end of oil is already upon us. The time to become an investor in these opportunities isn’t 5 years from now, when all of these companies are household names and gas cars are on the decline…

Now’s the time to get started with these green tech opportunities.

Brendan has worked to put together a comprehensive deal to get all of his green energy research.

Remember, he’s recommended stocks that have jumped 200%...357%...411% - and he’s been working as a green energy analyst for over a decade.

Brendan has been working to create a one-stop green energy investor’s resource.

As a Cabot reader, you are getting first dibs to get full access to Brendan’s research.

It’s called Sector Xpress Greentech Advisor. It’s a brand-new service dedicated to finding companies fulfilling two key goals:

  1. They must have a focus on the environment, sustainability and responsible corporate governance.
  2. They must have a chance to help you land life-changing profits from the global green energy shift…

With billions of dollars up for grabs this year alone, Brendan believes this could be the best time of our lifetimes to get involved with green energy investing.

He is 100% motivated to help regular investors find the best opportunities to invest in this green energy revolution.

I know it sounds corny, but…

There’s something really special about what small, individual investors like you can do.

You really can make a difference. You can push the world in the right direction.

Wall Street big shots might notice or predict trends, and they can help push them along, but it’s the massive amounts of regular investors who really strengthen a trend.

It’s the millions of folks with 401(k)s and IRAs putting $1,000 into a company like Tesla that made it a massive success. Wall Street jumped on for the ride – sure, but that’s after the fact.

What I’m saying is that today you have a chance to become part of something historic: a massive new market is opening up. And it will change the world drastically for the better.

That’s why Brendan is launching SX Greentech Advisor: he believes, like I do, that we have a rare chance to push the world in the right direction – and to make a tidy profit in the process.

That’s a win-win.

And to sweeten the pot, you can get all of Brendan’s research, his reports, and his twice-monthly issues of SX Greentech Advisor starting NOW.

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Normally, a high-end service like SX Greentech Advisor would not be eligible for a trial offer. But Brendan believes that if you take a look at his work, you’ll be glad to stay on as a Charter Subscriber.

After all, it’s the early stages of this green energy revolution. You’ll want to be on board for years – not just the next 30 days.

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Like I said, this is an unusual deal. Brendan is one of the top analysts in the world focusing on green energy investments. You won’t ever see a deal like this anywhere…

That’s why Brendan feels comfortable giving you the next 30 days to try out SX Greentech Advisorand if you’re not happy, you get your money back and we part as friends.

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• Oh – and last but not least, you’ll also get the knowledge that you’re helping to invest in companies that are improving the world…

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Ed Coburn
President & CEO
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