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Why Do They KEEP Moving the Retirement Goal Posts On You?

- Nest Egg-Killing Inflation… PROMISED TO SOAR By The Fed.
- Social Security… BANKRUPT By 2034.
- Stocks… UNTRUSTWORTHY for Years to Come.
- Bank Interest Rates… NEGATIVE!
- The “Three-Legged Stool” Model… COLLAPSED.
- Healthcare… Set $387,644 aside (if you are in good health).

… Enough is enough!

This One SENSIBLE Step Can Build A Protective Moat Around Your Nest Egg… Unlock A SIX-FIGURE INCOME For LIFE… And Run Rings Around Inflation (Before It’s Too Late).

In Fact, It’s Making Regular Americans Very Rich.


Here comes the retirement crisis, coronavirus-style

Dear Friend,

It must feel like you can’t catch a break.

Every time you begin hitting your stride on the road to retirement, they move the goal posts…

And change the “rules” of the game.

First, they bundle baby boomers from dependable pension paychecks into Defined Contribution Plans like a 401(k)…

Then they bump up the full retirement age…

And all the while, they let healthcare costs tick… tick… tick upwards in the background.

But you just got on with things. Because that is what folks from our generation do.

You worked your backside off… got your head above water… and created a nice life for your loved ones. Gradually, you started to figure out this retirement enigma code.

You saved money (even when there wasn’t a bunch of money to save from) and started to build your wealth…

But then what happened?

A market crash… A dot-com bubble burst… A housing collapse… A pandemic… You name it.

And don’t forget, the retirement landmine’s right around the corner.

Because you will soon be forced to pay the government’s enormous tab with your life savings (through inflation, first, and then heavy taxes).


Fed policy could leave retirees broke after crisis

Fed Chairman, Jay Powell, has essentially written inflation into law until AT LEAST 2023 (without defining the upper limit he will let it jump to).

This could cripple TENS OF THOUSANDS of American retirements by diluting the purchasing power of every single dollar they saved over their career.

Even as it stands, your dollars are only half as valuable as they were in 1990… But it’s about to get much worse.


Powell says making up for lost inflation is a ‘great idea’

One by one, many of your friends, neighbors, and colleagues will come to a dreadful realization:

They are going to outlive their money.

But by then, it will be too late. Don’t worry, you will never experience this feeling in the pit of your stomach (thanks to what I am about to share).

The mainstream media says baby boomers “should have a retirement plan”. But— for many folks— planning for retirement these days is like building a house of cards beside an oscillating fan.

Banks are paying NEGATIVE real interest rates… YOU have to pay THEM for the pleasure of keeping your money…


And bonds aren’t much better.


Because today, I will show you a simple way you can PROTECT YOUR NEST EGG from where you are sitting.

Not only that, this conservative move allows you to GROW YOUR WEALTH steadily, too.

I URGE YOU to lock it in immediately (and will show you how to in a moment).

So, while inflation massacres retirements all over this country in the coming months and years—you can be earning a steady SIX-FIGURE INCOME from your portfolio… year after year…

For the rest of your life.

I hope this comes as a relief.

The carefree life you daydreamed about during those exhausting “crack of dawn” mornings…

While you brushed your teeth, still half-asleep in the harsh bathroom light…

Or shoved down your breakfast in a hurry so you got out the door in time….

And sat in bumper-to-bumper traffic, surrounded by honking cars…

The life you daydreamed about—that got you through all those challenging times— is still on the table. In fact, I would wager you will be surprised how straightforward it is to unlock.

And once you do, you can spend your days like you imagined…

Laughing with your kids and spoiling your grandkids…

Hiking or kayaking in the cool air, surrounded by the vibrant greens and deep reds of our national parks…

Diving into FUN projects you never had time for: like becoming an expert chef… writing a book… lowering your golf score… or renovating the kitchen.

Maybe you see yourself sampling all the mouth-watering new restaurants and steak houses in your city…

Your retirement, your rules.

But listen to this:

You can lock in this peace of mind—FOR LIFE— without being forced to swing for the fences with your life savings. I am about to show you how, step-by-step.

Frankly, in this volatile, negative interest environment this is THE ONLY SAFE WAY to make this life happen. Because inflation and market volatility will blaze through most retiree’s life savings like a wildfire.

It has already started.

Now, if you’re like me, it is hard not to become “desensitized” to hearing about inflation. But, trust me, it is like a gas leak in your home. Look at how much of your retirement security is INCINERATED with every ONE PERCENT of inflation…


The Japanese— who were ravaged by inflation in the nineties— say it feels like being suffocated with a cotton scarf... gradual but devastating.

So why is our generation— and YOUR retirement— being offered up as sacrifice?

In short, to keep The System ticking over.

More specifically, to keep Americans borrowing and spending money hand over fist…

… Keep the NEXT GENERATION of employees working as productively as possible. (As productively as YOU did.)

And, of course, to keep Wall Street, the Big Banks, and the bloated government from going under.

Former Chairman of the Fed, William McChesney Martin famously described the Fed’s job as “taking away the punch bowl just when the party gets going”.

But look at the ludicrous amount of dollars they created out of thin air in 2020…

They are SPIKING their own punch bowl. And unfortunately, its baby boomers who will be left with the painful hangover. Even if you did all the “right” things.

Consider this for a moment:

An estimated 22% of ALL U.S. DOLLARS THAT EXIST today were created in 2020! And with every million dollars… billion dollars… TRILLION dollars they print…

The purchasing power of YOUR lifelong savings gets watered down accordingly. Imagine how much that damages your wealth?

Table 1 Graph of US dollars in circulation since 1920

Graph of US dollars in circulation since 1920

Because there is a very real HUMAN cost to printing “FREE” money like a drunken sailor. And this cost will play out across your city in the coming years.


Investors’ and Retirees’ Perfect Storm Warning: Market Crash, Hyperinflation and Massive Tax Hikes

And you don’t need me to tell you that there won’t be any government bailout coming if you run out of money, either. But thankfully, you won’t need them…

Because with this ONE STRAIGHTFORWARD STEP I’m about to show you, you won’t need to worry about this nonsense any longer. You can GRAB THE WHEEL OF YOUR RETIREMENT from where you are sitting…

And free yourself from worrying about your future every time you turn on the news…

Or from lying awake staring at your bedroom ceiling at 3 am.

In fact, it will free you from playing this rigged retirement game once and for all… and good riddance to it! There is no time to waste.

So, let’s get to it. But before I dive in, I should probably introduce myself.

My name is Tom Hutchinson, and I am concerned— no, make that WORRIED— about your retirement.

What’s more, as a baby boomer, I am ANGRY that my generation is being tossed aside after a lifetime of hard work…

And I can’t stay silent any longer (especially when I have the solution).

I spent most of my career managing eight-figure portfolios until I came to a dreadful realization: Millions of honest, hard-working Americans… my own friends included… are speeding toward retirement bankruptcy.

Like lambs to the slaughter. And the reason?

They put their faith in a broken and corrupt system.

And so, since that day, I have tried urgently to get the uncomplicated retirement-making information— the information that made ME independently wealthy— into the hands of honest Americans.


You might have seen articles I wrote on The Motley Fool or StreetAuthority…

Maybe you saw me interviewed on Newsmax and other independent networks...


But time is running out for retirees… The concrete is setting as you read this sentence.

And if you are retired—or nearing retirement— you need to act on what I tell you immediately. Because there is a safe and straightforward path to locking in a rich retirement…

One that can give you a safe, SIX-FIGURE INCOME… year after year.

It’s practically immediate and protects your capital above all else.


Although it is not politically correct to say, we are living in a world that has lost its mind. But— as counter-intuitive as it sounds— this craziness can actually prove the SPRINGBOARD to your rich retirement in the post-COVID era.

Let me explain:

Growing up, we were both taught to value COMMON SENSE. Today, it is nowhere to be seen.

In its place is chaos, hatred, and character assassination.

And because of this, our nation is, literally, in flames…

Broken glass shimmers on many of our sidewalks…

And people are being just as crazy with their money, too. They don’t realize that to be rich, they don’t need to be Warren Buffet or Ray Dalio… they just need to have a little sense.

But by the time they realize this, their retirement nest egg will have taken such a massive hit that there will be no way back.

Not yours.

Because your simple, common sense path to a rich retirement is all inside this special FREE REPORT: How to Secure a Lifetime of Income.

You can be reading it within a few minutes (and circle back to it whenever you want). And the information inside it won’t just protect your nest egg…

It will make you and your family very wealthy.

How to Secure a Lifetime of Income explains— in great detail — the secret, COMMON SENSE system you can use to:





So, while RETAIL INVESTORS play Russian Roulette with their retirements… you will sleep like a rock.

In fact, I’ll even show you below how you can BECOME THE CASINO… and cash in on the unhinged investing that is so common nowadays.

Sure, some of the conservative moves inside your free report are sneaky, “Old Money” ones to juice up your returns… but they are all 100% legal. And you can cash in on them from where you are sitting.

If you don’t, someone else will.

My elite former clients may not thank me for pulling back the curtain on their lucrative hidden earners… or making these steady, little-known paydays accessible to “regular” Americans like you…

But I feel it is my duty. Your retirement is on a razor’s edge.

In today’s noisy world, steady double-digit returns get drowned out. It’s hard to compete with screams of “5000% GAINS!” or “THE NEXT AMAZON!”

But what people forget is that if you earn “just” 12% per year (and I will show you ways to do BETTER than this, consistently) …

Your money TRIPLES in ten years...

“QUINTUPLES” in fifteen years…

And is worth almost 10X after twenty years.

That means, WITHOUT TAKING ON NEEDLESS RISK, you can turn $10,000 into almost $100,000.

$25,000 into a cool QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS.

And a $100,000 investment would make you a newly minted MILLIONAIRE (or pretty darn close).

Now, I don’t want to spoil everything in your FREE REPORT before you get to dive into it. But let me give you a better idea of the system laid out inside its pages.

How to Secure a Lifetime of Income uses a handful of powerful, little-known ideas to fund your rich retirement.

Here is the guiding light of our system, as eloquently stated by Warren Buffet:
“The first rule of an investment is: Don’t lose.

The second rule of an investment is: Don’t forget the first rule...

And that’s all the rules there are.”

What’s more, this system allows you to cash in on the phenomenon billionaire JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER described as the only thing that gave him pleasure.

But while many of the richest and smartest men in modern history seemingly agree with what I’m about to share—Albert Einstein included— why not the rest of the world?

Well, largely because of what I mentioned earlier— lack of common sense. If you ask me, people seem far too happy to be parted with their hard-earned money nowadays.

Although there are a few elements to the RICH RETIREMENT system in your free report, one of the core ones is dividend investing… but not in the way you know it.

No, what I am talking about here is a “turbo-charged” dividend approach you can begin cashing in on immediately.

Obviously, dividends are nothing new (at least in the way regular investors understand them). But nowadays, mainstream dividends are paltry…

The average is a measly 2.09%.


We both know 2% can’t fund a retirement. And it won’t make you rich…

In fact, it won’t even outrun inflation.

But listen to this:

There are SECRET STOCKS that pay out MEGA DIVIDENDS.

In some cases, I’m talking UP TO 695% BIGGER than those on the S&P…

Putting yields of 9%... 11.95%... 16.63%... in your pocket, right off the bat.

That’s an almost unfair head-start on your retirement rivals. And you can buy them like any other stocks, once you know where to look.



“Do you know the only thing that gives me pleasure?
To see my dividends coming in.”

- John D. Rockefeller

As you read this, it is important to remember:

You don’t need to swing for the fences with your life savings here. Everything inside your FREE REPORT follows Warren Buffet’s “Rule #1” above.

As you know… but other investors have forgotten:

Dividends paid over 40% of THE TOTAL STOCK MARKET RETURNS since 1926…

And that’s just the DIVIDENDS ALONE before factoring in GROWTH from these financially sound companies.

What’s more, companies that pay dividends vastly outperform ones that don’t. And listen to this:

A colossal 78% OF THE TOTAL RETURN OF THE S&P 500 is because of dividends and the power of compounding… That’s nearly $4 out of every $5 of wealth created.
“Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn’t, pays it”

- Albert Einstein

Don’t forget: This is just with “run-of-the-mill” dividends…

Not the MEGA DIVIDENDS I am about to show you.

You would think that stat alone would turn everyone with a brain into dividend investors… especially when they are nearing retirement. But seemingly not.

Morningstar and Hartford Funds 2-20

Look at the graph above:

If you ignored dividends— and focused only on price— you would have LEFT $1,276,226 ON THE TABLE…

Aside from the clear outperformance above, there is another reason why this dividend-focused strategy is perfect for your SAFE retirement.

Dividends are nearly always a sign of a growing, honest-to-God company.

Because in this age of, shall we say, “creative” business accounting practices… it’s difficult to argue with wads of money showing up in your account regularly.

And while we are all hungry for big returns on the stocks we pick, it doesn’t hurt that dividends give you an almost unfair “head start”. In short, if you are looking for INCOME, GROWTH, OR SAFETY…

And whether you are nearing retirement or RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF IT…

This MEGA DIVIDEND approach is your safe, simple path to wealth. Especially when you use the simple, TURBO-CHARGING secrets I am about to show you.

Sadly, most investors will never know about these MEGA DIVIDEND stocks—hidden in plain sight. They will struggle through retirement without ever knowing they can access these huge, steady returns from their brokerage account.

What’s more, in some cases, the secret companies paying these hefty dividends even LOWER your tax bill from Uncle Sam!

I hope you are beginning to get as excited as I am. Because you are standing at the threshold of a carefree retirement.

But before we dive in, you should ask yourself… is this for you?

Because if you are someone who prefers an office lifestyle… having your life “managed” for you… or the idea of working for someone else deep into your seventies and eighties…

Then you probably won’t get the most out of the system below. And that’s completely fine.

But if you would rather spend your days as you choose… “earning” a king’s ransom by making a handful of trades a month (if that)… then let’s get into it.

Take a look at some of the secret mega dividend-paying companies they have kept from you…

They dwarf the ones on the S&P.

In this negative yield landscape… I see them as your RETIREMENT-MAKERS.

For example, RETIREMENT-MAKER #1 is a little-known type of dividend stock that pays out 15.5%... 15.82%... even 16.63% in some cases!

That’s a 695% increase from the average S&P dividend.

This would hand you risk-free paychecks for $1,663 from a $10,000 investment.

Or $4,157.50 FROM $25,000.

And if you invested six figures, you would have a dividend of $16,630 coming your way.

What is the first think you would do with a paycheck for $16,000 in your hand?

Maybe you would pay off a year of mortgage payments?

Spend a month walking the leafy, cobblestoned streets in Rome (when COVID passes)…

Or install a home bar in your house, complete with the countertop… beer taps… the works.

And remember, with these secret stocks, you’re not taking stabs in the dark.

These payments are about as set in stone as you can get in the investment world.

Because they aren’t just a “bonus” as with the typical dividend-paying stock… These dividends are integral to the business model of the companies that pay them.

You see, they enjoy a special loophole which allows them to “skip” paying corporate taxes. And where does this money go instead? Into your pocket in the form of a “monster dividend”!

Sometimes they will call these dividends “return on capital” or “distributions”… but, for you and me, it amounts to the same thing.

Paying out these huge dividends is not a CHOICE for the companies in question. If they don’t return the vast majority of their earnings to owners of the stock… they will be forced to give up their favorable tax status.

And, rest assured, they don’t want that to happen.

It’s all in the FREE report but let’s take a look at another one…

Just like the previous example, RETIREMENT-MAKER #2 is another money-maker that trumps the yield of nearly every other asset class out there.

As you know, people love to gab about IPO’s these days. But what if you could cut all these folks in line and become a shareholder in some early-stage start-ups… before they even go public?

Well, you can… and earn a mouth-watering dividend on top of it! Dividends like 8.4%... 9.2%... 15.1%... or higher.

That’s a cool $7,550 paycheck from $50,000.

Or a quick $15,100 payout from a six-figure investment.

Heck, $10,000 will pay you out $1,510 at a fast clip.

What’s more, you get a larger share of the company in question, since you are “cutting” the potential IPO investors in line.

Again, these companies aren’t “Hit-and-Hopers”… or risky micro caps. They are smart, under-the-radar stocks taking advantage of the tax law…

And paying you out steady, monster dividends as a result.

If the payouts weren’t so freakishly high, you would call these stocks boring!

Getting in on “pre-IPO” earnings used to be all about who you know… unless you had wheelbarrows full of cash ready to go. But not anymore.

Let’s keep going…

If you would rather not be an armchair venture capitalist, how about a real estate mogul?

Because RETIREMENT-MAKER #3 allows you to cash in on steady rents and rising property prices… without knocking on a single door or ponying up for a mortgage.

And what do you get in return for this hassle-free approach? Another mega dividend!

For example, one of these companies pays a 15.2% dividend yield.

And remember, you can use ALL of these RETIRMENT-MAKERS (and the others inside the report) at the same time. Just imagine how quickly your income will skyrocket…

Now, before we proceed, let me give a friendly disclaimer:

High dividend yields are terrific. They can make your retirement. However, the HIGHEST dividend paying stock isn’t always the BEST, so it’s important to be discerning.

Often times a slightly lower, yet GROWING dividend is a better approach. (Don’t worry, I’ll show you how to avoid any dividend traps, as they are called, in just a moment.)

But I hope it is becoming clear how straightforward it is to lock in CONSISTENT DOUBLE-DIGIT RETURNS…

And an immediate INCOME you can depend on…


We both have our opinions about the mega-wealthy. But there is no denying they know how to turn one dollar into two. Time and time again… year after year… generation after generation.

It’s easy to understand how elite families STAY elite using secret companies, like the ones above. But let me take it one step further…

Because I want to give you a few more “Old Money” aces to keep up your sleeve— and boost your returns even further. Although they are conservative moves, I think you will agree they are ingenious.

You can use them repeatedly to swell your profits… MONTH AFTER MONTH.

Just like the RETIREMENT-MAKERS above, anyone can use them. It’s just too bad regular Americans won’t. They will lock their money up in drawn out, no-yield bonds instead or dump it all into a volatile market and get burned.

But if they had this information in their hands, they could make a lot of money whether the market is moving up, down, or sideways.

Just like you will. And remember…

This is not some risky “get rich quick” proposition. It is a consistent, common sense way to stack the odds firmly in your favor. And a proven way to create a steady yield… and GENERATIONAL WEALTH… you DESERVE from your hard-earned money.

Now, you already know there are under-the-radar companies paying out monster dividends. And you will be able to take advantage of these once your FREE REPORT is up on your screen in a few moments.

But we are only getting started here.

Because there are a few secret ways you can turbocharge the yields you bring in. I call them TURBO-EARNERS. They are explained in greater detail inside your report, but let me give you an idea of what I am talking about:

Did you know there is a way to sneak under the fence and actually “steal” a dividend?

It’s true— In order to get your hands on a dividend, YOU ONLY NEED TO OWN A COMPANY FOR ONE DAY. And with at least one stock paying dividends almost every trading day, the possibilities are BIG!

This secret is particularly powerful when it comes to SPECIAL DIVIDENDS.

As you know, special dividends are higher, one-off payments, usually on the back of exceptionally strong company earnings… And they are YOURS FOR THE TAKING.

Now, I must admit, I was skeptical about this move when I first studied it many years ago. As a numbers geek, I assumed the upcoming dividend would always be baked into the stock price, thus canceling out any gains.

Because if the market was “efficient”— or if every investor acted SENSIBLY— this secret would never pay…

But it does.

So, instead of getting frustrated by the lack of common sense these days… why not take advantage of it and get rich instead? I’ve put it to the test—time and time again— and in the right circumstances, you end up way ahead.

In a moment, I will show you how you can know which stocks to “steal” a dividend from and how to time it right… I’ll even tell you where you can find a calendar with it all written down for you weeks in advance!

But onto…

This is my personal favorite and, in my opinion, the most misunderstood money-earner in all of investing. It allows you to get paid from stocks YOU ALREADY OWN and are long on.

Most importantly, it is a safe, ZERO-DOWNSIDE system you can use to regularly earn 9.6%...15%... 17.64% yield on your dollars…


That could pay you out $1,764 from an investment of $10,000... in just a few weeks.

Try getting that from your bank.

It would put $3,528 in your pocket from an investment of $20,000, too.

Imagine turning $50,000 into $58,820 in a few weeks… all from a stock you ALREADY OWN and with ZERO DOWNSIDE RISK…

And then turning around to do it all over again?

It’s very exciting.

Even without the other MEGA DIVIDENDS, $8,820 is not a bad return from a few weeks’ “work” (although it takes less than five minutes to punch in the information on your brokerage account).

This sneaky little earner puts you very much on the side of the “smart money”, by cashing in on other folks’ greed and speculation. Broadly speaking, this type of trade works as intended 83% of the time.

And as a seasoned investor, I’m sure you can agree odds like that are rare— particularly when they can provide such safe, hefty returns.

Imagine owning a casino and keeping the gambler’s money more than 4 times out of every 5? In fact, I am grateful for that “1 in 5” loss as it keeps the gamblers coming back (and their money funding your retirement)!

It’s a favorite of hedge funds and clued-in investors but you won’t hear about it in the mainstream media. So how can you lock in such massive yields?

Well, although I will go into much greater detail in your FREE REPORT, let me just say:

Business is good when you are cashing in on OTHER PEOPLE’S speculation.


“In this low-yield environment, anything an investor can do to squeeze a little more yield out of a stock portfolio is good news. That’s why everyone loves (Turbo-Earner #2)”


“Use (Turbo-Earner #2) to “boost your yield without investing additional pennies from your piggy bank.”

I hope you are excited to get stuck into this retirement making system and start enjoying these returns. Taken individually, they are truly impressive…

But you will be COMBINING THEM immediately… skyrocketing your income… and snowballing your net worth.

Imagine not having to worry about money ever again?

And living worry-free for the rest of your life…

Your neighbors will think you won the lottery. And whether you choose to tell them your secret is up to you.

Now, I know these TURBO-EARNERS may sound more “cut-throat” than you are used to... But your retirement is at stake.

To achieve your goal of locking in a SIX-FIGURE INCOME FOR LIFE, I urge you to start looking out for number one. Because, rest assured, your retirement rivals who are privy to the same information won’t think twice about leaving you in the dust!

This simple strategy inside your FREE REPORT would have worked any time since the introduction of the RETIREMENT-MAKING COMPANIES…

But in the post-COVID landscape… IT MAY JUST BE YOUR ONLY OPTION.

Unless you have millions of dollars stashed away…

Or feel comfortable taking on unnecessary risk with your family’s long-term security. Because, as you know, it’s already too late for many American families… and it’s about to get much worse.

The gap between retirement success and failure is about to widen considerably. We already saw it play out on the stock market after COVID-19 first reared its ugly head—

They called it the “K-Shaped Recovery”.

Although most companies and industries went into a freefall (and are still falling), many HIT NEW HEIGHTS!


‘K-shaped’ stock recovery widens gap between winners and losers

This is exactly how it will play out for American retirees, too.

Some folks’ lives will, quite literally, be ruined… They will be too old to work, too broke to retire.

But others will thrive and end up rich. It’s inevitable.

Because when you have a system that allows you to earn mega returns, outrun inflation, and grow your wealth steadily, you don’t just “break even” …

You end up a millionaire.

The question is:

Which “end” of the K-SHAPED RECOVERY do you want to be on when the dust settles?

With the simple system inside your report, you will get to enjoy the confidence of having a portfolio that is growing steadily, while also paying you regularly.

In short, these simple moves will allow you to start driving your wealth upwards like the K-shape above.

While others will be burning through their life savings.

But I want to go one better.

Because I compiled another SPECIAL REPORT called Your Complete Guide to Investing for Retirement (value $149)… and I want you to have it FOR FREE, too.


And here is why:

After you read through your first free report, How To Secure A Lifetime of Income, you will know how to select MEGA-DIVIDEND paying stocks for yourself.

You will know, also, how to boost these great returns with the two RETIREMENT TURBO EARNERS above (among other simple moves).

In short, you will know how to achieve double-digit returns time and time again.

But you are an individual. You walked a unique road before we crossed paths today. And because of this, I feel it is important to hand you this SPECIAL 43-PAGE REPORT FOR FREE.

When paired with your first FREE report, it will allow you to invest with confidence— in your own unique way— for the rest of your life.

Inside its pages, you will learn how to:
- Study a stock’s “STORY” for yourself and become an even more discerning investor…

- Pinpoint your risk SWEET SPOT so you can earn big AND sleep soundly in retirement...

- Become an expert SELLER so that “paper gains” turn into actual dollars in your wallet…

- Ensure you DON’T OVERPAY Uncle Sam in retirement…

- And much more…

My goal is to ensure you face retirement with nothing but confidence. I want you to be certain the investment system you are using is absolutely, positively the best one for you and your loved ones.

These two FREE REPORTS (total value $298) are eye-opening… and at such a crucial time, too. You can be reading both within the next five minutes…and then continue with the other valuable reports included in your subscription…

And the information within them could be worth HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars to you (or more) over the years to come.

All I ask in return is that you take a look at my independent advisory, the CABOT RETIREMENT CLUB. Because if you want a rich and confident retirement, this is where the rubber truly hits the road.

I created the CABOT RETIREMENT CLUB to save American retirees in this post-COVID environment of zero yields, jumping inflation rates… and all-around chaos.


… I will guide you through purchasing the perfect RETIREMENT MAKER stocks above so that you start pulling in these huge dividends immediately.

Because like I mentioned, the largest dividend is not always the best. There are some other important factors to consider so you steer clear of the dividend traps.

I’ll advise you on the perfect dividends to “steal”, too. In fact, I will share my exclusive DIVIDEND CALENDAR with you so there is never any confusion with timing.

While you enjoy your life— and laugh with loved ones—I will be crunching the numbers in the background… and drop my findings RIGHT IN YOUR INBOX EVERY WEEK.

What’s more, I will send TWO DETAILED MONTHLY ISSUES to your inbox for you to read through at your convenience. It is like having a full-time stock researcher at your disposal.

MONTHLY ISSUE #1 lasers in on the mega dividend strategy I touched on. It is called the CABOT DIVIDEND INVESTOR (value $297, although I will include it for FREE as part of the RETIREMENT CLUB)…


(Don’t forget that the right dividend stocks have infinite growth potential AS WELL AS mega dividends.)

For example, if you had taken my recent Reynold American recommendation you would have locked in an 83% total return.

That would have turned a $50,000 investment into $91,500!

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