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Cabot Options Institute Masters Club

This new club is for investors who want advice about options-trading strategies to make big profits. For beginner options traders and experienced options traders alike, this club gives you four different advisories to keep you focused on making money with proven options-trading strategies. Chief Analyst Andy Crowder reveals his statistically-driven, mechanical approach to trading options—all to make bigger profits for you.


Access ALL of Andy Crowder’s Options Research at a $3,491 Discount

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Andy Crowder

Andy Crowder quit a lucrative job on Wall Street so that he could share his expertise with regular investors – instead of super-rich investment banks and hedge funds.

He’d rather help regular people tap into the trade secrets of Wall Street than put on a suit and tie and battle it out in a stuffy office …

Today, he publishes 4 different specialized options services for Cabot Wealth Network.

  • Cabot Options Institute Fundamentals ($497/yr): Andy’s flagship beginner-friendly service dedicated to using a time-tested options strategy that can help you generate returns every month without huge capital outlays … Learn about Andy’s “poor man’s” approach to trading options for reliable gains with minimal risk.
  • Cabot Options Institute Income Trader ($1,497/yr): This service reveals the main difference between amateurs and pros: pros make sure they get paid … Andy shows you how to get paid no matter what is going on in the market. Get paid to buy stocks. Get paid to sell stocks. Get paid to hold stocks! This service makes income the centerpiece of your portfolio so that you get paid – just like the pros on Wall Street.
  • Cabot Options Institute Quantitative Trader ($1,997/yr): Andy’s shows you why many Wall Street traders can profit with market-neutral strategies. His most sophisticated trading service, Andy’s Quantitative analysis means you can profit from the regular ebb and flow of the market – bull, bear or in between – you can earn $1,000/month regardless of market conditions.
  • Cabot Options Institute Earnings Trader ($2,497/yr): This elite service focuses on the 4 most profitable periods in the market: the time when major companies announce their earnings. These short-term periods coincide with massive amounts of capital moving back and forth. Spikes in volume and volatility make it possible to make a month’s worth of gains in 1-3 days. Many trades close out in less than a day – letting you bag quick gains of 10-15% in hours …

These services each offer a safe way to generate reliable returns – based on statistical likelihoods that give you an 80% chance of success.

While most people use options to make risky, leveraged bets in the hopes of windfall profits of 100-300% in days …

Andy takes a different approach.

He only makes trades that have a statistical advantage.

Instead of big, risky bets, he shows you how to make regular, reliable income and profits. Think: singles and doubles instead of homeruns …

If you’re winning 80% of your trades, that gives you the confidence and peace of mind to know that not every trade has to be a huge gain. You don’t have to stretch your capital ... or add stress to your life, worrying about whether you’ll lose it all or hit it big.

The truth:

Most people conceptually understand that the way to build wealth is to do so slowly, carefully and over time.

They understand that if you want solid, repeatable, healthy results, you can’t take big risks.

To put it another way: You have to eat your vegetables.

Even though candy and ice cream are more exciting, they’re not good for you.

And that’s Andy’s entire approach.

He brings his Wall Street trading acumen and uses conservative, probability-based strategies that tend to do well in any market. Vegetables, not candy.

So, if you’re looking for a simple way to consistently win in the market – bull, bear or in between – Andy’s services are right for you.

Access to the kind of expertise that Andy brings to his work would usually cost you a small fortune. After all, most Wall Street traders are on Wall Street getting paid six figures just to show up to the office.

They’re certainly not making themselves available to the public – for any price.

And in the past, Andy has charged $1,000/day for his work.

He’s been courted by wealthy individuals to run their home office …

He’s been approached by hedge fund managers to come in-house to trade multimillion-dollar accounts for rich investors …

But Andy’s not interested in helping the rich get richer.

He’s much more motivated to help regular investors learn about how to create their own secure retirement through safe option trades.

Even so … if you’re able to make $1,000 a month from Andy’s Fundamental trades …

Or 10% gains every few weeks from his Income research …

Or you use his Quant service to pad your brokerage by $10,000 a year …

And you make a month’s worth of gains in one day with his Earnings service …

I think it would be a steal to pay $10,000 a year for access to all of Andy’s research.

And normally, to access all 4 of these services it would cost you $6,488 …

But we’ve bundled these services together, so that you can get everything Andy publishes for half price.
For just $2,997, you get full access to Andy’s entire suite of options services. That’s only $500 more than a year’s membership to Andy’s most expensive service: the Cabot Options Institute Earnings Trader.

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Cabot Options Institute Member Benefits

When you become a Cabot Options Institute Masters Club Member, you get access to all 4 Cabot Options Institute services.

1) Cabot Options Institute Fundamentals: This service is focused on the most basic options trades—the poor man’s way to earn reliable income with options. It includes:
· 5 Portfolios based on some of the safest stocks in the market.
· Monthly Issue revealing live trades you can make in your account for gains of 5-8% in about a month.
· Monthly Member Call— your chance to watch Andy give trade examples, answer questions and give you live feedback.
· Alerts as necessary.
· Potentially 15-20+ trades per month.
· Andy’s Fundamental User Guide: showing you exactly how he sets up his Fundamental trades for reliable gains every month.
· Special Report: The #1 Fundamentals Trade You Should Make Today

2) Cabot Options Institute Income Trader: Andy shows you 4 different ways to get paid – no matter what is happening in the market, including how to earn income just for buying and selling stocks. It includes:
· Weekly Issues that discuss our open trades and how we plan to proceed going forward.
· Monthly Member Call – week of expiration.
· Alerts as necessary.
· Potentially 3-8+ trades per month.
· Andy’s Income User Guide: showing the 4 ways you can get paid in the market – just for doing what you’re likely
· Special Report: The #1 Income Trade You Should Make Today

3) Cabot Options Institute Quant Trader: This service uses more complex options trades to give you a massive margin of safety while making hundreds or even thousands in profit every month. It includes:
· Weekly Issues that discuss our open trades and how we plan to proceed going forward.
· Monthly Member Call – week of expiration.
· Alerts as necessary.
· Potentially 3-8+ trades per month.
· Andy’s Quantitative User Guide: revealing how Wall Street traders benefit from market-neutral strategies for 10-15% monthly gains.
· Special Report: Evergreen Trading Strategies that Work in Every Market

4) Cabot Options Institute Earnings Trader: The 4 most profitable periods in the market occur around earnings season – when major companies report their financials. It gives the options trader a short window to make the biggest gains. It includes:
· Weekly Issues that list upcoming earnings announcements.
· Weekly Member Call – every Friday during earnings season.
· Alerts as necessary.
· Potentially 5-10+ trades per earnings season
· Andy’s Earnings User Guide: this report details the amazing potential of trading during the 4 most profitable times of the year, when you can make a month’s worth of gains in one day.
· Special Report: My Number 1 Options Tool You Can Use to Trade Right Now

You’ll also get:

Special email alerts and trade recommendations.
Complete 24/7 control over your email communications.
Live, members-only Member Calls where Andy fields all of your questions, walks through different trades and shows you exactly how he trades.
Access to Andy’s personal email address.
Andy’s entire library of special reports, training videos and model portfolios.

Even better, you get all of this for a $3,491 discount!

PLUS, if Andy adds any new content or strategies, you get those as a part of your Cabot Options Institute membership too!

You also get a full 30 days to decide if you want every dime of your $2,997 back.
Join Cabot Options Institute Masters Club Now!

If you’re ready to earn reliable income and profits in any market, using Andy’s high probability trades, here’s what you need to do:

Just click here to get started – and claim access to ALL of Andy’s options research for a $3,491 discount.