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Cabot Dividend Investor focuses on preparing for retirement, recommending a solid range of income-generating stocks, REITs, MLPs and closed end funds, with particular emphasis on risk, dividend safety and dividend growth. If you’re retired or thinking about retirement, this advisory is for you. Cabot Dividend Investor’s proprietary Individual Retirement Income System (IRIS) will help you allocate your assets according to your retirement goals.




✓ Inflation will eat up your nest egg?
✓ You’ll outlive your retirement savings?
✓ Your cashflow won’t support your lifestyle?
✓ Stocks will crash, wiping out your investments?
✓ New Covid strains will shut down the economy?

If so, you’re not alone. Like most
investors, you’re right to worry.

The fact is, economists tell us that millions of retirees over the coming decades will run out of money. Absolutely true.

If you don’t worry about this, you’re either fabulously wealthy . . . or you’re sticking your head in the sand and ignoring the real chance your dream retirement could become a nightmare.

If you fall into either category—you have spectacular wealth . . . or you’re desperately ignoring the facts—you can stop reading.

But if you care to know the real truth—including a strategy for preventing financial catastrophe in retirement—I invite you to read on.

Dear Fellow Retirement Investor,

You’ll find me to be a straight shooter. I don’t mince words.

First, let me introduce myself—then let me tell you about the harrowing dangers we face as present or future retirees.

I am Ed Coburn, CEO and President of Cabot Wealth Network.

My company has been working with retirement investors for over 50 years now—ever since Carlton Lutts started Cabot back in 1970.

Spanning half a dozen recessions and market crashes, Carlton showed tens of thousands of investors how to create dream retirements.

Today we continue to serve thousands of investors—through good times and challenging times—helping prepare them for safe, secure, prosperous retirements through smarter investing.
Now let me share some straight talk
about the “Retirement Financial Crisis” using real facts:

First, researchers predict that more than 40% of all U.S. retirees will run out of money.

Most will run out because they didn’t save enough . . . or invest wisely.

But others will run out because of economic factors beyond their control. Like . . .
Raging Inflation: Americans are about to start spending some $2 trillion dollars they’ve been saving up during the Covid pandemic. The U.S. Congress is about to dump another $3 trillion into the economy as a “fiscal stimulus.”

The consumer price index leaped 7% in the 2021—wildly exceeding Fed predictions.

Add to these factors skyrocketing home prices, rising materials costs and diminished inventories, higher minimum wages, increased employee benefits—they all thrust business costs and prices upward.

Bottom line: This year’s inflation rate will be over 8%—the highest rate since the 1980s!—and it could increase again next year.

That means today your nest egg is being robbed at a rate of at least 8% a year.
(In a minute, I’ll tell you what you can do about this, but let’s look at other facts that threaten our retirement savings.)

Longer life expectancy: In 1980, men could expect to live to age 68—today a 65-year-old man can live happily to 84 (and his wife to 87). But many millions will live to 90 . . . or even 100 years.

Unfortunately, financial advisors to retirees have often failed to create plans for their clients to account for this increased life span.

In many cases, they’ve encouraged inadequate investments (like low-yield bonds)—ignoring the greatest bull market (and investment profits) in world history.

Nor have retirees themselves saved and invested with a mind to financing a 25-year—let alone a 35-year—retirement period. Most retirement accounts are woefully underfunded . . . so retirees will outlive them, falling into poverty.

I’ll share with you some profitable solutions to this problem—if you’re willing to start now. But let’s continue here with eyes wide open to understand other threats we face.
Social Security will run out of money in 2034: Did you see this news? In just 13 years, Social Security’s trust fund will run out of money—and the Medicare fund will run out by 2026(!) . . . unless Congress cuts benefits or raises taxes.

Any way you look at it, you lose. While you may still collect some Social Security in the future, this failure is a serious threat to your cash flow.

I think you’d agree: The only way to protect yourself from this potential disaster is to substantially increase your retirement income . . . as soon as you’re able.

I can offer some solutions, but first, perhaps the greatest danger on the horizon:
Possible market crash: Nobody predicted the Covid-19 outbreak or the market crash that followed it in March 2020.

While the market has recovered, no one predicted the Delta variant—and nobody knows what this monster could do to global markets.

Stock market valuations today are also extraordinarily high and could tumble at any time. Inflation could kill the market. Another Covid variant could shut down the economy and send us into another recession.

But regardless: We know the stock market will crash again—that’s part of the normal investing cycle. It absolutely will happen.

It means many investors will see much of their net worth evaporate overnight.

The huge question is, how should retirement investors prepare for a possible crash?

I’m about to share with you Cabot’s proven “anti-crash” strategy—and introduce you to a retirement investment genius. But patience—just a few more facts you need to know:
When I say millions of investors will run out of money, I’m not kidding.

Consider this: Only 18% of Americans—fewer than 1 in 5—
are taking steps to ensure a secure retirement.

I’m sure you agree: You need to be among those who are preparing for these dangers.

And you can be.

Another fact: Some 70% of people over 65 will need long-term care in their lifetime . . . but very few have planned for the $51,000-$102,000 per year—not covered by Medicare—they will have to pay.

These “unexpected” expenses will send many into bankruptcy.

Finally—since we’re being honest and facing facts—it’s worthwhile to consider what your life would be like if you blow through your retirement nest egg before your time.

You will no doubt be collecting some Social Security in your retirement—but with inadequate savings or additional income, you’ll be forced to take one or more of these demoralizing steps:

  • Continue working indefinitely—perhaps in a menial job, perhaps at minimum wage
  • Find a roommate or take boarders into your home
  • Ask for assistance from your children, your church or other charities
  • Face mounting debt and shrinking credit (such as no credit cards)
  • Be forced into sub-standard Section 8 housing . . . or even homelessness

We at Cabot Wealth Network believe that no one should be forced into these circumstances. I’m sure you’d agree.

Yet many Americans face just such a scenario . . . whether they admit it or not.

Which brings me to the reason I wrote you this letter: Namely . . .
You don’t have to suffer these consequences!

You don’t have to be a victim of the Retirement Financial Crisis.

No matter what the current size of your retirement nest egg . . .

No matter which investments you have in your portfolio today . . .

If you’re ready to take definitive steps—now . . .

I firmly believe that we at Cabot Wealth Network—and one man in particular—can help you achieve a comfortable, secure retirement in two ways:

  1. Multiply your net worth, to increase your stability and security
  2. Create a regular stream of retirement income for the rest of your life

But before I reveal our plan for avoiding financial catastrophe in retirement,
I need to warn you.

While Cabot has for decades helped tens of thousands of investors build a rock-solid retirement strategy—one that steadily grows their nest egg and delivers gratifying cash flow . . .

We’ve also seen retirees who have ignored the dangers . . . and rejected our advice.

Despite the risks, despite the high stakes . . . some people remain frozen.

They refuse to break out.

Perhaps they lack the will to survive and thrive.

Perhaps they lack the courage to use a formula grounded in perfect, logical sense . . . that has profited so many other retirement investors.

Whatever their reasons, I assume if you’ve read my letter so far, you’re ready to take your future in hand . . .
You’re ready to prevent the devastating outcomes we’ve outlined here—and assure yourself a secure, comfortable retirement.

If so, let me explain how Cabot helps conservative investors mushroom their net worth, plus create a generous income stream to support the lifestyle they desire.
The secret is what we call “The Blue-Chip Retirement Strategy.”

The genius who can help you achieve it . . . is Tom Hutchinson.

Let me ask you a question: Given your current investment strategy—and given today’s economic instability . . .
How helpful would it be to boost your income by $40,000 a
year and your net worth by $160,000 a year?

I ask, because over the past few years, Cabot’s “Blue-Chip Retirement Strategy” has made just those kinds of returns—and more—possible for investors.
This is an exciting story—yet also a profoundly common-sense approach—so let me start at the beginning.

You see, Cabot Senior Analyst Tom Hutchinson designed the Blue-Chip Retirement Strategy from the ground up—to meet the three most important retirement goals:

  1. Our retirement portfolio must deliver extraordinary income and appreciation—it must consistently outperform the Dow Jones Industrial index
  2. All investments must be super safe: We recommend only reliable, long-term winners—no high risk, no high flyers
  3. Our method must be easy for the investor to understand and implement.

If you made a “wish list” of your ideal investment criteria for current and future retirees, wouldn’t you also name these three— exceptional yield, ultra-secure investments, simple to manage?

Let me explain exactly how Tom’s Blue-Chip Retirement Strategy works. You’ll find it meets all these criteria—as well as a quality I think you’ll find equally attractive:
Tom Hutchinson helps you enjoy investing.

Let’s start with the fundamentals, then I’ll tell you how Tom makes investing a pleasure.
How the Blue-Chip Retirement Strategy protects your investment
by sticking to rock-solid stock-market performers.

I can’t wait to tell you about the stellar returns Tom Hutchinson’s Blue-Chip Retirement Strategy have produced for his investor subscribers.

Don’t worry: In just a minute, I’ll tell you about Tom’s exciting investment picks—some of which have generated three-digit profits for happy retirement investors.

But I think you’ll agree: Protecting your precious nest egg is Job #1.

Am I right?

You can’t afford to risk your retirement savings on high-risk investments. Not only do I understand . . . I feel the same way about my personal nest egg.

That’s exactly the reason Tom calls his method the Blue-Chip Retirement Strategy—he focuses on qualities that virtually ensure safe investments:
- Proven businesses with impressive track records

- Market dominance in booming markets

- Strong, stable financial condition

- Highly competent, trustworthy management

- Long history of consistent dividend payments

Think about it: These Blue-Chip criteria form the bedrock of investment security.

Indeed, many of Tom’s top-performing investment recommendations are Blue-Chip, household names you’ll recognize:

• Eli Lilly • Qualcomm • Blackrock

• Broadcom • Chevron • Valero

• U.S. Bancorp • Altria • Verizon

While you may not be familiar with all of Tom’s recommendations, you can be sure he knows and has researched firms like these to ensure they’re solid and trustworthy:

• Xcel Energy • AbbVie, Inc. • STAG Industrial Properties

• KKR & Co. • NextEra Energy • Innovative Industrial

• Invesco • Digital Realty • Brookfield Infrastructure

Above all, while Tom’s Blue-Chip Retirement Portfolio is focused on long-term market positions, he also knows “when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em.”

In his weekly and monthly advisories, Tom advises his followers on exactly when to Buy, Hold and Sell to maintain absolute safety . . . yet exploit every profit opportunity.
Tom’s Blue-Chip Retirement Strategy helps you
generate both income and value appreciation
that out-perform the Dow Jones Industrial Average

Sure, if you have a large investment portfolio—$2 million dollars or more—maybe you can afford to invest in “average,” low-performing stocks.

Take this example: Retirees who invested in a Dow Jones Industrial Average index fund for the year 2020 would have experienced this:
Average dividend yield for Dow Jones Industrial Average Stocks: 2.34%
Average price appreciation for Dow Jones Industrial Average Stocks: 6.87%
Total annual return on investment: 9.21%

Nothing wrong with that . . . if you have investments of $2,000,000 or more.

At 9.21%, you’d earn a respectable $184,200 annual profit—including $46,800 in dividend income. (Though you’re still losing 5-6% of your money to inflation.)
But what happens if your nest egg is only $1,000,000 at 9.21%?

That million-dollar nest egg will earn you a profit of just $92,100 (before inflation).
Unfortunately, only $23,400 of that will be dividend income.
Can you live on that?

What if your retirement nest egg is just $500,000?
Your total pre-inflation profit at 9.21% will amount to only $46,050.
Of which only $11,700 will be dividend income.
No one can live on that—even with Social Security.

Can you see why so many retirees are struggling financially?
Last year, Tom Hutchinson beat the Dow Jones Average by 288%.

Is it any wonder so many retirement investors are attracted
to his Blue-Chip Retirement Strategy (BCRS)?

Over the last year, Tom’s dividend portfolio—based on the BCRS—generated profits of 26.6% for investors who followed his recommendations.
That’s nearly three times the return of the Dow Jones Industrial Average!

Tom’s Blue-Chip dividend portfolio currently delivers investors average dividends of 4.04%—42% more income than the Dow Jones Industrial index.
What would mean to your net worth and income?

A million-dollar nest egg using the Blue-Chip Retirement Strategy over the last year earned $266,000.


That’s how to grow wealth. That’s how to beat inflation.

Best of all, it’s how to ensure yourself a comfortable, secure retirement.

What’s more, Tom’s Blue-Chip Retirement Strategy would have generated a handsome $40,400 of dividend income.

That’s almost twice the cash flow as the DJIA index performance!


Don’t forget that every year your portfolio grows in size, so does your dividend income.

But I’m sure you’re wondering: How did Tom Hutchinson manage to beat the Dow Jones index over the last 12 months?

Even better question: How have Tom’s picks over the last two years given investors a spectacular 25% profit each year?

I can tell you, it’s not magic. More like hard work and decades of experience.

Tom is simply a very smart, dedicated—disciplined—analyst who knows the rules and has the instincts for finding value.

How Tom’s recent winners can help ensure your wealth lasts longer than you do.

Want more proof? Scan below to see how just a few of his recent picks have performed.
Note that they’re mostly recognizable, “Blue-Chip” names—they’re perennial, top-performers in producing both appreciation and income:

  • Eli Lilly — 85% overall return over 1 year
  • US Bankcorp — 27% total profit over 8 months
  • Qualcom — 81% rise in 20 months
  • KKR & Co. — 42% gain to investors in just 5 months
  • Innovative Industrial — 168% profit in 15 months
  • AbbVie — returned 78% to investors in 30 months

As you can see, Tom isn’t a fast-paced, in-and-out trader. He’s careful. He’s methodical.
Above all, he’s patient. He knows when to stay for the long term.

Here are just a few of the stocks he’s held—waiting as they ripened into plump returns for his investor subscribers:

  • STAG Industrial Properties — jumped 107% over 3.5 years
  • Xcel Energy — profit of 180% over 7 years
  • NextEra Energy — 93% income, plus appreciation in 2.8 years
  • Brookfield Infrastructure — 69% increase in 30 months

I’m going to tell you more about Tom Hutchinson in a minute—especially how his phenomenal expertise and energetic personality make retirement investing a real pleasure . . . even for people who have little experience with dividend investing.
But first . . . it’s important you feel absolutely comfortable
when using Tom’s Blue-Chip Retirement Strategy.

How Tom’s Blue-Chip Retirement Strategy makes
building your wealth and income . . . easy, safe and profitable—
a combination you won’t find anywhere else

✓ Tom scours the market day and night . . . so you don’t have to.

✓ Tom contacts you directly for specific buy, sell and hold recommendations.

✓ His strategy gives you ultimate freedom to balance risk and rewards

While you do what you like best—working, savoring retirement or just sleeping soundly—Tom uses decades of experience to analyze and weigh the market.

When he sees a winner—or danger ahead—he tells you what to do immediately.

Tom sends you reports, email updates and audio messages—whatever it takes.

But while Tom gives you detailed investment recommendations . . .

He also helps you build a custom retirement portfolio to match your needs precisely—one that balances your desire for profit, income . . . and risk control.
The Blue-Chip Retirement Strategy lets you choose
from three portfolios . . . so you can create your
ideal balance of income, growth and investment safety

If you’ve read this far, it’s clear you want to ensure a great
retirement by increasing your cash flow and your net worth.

But as you know, every investor has different needs and desires: You’ll likely base your requirements on your age, the size of your nest egg, your retirement goals . . . and your desire to trade risk for rewards.

Obviously, there’s no one answer for all investors.

That’s why Tom Hutchinson categorizes all his stock recommendations into one of three portfolio tiers—making it simple to create exactly the portfolio you want.

Custom balance your portfolio by choosing stocks from:

High Yield Tier = More Income
Want to generate or boost your cash stream right now? Acquire these high-yield stocks to generate high current dividend payouts—with the trade-off of slightly higher risk and less capital appreciation than the other tiers. Current dividend yield in this tier: 5.4%

Dividend Growth Tier = Moderate Income + Moderate Growth
These stocks are most likely to deliver steady, long-term dividend streams with strong potential for dividend and value increases. Current yield in this tier: 3.3%

Safe Income Tier = Greater safety + Minimal Volatility
If your goal is to minimize risk, you’ll like these stocks—they’re high quality and meant for a long period of solid dividends and steady growth. Current yield in this tier: 2.8%

No matter which tier or combination of individual stocks you choose from Tom’s recommendations, you’re riding with a winner:
✓ Average yield for all three portfolios is currently 4.04%

✓ Average total return for all stocks is currently 39.7%

Best of all, when you use the Blue-Chip Retirement Strategy, you’ll be assured that Tom Hutchinson has personally analyzed and certified every recommendation.
Who is Tom Hutchinson?
How does he make retirement investors wealthy . . .
And how does he make investing a pleasure?

Let me give you a quick bio on Tom, so you understand why he’s so respected.

Then I want to tell you about the passionate personality behind his impressive achievements and credentials.

For more than 15 years, Tom actively managed 7- and 8-figure investment portfolios at UBS, a leading global financial firm . . . so he’s a stock market heavyweight.


As their portfolio manager, his clients depended on him to make daily investment decisions on trading stocks, bonds, mutual funds and annuities for them.

You’ll like the fact that while Tom focuses on creating high-income strategies—he’s literally obsessed with preserving and growing his clients’ principal.

The result: Tom has racked up a long, stellar track record of helping private investors and corporate clients increase their assets by tens of millions of dollars.

In addition, Tom Hutchinson is renowned in financial media.
✓ He is Chief Analyst at Cabot Dividend Advisor.

✓ His byline has appeared in the Motley Fool, StreetAuthority, Wall Street’s Best Digest, NewsMax and others.

✓ He has written newsletters and articles for several of the nation’s largest online publications, conducted seminars and appeared on national financial TV programs.

✓ For the past eight years, Tom has authored a highly successful dividend and income portfolio with a stellar track record.

✓ At Cabot, Tom authors the Cabot Dividend Investor and Cabot Income Advisor advisories, including regular weekly updates on every portfolio position and a weekly podcast discussing market trends.

✓ In response to the emerging Retirement Income Crisis, Tom invented his proprietary Blue-Chip Retirement Strategy to help retired investors create substantial five-figure income streams while preserving their principal.

In short, I believe Tom’s the best dividend investing strategist in the business.
Just as important as these accomplishments—maybe even more so—
Tom will inspire you . . . and make investing come alive!

Tom recently spoke at our recent Cabot Wealth Summit—what a powerful, insightful presentation!

No surprise. Tom’s a sharp analyst. He’s a great guy. He’s an entertaining presenter.

That’s why I want to offer you the chance to start receiving Tom’s Cabot Dividend Investor monthly advisory—where he helps investors implement the Blue-Chip Retirement Strategy.
I think you’ll also love getting Tom’s Special Alerts—and
especially his provocative Audio Podcasts every week.

You really get to know Tom through these lively podcasts—his personality, his observations about market trends . . . and the fascinating reasons for his stock picks.

Above all, I believe you’ll come to enjoy following Tom’s recommendations . . . and using them to build and bolster your retirement nest egg.
Introducing the safest, most reliable way
for retirees to escape the Retirement Financial Crisis

I invite you to join Tom Hutchinson and Cabot Dividend Investor

I’ve shown you some of the amazing income and wealth-building results Tom has achieved using the power of Dividend Investing.

Dividend Investing is the rock-solid foundation of the Blue-Chip Retirement Strategy.
Dividend stocks offer the most trusted, most profitable alternative to . . .

✓ Investing in low-yield bonds

✓ Investing in high-flyer, high-risk “growth” stocks

✓ Dipping into—and possibly exhausting—your principal savings

Why? Dividend stocks offer an almost magical combination of virtues for retirees:

  • Dividend-paying companies are safe: They rarely go out of business.
  • Most dividend stocks increase their dividends steadily—beating inflation.
  • Over the long run, dividend stocks outperform non-dividend stocks. For example, consider this:

A recent study by Factset shows that dividend paying stocks outperform their non-paying counterparts by a dramatic amount. From 1991 through 2015, non-dividend paying stocks earned just +4.18% return per year while dividend paying stocks significantly outperformed with a +9.7% average annual return.

Here’s why other smart investors use Cabot Dividend Investor
to build their income and net worth . . . prudently

If you have any doubt about whether you can rely on Cabot Dividend Investor to protect you from market instability and help ensure you outlive your retirement savings . . .

I invite you to review these comments from subscribers:

“I’ve had great results . . . I recommend readers to subscribe to your letter”
Joseph H., Pine City, New York
Cabot Dividend Investor subscriber

“Thanks for the Cabot Dividend Investor guides on retirement income . . . I’m 70 and been investing since I was a teenager, and I have never seen such a good explanation of this subject matter.”
Dimick, Leawood, Kansas
Cabot Dividend Investor subscriber

“A very safe, intelligent way to invest for retirement.”
Crothers, New Orleans, Louisiana
Cabot Dividend Investor subscriber

“If you want stress-free, solid dividend returns with dividend growth built in with a minimum of risk to your capital . . . this is the investment newsletter for you.”
Schnereger, Boise, Idaho
Cabot Dividend Investor subscriber

“A must for your nest egg and if you want income!”
Ahmodu, Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada
Cabot Dividend Investor subscriber

This is just a small sample of the thousands of investors who have relied on Cabot Dividend Investor to generate retirement cash flow and safely build portfolio value.
If you’re ready to take the first step to boosting your net worth and income—while side-stepping the Retirement Financial Crisis—let me make you an offer I think you won’t want to refuse.

Start putting the Blue-Chip Retirement Strategy to work:
Start your subscription to Cabot Dividend Investor today

I’m confident that once you start receiving Cabot Dividend Investor—and getting to know Tom Hutchinson, especially his weekly Audio Podcasts—you’ll want to go “all in.”
I think you’ll see how safe, profitable and easy it is to adopt
the Blue-Chip Retirement Strategy for your entire portfolio.

I also think you’ll find Tom’s down-to-earth style immensely engaging . . . and inspiring.

But here’s good news: You don’t have to convert your entire portfolio to the Blue-Chip Retirement Strategy all at once.
Just take it one step at a time. Dip your toe in.

If I’m right, you’ll see an immediate increase in your cash income and net worth.

Just a few of Tom’s recommendations can be worth $2,000 to you over the coming months. One recommendation alone could quickly return $500 or more to you.
Join us now: Receive these 3 Special Reports—
plus Tom’s Video Presentation, “The Dividend Solution”—absolutely free.

When you start your journey to greater investment safety and greater retirement income using the power of Dividend Investing, I want to make sure you’re an instant success.

To help make sure you make the right moves—as quickly and safely as possible—I want to send you a package of three amazing Special Reports:

1) Cabot’s “Complete Retirement Income Guide: How to Safely Secure a Lifetime of Income”

You’ll wish you had read this concise guide 10 or 20 years ago—but it’s still worth its weight in gold for those new to or not expert in income investing.

In this guide, Tom Hutchinson explains why so many smart retirement investors focus on income—owning high-quality, low-risk investments that generate a steady income stream without ever having to sell anything.

You’ll also get inside advice about the five best equity classes for income investors, plus disturbing truths about ETFs and bonds. Finally, you’ll discover a mistake many investors make when calculating stock yields—an error that hides their true profits.
Though we don’t sell this guide publicly, it’s valued at $50.00
—and it’s yours free.

2) Creating the Perfect Portfolio: Tips, Tricks and Strategies for Making IRIS Work for You”

Cabot Dividend Investor allows you to balance your retirement portfolio according to your goals for income, growth and safety. This report helps you set those three goals and put numerical values to them.

Next this report gives you insights and criteria for making smarter decisions about all three qualities. It even tells you which specific types of equities you’ll want to consider to fulfill each of these goals.
This $50.00-value report is only available to Cabot Dividend
Investor subscribers—it’s yours at no charge.

3) “Everything You Should Know about Master Limited Partnerships before You Invest a Dime”

Interest rates have been at historically low levels for years, which makes it easy for companies to raise money by issuing debt (which is supposed to help the economy grow) but makes it hard to live on the income from a portfolio of safe Treasury and investment-grade bonds—as many retirees had always expected to do.

In response, many investors have broadened their definition of income investments, turning to dividend-paying common stocks and more aggressive assets for income.

One of these vehicles is the Master Limited Partnership, or MLP. MLPs are popular among income-seeking investors because they offer very high yields. No surprise there: MLPs are actually specifically designed to pass cash flows along to investors.
This report—also not available to the general public, but
valued at $50.00—is also yours free as a new subscriber.

These three income-investing-success reports are together valued at $150.00.

Because you receive them at no charge, this increases the value of your investment in a 1-year subscription to Cabot Dividend Investor.
In addition to your 3 free reports,

I’m also including Tom Hutchinson’s explosive video presentation:

“The Dividend Solution—How Dividend Stocks Have Replaced the Bond Market”

This is Tom’s piercing, provocative—and entertaining—analysis that so impressed me at our annual Cabot Wealth Summit a few months ago.

I want you to have this video, so you can appreciate what a dynamic, sincere . . . and sharp market analyst Tom Hutchinson is.

In this presentation, Tom explains the tectonic shift occurring in today’s stock market—and how it will affect investing for decades to come.

Most importantly, he explains why you should throw out all conventional wisdom about bond investments . . . and immediately rethink all your current bond investments.

I think you’ll be fascinated, as I was, as Tom also explains:
why you should not dig into your principal during retirement

why your “cash” reserves are not necessarily safe

why dividend stocks grow faster and longer than others

why bonds used to make sense . . . but no longer

why it’s a horrible mistake to think because you have a robust savings account . . . or are still working . . . or have a pension, that you will not necessarily be devastated by today’s unstable economy, and . . .

why dividend stocks are much safer than non-dividend-payers

In short, I believe the unconventional wisdom you get Tom’s video will be worth many times your investment in Cabot Dividend Investor.
As a new subscriber, you will hear this priceless video at
no charge—absolutely free.

But you must act to subscribe now to receive your three free reports, plus the free video of Tom on “The Dividend Solution.”
Why I personally back your subscription to Cabot Dividend Investor

with an iron-clad, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re at all attracted to the mix of safety, income and growth offered by Cabot Dividend Investor, I urge you to respond now. Your risk is zero.

My company, the Cabot Wealth Network, has backed its investment advice for three generations—over 50 years—with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Because I’m confident we can help you beat inflation—and beat the Dow Jones Index by double digits—plus allow you to you sleep soundly every night . . .

If you’re not completely satisfied, you can receive all of the money you paid for your annual subscription back.

Rest assured, when you subscribe now . . .

  • I will send you all three success reports, valued at $150 free . . .
  • I will send you access to Tom’s provocative video on the “The Dividend Solution” free . . .
  • I will send your first issue, listing every stock in our three portfolios, so you essentially have “the keys to the kingdom”

If after taking an annual subscription and reviewing these materials over the next 30 days, you are not completely convinced that Cabot Dividend Investor will boost your income and net worth, you can receive your money back in full—100%—without question, without delay.
If you cancel, you may of course keep your free reports and issue.

A final word before I say fare thee well . . .

I’ve spent years working with retirement investors like you.

Here’s something I’ve learned.

Some investors believe they can “do it on their own.”

But unless they are dedicated to the stock market day and night . . . and are extraordinarily smart . . . their returns almost always fail to beat the market . . .

In truth, too often these “do-it-yourselfers” meet disaster. I’ve seen them lose hundreds of thousands of dollars on their “hunches.”

This is just a fact.

On the other hand, investors who succeed—whose portfolios achieve exceptional returns—are those who look to reputable experts.

Successful investors don’t necessarily follow a guru word for word, pick for pick . . .

But they listen to reliable experts. They weigh their recommendations. Then they decide and act—slowly, carefully . . . advisedly.

I wish you the success of those investors who listen.

I’m confident you’ll find Tom Hutchinson a prudent source of investment wisdom.

I think you’ll find Cabot Dividend Investor an extraordinarily profitable investment in and of itself.

Please act now to get your three free reports and your free access to Tom’s video along with your subscription.

Don’t forget either, that your annual subscription is completely without risk. After your review of your materials, you may cancel and receive an immediate 100% discount.
Subscribe Now!

Best wishes for exceptional investment returns and a rewarding retirement,


Ed Coburn,
CEO & President,
Cabot Wealth Network

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  • “Creating the Perfect Portfolio: Tips, Tricks and Strategies for Putting the Blue-Chip Retirement Strategy to Work for You”
  • “Everything You Should Know about Master Limited Partnerships before You Invest a Dime
  • Tom Hutchinson’s video presentation: “The Dividend Solution—How Dividend Stocks Have Replaced the Bond Market”

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