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Wall Street’s Best Digest Daily Alert - 9/1/20

This auto parts company beat analysts’ estimates by $0.09 last quarter.

This auto parts company beat analysts’ estimates by $0.09 last quarter. And forecasts are calling for 33.3% growth next year.

From Weiss Stock Ratings Heat Maps

Until I started working on this piece, I had never heard of XPEL Inc. (Rated “B”). Not the company. Not its products. Not the stock.

But, if you’ve owned XPEL for a while, you’re one happy camper. Shares of the $760 million company have soared more than 91% in the last month and 225% in the last year.

The combination of solid fundamentals and strong performance have vaulted this small-cap name to the top of your Best Momentum Stocks Heat Map and Best Hot-Sector Leaders Heat Maps.

That helps bring this undiscovered gem to your (and my) attention, giving you the chance to profit if the strong performance continues.

For the record, Xpel is a San Antonio-based maker of protective films and coatings. They’re used to protect automotive paint from chipping and abrasions, tint car windows to reduce interior heating, and cover touch screens with an anti-microbial buffer.

Sales jumped 19% year-over-year in the second quarter, while profits surged 31%.

Mike Larson, Weiss Stock Ratings Heat Maps,; phone: 1-877-934-7778, August 25, 2020