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Trovagene Inc. (TROV)

Today, we offer recommendations on a biotech hit by the sector sell-off and an airline company who paid $107 million in dividends and executed $425 million in share repurchases in the third quarter.

Trovagene Inc. (TROV)
from Top Stocks under $10

Trovagene Inc.’s (TROV) stock will continue to bounce around, being that it’s a biotech and given the increased scrutiny on companies in the industry by politicians for political motives ahead of elections. As I’ve said, drug companies rely on pricing power before patents expire to fund their research and development. It’s a needed incentive to progress for companies and patients, but companies shouldn’t get too greedy. I think TROV will make its way out of this industry-related speed bump. TROV’s game-changing urine tests take the place of invasive tumor-detection and monitoring technology—a major health-care step forward. My target: $11.

Mandeep Rai, Top Stocks under $10, published by Money and Markets, a Division of Weiss Research, Inc.,,; 1-800-291-8545, October 16, 2015