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Sell: Alcoa (AA) and Enzo Biochem (ENZ)

Sell: Alcoa Inc. (AA)
From Top Stocks under $10
Updated from WSBI 779, March 16, 2016

Let’s take profits in Alcoa Inc. (AA). The company reported strong earnings, giving us a nice boost to our total return. But it wasn’t enough to push the shares above $11—an area of significant resistance. Plus, the pop from the company’s strong earnings is dissipating.

Sell: Enzo Biochem (ENZ)

From Top Stocks under $10
Updated from WSBI 782, June 15, 2016

Enzo Biochem (ENZ) was produced by our proprietary algorithms. And currently that model is telling us it’s time to take profits on strength.

Mandeep Rai, Top Stocks under $10, published by Money and Markets, a Division of Weiss Research, Inc.,,; 1-800- 291-8545, July 19,2016