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Gencor Industries Inc. (GENC)

This infrastructure company is set to benefit from new highway construction.

Gencor Industries Inc. (GENC)
From Stock Selections & Timing

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Our top stock pick for 2016 is Gencor Industries Inc. (GENC). GENC produces highway construction materials like asphalt. It should benefit from the recently passed 5-year $305 billion highway construction bill. There are numerous state initiatives, like Proposition 7 in Texas that should also benefit the company.

The company has a pristine balance sheet. GENC has two classes of stocks with a total of 9.5 million shares issued, and the shares trade at about $11.50. So this is a very small company with a micro-cap market cap of $109 million.

Be careful if you buy or sell it, to only use limit orders.

The company has no debt and cash or cash alternatives of $95 million. Revenues for the latest fiscal year ending September 30, 2015 were $39 million, with an operating loss of less than $1 million.

Based on the newly passed construction bill, we expect sales to surge in 2016. The company is well run. We expect net earnings to exceed $0.75 in fiscal 2016.

Buy up to a limit of $14 with a 12-month target of $24.

Stephen L. McKee, Stock Selections & Timing,, 800-800-6563, December 30, 2015