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Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL)

Institutions have recently added 14.9 million shares of this tech goliath to their holdings. Of the company’s 13 analysts, 12 rate the stock a “Buy”; four have increased their EPS projections in the past month; and the company beat last quarter’s earnings estimates by fourteen cents.

Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL)
From Pearson Investment Letter

We are focusing on one of our long-term holdings, Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL). Alphabet maintains an index of websites and other online content and makes this information freely available through its search engine to anyone with an internet connection. It also maintains other ventures into health care, life-sciences, and other new technologies.

Recently, Larry Page, the co-founder and CEO of Alphabet (formerly Google), announced that he is stepping down as the CEO. The web-search and media giant, which with a market capitalization of $434 billion, recently restructured and created a new parent company called Alphabet.

Alphabet will be an umbrella for numerous businesses. Among them are: (a) A life-sciences division working on contact lenses for diabetics and a “longevity” company called Calico. (b) Nest, which makes web-connected thermostats and security systems, and (c) Google X, which funds projects like driverless cars. Here will also be two financial businesses: Google Ventures, the venture capital arm, and Capital, which invests in private equity deals. Google X, which is the company’s experimental laboratory, will also be run separately.

Donald E. Pearson, Pearson Investment Letter,, 813-641-7575, December 31, 2015