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High-Probability Mean Reversion Indicator (ETFs Heading into the Week of October 11)


Below is my list of ETFs with the most liquid options for the week of October 11.

Here are the various levels I use to determine if an ETF is in an oversold or overbought state.

Very Overbought – an RSI reading greater than or equal to 90.0

Overbought – greater than or equal to 80.0

Neutral – between 20.0 and 80.0

Oversold – less than or equal to 20.0

Very Oversold – less than or equal to 10.0

I will provide this information for the following ETFs on a weekly basis going forward. Stay tuned!

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Some may average together various RSI readings, like the 2-day, 3-day and 5-day, but that makes absolutely no sense. We look at various levels of overbought and oversold over different time frames and use these readings, again, as a way to help decide when to enter and exit a trade.