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Wall Street’s Best Investments 808

Our Spotlight Stock, a company that is taking the market of used cars to places that no one expected. The growth of the company is tremendous! In my Feature article, I report on the company’s stunning second quarter, as well as the catalysts keeping this market growing at significant rates.

Wall Street’s Best Investments 808

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Market Views

All Clear

The Russell 1000 version of the advance-decline line made a new high this week, see chart below. In the absence of other evidence, we take each new high in the advance-decline line as a sort of ‘all clear’ signal. We remain constructive on US stocks and are interested in the opportunities being created in the emerging markets.


John Bollinger, The Bollinger Band Letter,, 310-798-8855,August 11, 2018

Vulnerable to Shakeouts

I am not calling for stock market catastrophe as some bears; just a significant vulnerability to shakeouts, volatility and maybe big correction; ideally in-context of the ‘secular’ Bull; but threatening the cyclical trend that has had a sort of ‘rolling bear market’ (internal corrections) almost all year.
Gene Inger, The Inger Letter,, August 13, 2018

Long-Term Bullish

On a longer-term basis, investors should continue to maintain bullish exposure to the stock market via ETFs and outperforming individual stocks in strong sectors. This includes in particular the retail, transportation, and real estate sectors, as well as the tech sector (notwithstanding the recent choppiness of the NASDAQ). I also recommend raising of stop losses on existing long-term positions, as well as taking profits in stocks and ETFs which have already had impressive upside moves.
Cliff Droke, Momentum Strategies Report,, 707-282-5594, August 11, 2018

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