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Wall Street’s Best Dividend Stocks 304

Our contributors are stock-picking experts, utilizing their various investment styles to offer investors a wide range of strategies through up and down markets. And their track records are impressive. While the market’s double-digit gains of 2017 were fantastic, our contributors did even better.
Now, we move ahead to 2018, and this issue is packed full of exciting opportunities among very diversified sectors and investing styles.

Wall Street’s Best Dividend Stocks 304

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Congrats to the Top Picks 2017

There aren’t enough superlatives to describe the stock market of 2017. Following the 2016 elections, the markets shot up, with very little down days. The latest estimates of 2017 gains (including dividends) are: Dow Jones Industrial Average (30.199%), S&P 500 (23.34%) and the NASDAQ (30.04%).

But that’s nothing! Congratulations are in order for our contributors, who handily beat all three indexes, with the gold medal going to Richard Moroney, editor of Dow Theory Forecasts, who recommended Lam Research (LRCX) as his Top Pick of 2017. He scored an amazing 71.39% return for his and our subscribers.

Taking the tie for silver were Russ Kaplan of Frank, Fox & Hoagstrom’s Heartland Adviser, and Jim Powell of Global Changes & Opportunities Report, with gains of 71.23% for their Top Pick, Caterpillar (CAT). And the bronze goes to Ingrid Hendershot, of Hendershot Investment, who earned a fantastic 54.92% for her AbbVie (ABBV) Top Pick.

Our Top Five Picks averaged a return of 57.73%. Congratulations to all our contributors!


Looking ahead, advisors remain very bullish for 2018, although many expect more volatility than we saw last year. That means careful stock picking will be extremely important, and that’s where we are delighted to help!

With that in mind, our contributors have found some great opportunities for their Top Picks for 2018—a very diversified group of strategies and sectors.
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