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Follow Graham’s Principles

This month we highlight a quote from value investor Warren Buffett that points out the common sense of investing in value stocks: buy at a good price and you’ll get good results. Today’s uncertain markets make his advice especially valuable. In this issue, we’re adding two new stocks to Classic Benjamin Graham Value Model: Cash America International (CSH) and Northrop Grumman (NOC), and adding five new stocks to the Wise Owl Model: Apollo Group (APOL), BlackRock (BLK), Exxon Mobile (XOM), Google (GOOG), and ResMed (RMD). Our Special Feature this month is Graham-Buffet Type Stocks. For this special report, I combined Warren Buffett’s and Ben Graham’s criteria to choose six stocks that are sensibly priced, offer reasonable appreciation potential and provide solid dividends. We are confident these high-quality stocks will fare very well during the next six months. Lastly, note that we have no new sell recommendations this month.