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Weekly Summary January 25, 2019

Cabot Prime Week Ending January 25, 2019

Cabot Quarterly Market Report and Teleconference

4Q 2018 Report

Trying to forecast what will happen to stocks in the next three months, much less the next year, is folly. After all, just look at how much things changed on Wall Street from the beginning of the fourth quarter (unrelenting bull market) until the end of the year, when stocks were on the cusp of a bear market. To listen to the Quarterly Analyst Teleconference click the red button below.

Cabot Weekly Review (Video)

In this week’s stock market video, Mike Cintolo discusses the mounting bullish evidence—this week, his intermediate-term trend model turned positive, adding another arrow to the bulls’ quiver. Mike talks about some different possibilities in the short-term, but spends most of his time wading through the increasing number of setups among growth stocks as earnings season continues.


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Cabot Growth Investor

Bi-weekly Update January 24: Mike says to do some more buying. Our Cabot Tides has flashed a new buy signal, and while the near term could easily see some retrenchment, the evidence is building that the worst of the market’s downturn is over and that another bull phase could be starting. Tonight he’s buying a 10% position (i.e., full-sized initial position) in Planet Fitness (PLNT) and buying another 5% position in both Ciena (CIEN) and ProShares Ultra S&P Fund (SSO), bringing us up to “full” positions in each. The cash position will now be around 45%.

Bi-weekly Issue January 17: Mike is optimistic but still practicing patience and following the system. Last week, he bought half-sized positions (5% of the portfolio) in Ciena (CIEN), ProShares Ultra S&P Fund (SSO) and Workday (WDAY). That still leaves us with 67% in cash—enough to withstand a bottom-building process should one occur, but also providing plenty of buying power should this nascent uptrend gather steam.

Other Stocks of Interest January 22: Follow ups to stocks featured August 15, 2018 (issue 1400) to January 17, 2019 (issue 1411). Since they’re not in the Model Portfolio, you don’t see them followed on a regular basis. However, we are monitoring these stocks, and this listing gives their current momentum status.

Cabot Top Ten Trader

Movers & Shakers January 25: After four weeks of straight-up action, the major indexes and most leading (and potential leading) stocks are basically holding firm, with the S&P 500 and Nasdaq relatively flat on the week. Mike’s Buy ideas this week are: CyberArk (CYBR), Incyte (INCY), Tableau Software (DATA), Tencent Music (TME) and Vertex Pharmaceuticals (VRTX). There are three sells today, Tesla (TSLA), Buenaventura (BVN) and Kirkland Lake (KL), which looks like the top gold stock on the market, and it’s pushed ahead strongly this week. If you have a good profit, you could consider selling some (maybe one-third of your shares) and hold the rest.

Weekly Issue January 21: Overall, Mike is optimistic and he is bumping up our Market Monitor to a level 6, but it’s best to step (not plunge) into stocks and keep looking for lower-risk entry points. This week’s list contains another batch of great stories, with a variety of strong charts (some coming off lows, others at new highs, others setting up). Mike’s Top Pick is Coupa Software (COUP), which is in a strong group and has seen superb buying volume in recent days.

Cabot Undervalued Stocks Advisor

Special Bulletin January 24: Southwest Airlines (LUV) reports a strong earnings beat and Abercrombie & Fitch (ANF) joins the Buy Low Opportunities Portfolio as a Strong Buy.

Special Bulletin January 23: Synchrony Financial (SYF) reports big fourth-quarter earnings beat and moves from Hold to Strong Buy.

Weekly Update January 22: Crista writes that the U.S. stock markets is exhibiting all kinds of recognizable patterns, which can be very beneficial for traders, but also for people who plan to make the occasional near-term purchase or sale. Here are today’s portfolio changes: Quanta Services (PWR) moves from Buy to Hold and Total SA (TOT) moves from Strong Buy to Hold.

Special Bulletin January 21: Crista has five rating changes today: Baker Hughes, a GE Co. (BHGE) moves from Hold to Buy; BB&T Corp. (BBT) and Regions Financial (RF) are now Retired from the Growth & Income Portfolio and Supernus Pharmaceuticals (SUPN) moves from Hold to Buy.

Monthly Issue January 2: Crista is adding Apollo Global Management, LLC (APO) to the Growth & Income Portfolio today, due to the extraordinary dividend yield and the eventual capital gain opportunity. Here are today’s portfolio changes: DowDuPont (DWDP) moves from Strong Buy to Buy,Southwest Airlines (LUV) moves from Strong Buy to Hold, Voya Financial (VOYA) moves from Strong Buy to Hold and WestRock (WRK) moves from Strong Buy to Buy.

Cabot Stock of the Week

Weekly Issue January 22: The portfolio has made great progress over the past few weeks, mainly, of course, due to the strong and broad market advance. And the new buy signal from our Blastoff Indicator says that stocks will be even higher in the months ahead—notwithstanding the usual bumps in the road. Today’s recommendation, Everbridge (EVBG) is a repeat of a stock that we did quite well with last year, selling very near the top. But it has a great growth story, and Tim is happy to jump back on board again. As for portfolio management, he has only one change today, Voya Financial (VOYA) is downgraded from Buy to Hold.

Cabot Emerging Markets Investor

Bi-weekly Issue January 24: The Emerging Markets Timer remains positive, as the buyers are slowly wresting control from the sellers. The iShares EM Fund (EEM) has participated in this year’s nascent rally, briefly pushing to its highest level since early October before a little giveback this week. With EEM well over its lower (now 50-day) moving average, the intermediate-term trend is up. Today’s recommendation Brasil Foods (BRSF), is the largest exporter of poultry in the world and supplies food products to McDonalds, Pizza Hut and Burger King. The company is also Brazil’s largest maker of frozen microwave dinners and meats. Carl has no portfolio changes today.

Bi-weekly Update January 17: The Emerging Markets Timer (EEM) has managed to maintain its positive stance this week as most of our positions moved forward. While this is a good sign, Carl remains somewhat cautious and awaiting a stronger signal to put more of our cash to work. Today’s portfolio change: MiX Telematics (MIXT) moves from Hold a Half to Sell.

Cabot Dividend Investor

Weekly Update January 23: Tom believes the market will likely trend higher but not by a lot, favoring the more recession-resistant plays. That’s the story right now but things can change. As always, he’ll keep you posted. There are two rating changes today, Altria (MO) was lowered from a BUY to a HOLD and American Express (AXP) was changed from a HOLD to SELL HALF.

Monthly Issue December 19: Chloe writes that it’s time for her to move on, but Cabot Dividend Investor isn’t going anywhere. She’s excited to pursue new opportunities in the New Year, and she’ll be leaving you in great hands. Tom Hutchinson, the new Chief Analyst of Cabot Dividend Investor, introduces himself in this month’s issue, with his take on the market and an exciting new stock pick. Here are today’s portfolio changes: BB&T Corp (BBT) Hold to Sell, Broadridge Financial Solutions (BR) Hold to Sell, CME Group (CME) Buy to Hold, Dunkin’ Brands (DNKN) Hold to Sell Half, Invesco Preferred ETF (PGX) Buy to Sell Half and UnitedHealth Group (UNH) Buy to Hold. Tom’s featured stock this month is: Altria Group (MO) is the largest U.S. domestic cigarette maker and one of the largest in the world.

Cabot Marijuana Investor

Update January 23: Time writes that we are in the midst of a cultural shift, but still far from through it. Marijuana is still far from universally accepted, and until it is, the sector will continue to have great growth potential. That’s how investing works. In this update he reviews all the sales, full and partial, of the Cabot Marijuana Investor Portfolio since inception and gives you the results.

Monthly Issue December 27: In today’s issue, there are no new buy and sell recommendations, but you’ll find updates on all the stocks, including the two stocks Tim added to the portfolio last week. And as we head toward the end of 2018, he’s very optimistic that the sector will have another great run in 2019—just when most investors least expect it!

Wall Street’s Best Investments

Daily Alert January 25: TRI Pointe Group, Inc. (TPH) from The Buyback Letter
Daily Alert January 24: Sell: MiX Telematics Limited (MIXT) from Hughes Investment Management
Daily Alert January 24: Best Hometown Bancorp, Inc. (BTHT) from Hughes Investment Management
Daily Alert January 23: PTC Inc. (PTC) from Pivotal Point
Daily Alert January 22: G-III Apparel Group, Ltd. (GIII) from AlphaProfit Sector Investors’ Newsletter
Daily Alert January 21: Workday, Inc. (WDAY) from Cabot Growth Investor

Top Picks Issue January 16: In this issue, Nancy recaps the big winners from last year. For our Top Picks 2019, she has a huge variety of investments for your review.

Wall Streets Best Dividend Stocks

Daily Alert January 25: VanEck’s Rare Earth/Strategic Metals Fund (REMX) from Cabot Emerging Markets Investor
Daily Alert January 24: Macy’s, Inc. (M) from The Turnaround Letter
Daily Alert January 23: CF Industries Holdings, Inc. (CF) from Cabot Undervalued Stocks Advisor
Daily Alert January 22: McDonald’s Corporation (MCD) from Internet Wealth Builder
Daily Alert January 21: Hanesbrands Inc. (HBI) from Sure Retirement Newsletter

Top Picks 2019 Issue January 9: In this issue, Nancy recaps our big winners from last year, and has a very nice—and diversified list—of a group of stocks that promise great potential for 2019.

Ask the Experts

Cabot Undervalued Stocks Advisor

Question: How does Bank of America (BAC) look for 2019?

Crista: The earnings prognosis is good, although not nearly as strong as in 2018. The market expects profits to rise 10.3%. The stock remains undervalued, with a 2.1% dividend yield. BAC is up 27% from its December lows, and trading at price resistance, which means I think it’s done rising for the time being. Traders should sell and move on to stocks that didn’t already make a huge move this year, and longer-term investors still own a very successful company that will almost certainly increase its dividend payout again in 2019.

Premium Reports

Cabot’s 10 Best Stocks to Buy and Hold for 2019

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January 3: Crista has designed this portfolio of 10 stocks to compete with the S&P 500 during the coming year, with no trading, no buying and no selling whatsoever.

Cabot’s Best Safe Investments for Uncertain Times

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December 21: This report gives you some suggestions of the safest, productive places to put your money when the market gets bumpy.

Cabot’s 10 Favorite Low-Priced Stocks for 2019

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December 13: Welcome to Cabot’s 10 Favorite Low-Priced Stocks for 2019, our annual pick of some little-known stocks that, for one reason or another, have a great shot of tacking on some great gains in the short-term (and, if things go well, longer-term, too). Of course, the market environment hasn’t been following the usual script—instead of a strong November-December, the market is scuffling. That will require some patience and picking your spots on the buy side, but ideally will work to our advantage (creating more advantageous entry points), too.

A Richer Retirement

Special Report This handbook is designed to help you secure a better, longer, richer retirement for yourself by making the most of your savings both before and during retirement.

Guide to Cabot Prime

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