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Investing in the Future

As the first half of 2009 winds down, the market remains in good shape, having held key support levels in recent weeks while most leading stocks (including most of our recommendations) did the same. All of our indicators remain bullish, and thus, you should expect higher prices down the road. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s off to the races this second. The current market correction could last a bit longer (especially with earnings season coming up), allowing stocks to build more stable launching pads. But at this point the evidence suggests the buyers are still in control. We have no new changes in the Model Portfolio tonight, but we anticipate some new adds going ahead. In tonight’s issue, we review all of our Model Portfolio holdings on pages 2 and 3, review a couple of hot stocks on page 4 (including one that’s a “cousin” to Green Mountain Coffee Roasters), and on page 5, we draw an interesting parallel between the current market environment and another post-crash year. There’s plenty for everyone in the issue!