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Detroit Despair

The market’s downtrend remains intact, and our Model Portfolio remains in a 100% cash position, a highly unusual stance for us. But just because it’s unusual doesn’t mean it’s wrong! In fact, until we see our Cabot Tides or Two-Second Indicator turn bullish, we’re content to basically stay on the sidelines, patiently waiting the bulls to return. However, we’re not slacking off here -- we’re updating our Watch List (see page 3), and we even provided you a couple of options if you want to have a toe in the water (page 2). Better yet, we’re increasingly excited about a “sector” that’s showing renewed strength. Page 5 will provide the details. All in all, as we head into the home stretch for 2008, we’re keeping our eyes open for a turn in the market, and are looking forward to the day when we’ll be making big money in leading stocks -- it’s a day worth waiting for. In the meantime, get all our latest ideas and thoughts inside this week’s Cabot Market Letter.