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Cabot Prime Pro: Recent Buy and Sell Activity, Week Ending August 25, 2023

Stocks bought or sold in the most recent Issue or Update:

Cabot Stock of the WeekAugust 21, 2023Zillow (ZG)Buy
Cabot Stock of the WeekAugust 21, 2023Las Vegas Sands (LVSSell
Cabot Stock of the WeekAugust 21, 2023Shopify (SHOP)Sell
Cabot Income AdvisorAugust 22, 2023Xcel Energy inc. (XEL)Buy
Cabot Income AdvisorAugust 22, 2023Hess Corporation (HES)Sell
Cabot ExplorerAugust 24, 2023Geely Automobile Holdings (GELYF)Sell
Cabot ExplorerAugust 24, 2023Solid Power (SLDP)Sell
Cabot Growth InvestorAugust 24, 2023Noble (NE)Buy a Half
Cabot Small-Cap ConfidentialAugust 24, 2023SI-BONE (SIBN)Buy Second Half