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Cabot Prime Plus Week Ending November 11, 2022

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The Stock Recommendation Tracker is a table that features all of the current recommendations in all of our portfolios. It’s a quick way for you to see what stocks are currently in our portfolios and will highlight new additions or any changes to our recommendations over the previous week. We include this table at the bottom of the Weekly Summary, and provide a link here at the top to the Stock Recommendations Tracker.

Cabot Weekly Review (Video)

In this week’s stock market video, Tyler Laundon recaps the big news of the week, including the midterm elections, meltdown in the cryptocurrency market and the CPI report. He’s looking for some follow through strength as an indicator that that character of the market is improving before getting too aggressive. But Tyler acknowledges that the CPI report could be a first step in that direction. Moving on to stocks Tyler is looking for sustained moves off the bottom out of Megacap tech stocks as well as smaller software names keep momentum alive. He also looks at continued resilience among MedTech and energy stocks.


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Cabot Growth Investor

Bi-weekly Update November 10: After weeks of a bottoming effort, stocks came alive today after a tame inflation report, which turned our Cabot Tides positive. There are definitely still headwinds, but we’re also mostly on the sideline, so tonight we’re going to take three baby steps into the market—buying half-sized stakes in Albemarle (ALB), Enphase Energy (ENPH) and Halozyme (HALO). That will still leave us with 70%-ish in cash, so we’re not getting aggressive, though if the market continues higher, we’ll look to add more names (or average up on stocks we have).

Bi-weekly Issue November 3: The Fed’s latest roundhouse to the market this week has caused another round of selling, but we think more damage was done to sentiment to this point than the evidence; we remain defensive and patient, but we’re also keeping a close eye on things, as a few good days (and some real breakouts from potential leading stocks) could give us something to work with.

Alert October 27: The market has been doing fairly well of late, so much so that our Cabot Tides are on the verge of a green light. That said, individual stocks remain hit or miss at best, with may high profile blowups in recent days. We did have one gap up strongly yesterday, but today, Wolfspeed (WOLF) is disintegrating after earnings—we’re forced to sell our half-sized position today. Details below—and we’ll have far more in tonight’s regular update.

Cabot Top Ten Trader

Movers & Shakers November 11: The big event this week was yesterday’s tamer-than-expected inflation report, which caused a huge jump in the indexes. While this doesn’t cure all the market’s sins, it adds to the modest positive evidence that’s been emerging in recent weeks.

Weekly Issue November 7: This week’s list is again heavy on commodity-type names, though we’re also seeing a few recent earnings winners that have some growth to them. Our Top Pick straddles the line between growth and commodity and is one of the few names to move out to recently all-time highs.

Cabot Undervalued Stocks Advisor

Weekly Update November 9: Comments on earnings from Barrick Gold (GOLD), Gates Industrial Corp (GTES) and Organon & Company (OGN). Redux time for “Long the Dow, Short the Nasdaq?”

Monthly Issue November 2: Our letter includes earnings updates from recently recommended Comcast Corporation (CMCSA), as well as from Allison Transmission Holdings (ALSN) and Molson Coors Beverage Company (TAP).

Cabot Stock of the Week

Alert November 10: Sell Montauk Renewables (MNTK), Keep Centrus Energy (LEU)

Weekly Issue November 7: It’s an extremely pivotal week for stocks, as the midterm elections and latest round of inflation data could go a long way toward determining how markets will finish out this difficult year. In the meantime, we’re adding the rare growth stock that has held up well amidst all the ups and downs of late, which should bode well for the coming months. It’s a retail favorite of Cabot Growth Investor Chief Analyst Mike Cintolo – and thus may look familiar to some of you.

Cabot Explorer

Bi-weekly Issue November 10: Centrus Energy (LEU) surprised markets on the downside with poor third-quarter numbers while SQM was up 15% and Infineon (IFNNY) was up 16%. Crypto hit heavy turbulence as the stock market slipped rather than soared on the midterm election results of an underwhelming GOP wave, uncertainty, and expected gridlock over the next two years. Elsewhere, the United Nations projects that next week, the world’s population will exceed 8 billion, and this leads to a new Explorer, recession-resistant, agribusiness idea this week.

Bi-weekly Update October 20:While Corporate Earnings are Above Expectations, Chip Stocks Swoon. Explorer stocks were all up this week though it is not clear we are out of the woods yet.

Cabot Small-Cap Confidential

Weekly Update November 10: This week the cryptocurrency market is in absolute turmoil as one of the biggest exchanges, FTX, is insolvent. This is bleeding into equity markets too.

Alert November 9: Treace Medical (TMCI) delivered a Q3 beat after the bell yesterday with revenue of $33.1 million (+53%) beating estimates by $3.03 million and EPS of -$0.22 beating by $0.07. Management boosted full-year guidance by slightly more than the Q3 beat, implying Q4 should also be better than expected. New 2023 revenue guidance is $135 to $138 million (+43% to + 46%).

Monthly Issue November 3: With market jitters returning following the Fed’s meeting yesterday, we’re going back to a segment that’s served us well so far this year – MedTech.

Cabot Dividend Investor

Monthly Issue November 9: The Fed has raised the Fed Funds rate six times this year to combat inflation and the last four times at a 0.75% clip. The current 4% rate is the highest in well over a decade. But inflation hasn’t budged even after the rate hikes, a shrinking GDP, and a bear market.

Weekly Update November 2: It’s all about the Fed right now. The recent rally in stocks may continue or abruptly end based on what the Central Bankers say today.

Cabot Early Opportunities

Alert November 4: We’ve had a few earnings reports lately that have been delivered under the cloud of the FOMC meeting and press conference (Wednesday). During that event, Fed Chair Powell opened the door to a slower pace of interest rate hikes starting in December but suggested the terminal rate (how high the Fed goes during this cycle) may be higher than previously expected and last for longer than previously expected.

Monthly Issue October 19: In the October Issue of Cabot Early Opportunities, we try to interpret some of the latest commentary from Fed officials and look at the future cadence of expected interest rate hikes.

Cabot Profit Booster

Weekly Issue November 8: This week traders will turn their attention to the midterm elections (today), the latest CPI number (Thursday), as well as the third week of earnings season.

Cabot Micro-Cap Insider

Monthly Issue November 9: Today, I’m recommending a financial that is taking advantage of a special opportunity that is only available to small community banks.

Weekly Update November 2: The biggest news over the past couple of weeks has been the disappointing results from big tech. Even though I’m a micro-cap investor, it’s hard to ignore some of these massive moves.

Cabot Income Advisor

Weekly Update November 9: It’s been a tough market for covered calls. Although the market has rallied off the low, call premiums are subdued because investors are less willing to bet on higher prices in the future with still high inflation, a hawkish Fed, and a looming recession.

Monthly Issue October 26: The market has likely not bottomed yet. The current rally will unlikely be sufficient to drive us out of this bear market ahead of continued high inflation and likely recession in the months ahead.

Cabot Turnaround Letter

Weekly Update November 11: Comments on earnings from Adient (ADNT), Berkshire Hathaway (BRK/B), Brookfield Reinsurance (BAMR), Elanco Animal Health (ELAN), TreeHouse Foods (THS), Viatris (VTRS) and ZimVie (ZIMV). Whittling our list of 39 names to under 30. Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA) announces major deal to accelerate entre into healthcare services. Plus, comments on inflation, (yet another) crypto collapse, congratulations to Houston Astros, and Veteran’s Day.

Monthly Issue October 26: At its most basic, investing is a mental game supplemented by a calculator. We discuss calculator-driven ideas including AMC Networks (AMCX), Comcast (CMCSA), Levi Strauss & Co (LEVI), Six Flags Entertainment (SIX) and T. Rowe Price Group (TROW). We also discuss stocks like Scotts Miracle Gro (SMG), AGNC Corporation (AGNC) and Spirit Airlines (SAVE) that rely more on pure contrarian instincts than a calculator. Our monthly feature recommendation is Capital One Financial (COF). Investors willing to look through the recessionary valley will find a company with a bright long-term future.

Cabot Money Club

Monthly Magazine October: Finding the right time to retire is tough in any market, but today’s volatility, inflation and rising rates make that decision even harder. If you’re considering (or are in) retirement, here’s how to save, how to spend, and, most importantly, how to boost your retirement nest egg.

Stock of the Month October 13: The market roller coaster continued this past month, with inflation worries and rising interest rates leading the charge.

Ask the Experts

Cabot Profit Booster

Question:I was considering buying an option on HALO, but the spreads are enormous. Any tips on how to trade options with large bid/ask spreads?

Jacob: There is no question that the options spreads in HALO are wide. This is what I would do:Let’s assume you want to buy 10 calls (I made up a number), and you are targeting the March 55 calls.
The market on those calls is $3.20 - $5.90.I would bid $4.50 for 2 calls, and see what happens.
If filled, try to buy the next 3 for $4.20.
If not filled, try to buy those same 2 calls for $4.75.Essentially, you are probing the options market for a price, but at the same time, you are trying to not scare off the market maker who may move the price if he/she knows that someone is bidding for those calls.

Quarterly Cabot Analyst Meeting

The recording of the Cabot Prime Members Meeting with the Analysts from October 19, 2022 is now available for you to listen to at your convenience—click here for access. This private call with our analysts is one of your exclusive Cabot Prime Pro member benefits.