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Cabot Prime Plus: Recent Buy and Sell Activity, Week Ending April 21, 2023

Stocks bought or sold in the most recent Issue or Update:

Cabot Stock of the WeekApril 10, 2023Sensata Technologies (ST)Bought
Cabot Stock of the WeekApril 10, 2023Arcos Dorados (ARCO) Sold
Cabot ExplorerApril 20, 2023Solid Power (SLDP)Bought Half
Cabot ExplorerApril 20, 2023Kraken Robotics (KRKNF)Sell
Cabot Dividend InvestorApril 12, 2023UnitedHealth Group Inc. (UNH)Bought
Cabot Income AdvisorApril 11, 2023ONEOK, Inc. (OKE)Sold
Cabot Turnaround LetterMarch 29, 2023 First Horizon Corporation (FHN)Bought
Stock of the MonthApril 13, 2023TransMedics Group, Inc. (TMDX)Bought
Stock of the MonthApril 13, 2023iShares Core US Treasury Bond (GOVT)Sold
Cabot Early OpportunitiesApril 19, 2023e.l.f. Beauty (ELF)Bought
Cabot Early OpportunitiesApril 19, 2023HubSpot (HUBS)Bought
Cabot Early OpportunitiesApril 19, 2023TechnicFMC (FTI) Sold
Cabot Growth InvestorApril 19, 2023Shift4 (FOUR)Sell Another Third, Hold the Rest
Cabot Growth InvestorApril 20, 2023Allegro Micro Systems (ALGM)Shifting from Buy A Half to Hold