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How To Use Cabot Prime


Your membership to Cabot Prime gives you full access to these Cabot premium investing advisory services:

As well as:

Prime Membership User Guide

Click here to access your Cabot Prime User Guide.

Exclusive Contact Information

(Please do not share this—it is for Prime and Prime Pro members only.)

Priority Support customer service phone number: 800-642-0619

Dedicated Prime customer service email address:


As part of your membership, you will receive email messages with all of the issues, updates, alerts and other notifications for all of the advisories. This can get to be a lot of email!

You have the choice of opting out of any of these email messages by editing your preferences on your account page. You can get to this page by signing in and clicking on your name in the upper right corner of any page.

Once you are on your account page, go to the grey box with the heading “Premium Advisory Email Preferences” and uncheck any advisories whose email messages you do not want to receive.

This will stop the email for those advisories—but you will continue to have full access to their content through the website interface. You will also continue to receive a summary of all notifications via your once-weekly Prime Pro Summary, unless you choose to opt out of that as well.


All of your premium advisory services can be accessed by clicking on the “My Services” tab in the main menu at the top of each page.

From there, you can access any of the premium advisories or you can visit the Cabot Prime link, which will take you to latest summary page (updated daily) as well as links to all of the individual advisories.

Individual Advisory User Guides and Resources

Each advisory comes with its own mix of Guides, Special Reports, Strategy Tips, Welcome Letters and other associated resources. You can see what is available by visiting the individual Advisory pages.

This is a good place to start to get to know advisories you may not be familiar with.